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Watch Jennifer Garner Seek Revenge and Justice In Peppermint Trailer

Riley North’s (Jennifer Garner) family are slaughtered one night while out at a carnival. Riley is the only surviving member of her family and she learns that the men who killed them are members of a drug cartel. The problem is the cartel has everyone in their pockets.

“Corrupt judges. Dirty cops. What do I want? I want justice.” Garner declares in the new trailer for Peppermint after being let down by the justice system after they fail to convict her family’s killers so she takes matters into her own hands.

Five years later, cartel murders start happening, “It’s not a coincidence that makes this area low crime — it is low crime because of her.” North is being celebrated on the news and on social media.

Watch Garner’s North avenge her family’s killers in the trailer for Peppermint. Pierre Morel directs the film which is out on September 7.