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Contest Winners!

Congratulations to  Patric Georno for winning our Grand Prize by getting 100% correct on our Oscar contest! Please send an email  to claim your prize.

Here are the runner ups, who got 22 out of 24 correct, which is still amazing.

Kyle Beach
Darren Nanni
Matt Hill
Sarah Mairs
Tristan Kilmer
Kelly Kilmer
David Kilmer
Angelo Caponi
Simon Moore
Richard Chronister
Ian Drury
David DiMiele
Flavio Pamplona

Here are the winners for the Spirit Awards, getting all but one correct:

Niousha Moini
Max Rosenberg
Alex Kouhi
Noosha M
Blake B
Elton de Almeida
Barton Randall
Alan Blayne
Brian Susbielles