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The Shape Returns: First Trailer for Blumhouse’s Halloween Has Arrived!

In 1978, “Halloween” made its mark on film history and became one of the most successful indie films of all time, grossing 47 million USD at the box office (which today would be close to 200 million) on a 300K budget. Masterful in cascading suspense and terror with minimal bloodshed and accompanied by one of the greatest minimalist synth scores ever, “Halloween” introduced one of the most memorable villains of all horror cinema, Michael Myers, who is less a person and more of a relentless force of nature – the shark from “Jaws” in a jumpsuit and Captain Kirk mask. And, of course, “Halloween” helped launch the esteemed careers of director John Carpenter and its star, Jamie Lee Curtis.

Now, after decades of wildly inconsistent sequels, many imitators, and a totally superfluous grunge reboot/remake from Rob Zombie, Carpenter and Jason Blum have teamed to excise the last 40 years and bring back an older Laurie Strode into a final showdown with Michael. Directed by David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express) and co-written by Green and Danny McBride (yes, *that* Danny McBride), Halloween also stars Judy Greer and Will Patton. Carpenter himself has returned to scoring duties in addition to executive producing.

Distributed by Universal, “Halloween” arrives in theaters on October 19th. Brace yourself for the return of the Boogeyman with this first trailer, friends.

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