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ONLY ONE DAY LEFT to Vote In the 3rd Annual ADTV Coolie Awards!

Ever wondered what it felt to vote for the Emmy® Awards? Awards Daily TV offers the next best thing! Vote in the 3rd Annual Coolie Awards!

Things get super real as voting for the 2018 Primetime Emmy Awards kicks off today. Awards Daily TV works all year to provide Emmy analysis, predictions, advocacy, and interviews. Yet, we like to recognize series we love with our own awards. Enter the Coolie Awards. Last year, the Coolie Awards rewarded Big Little Lies with four trophies. Outstanding Drama Series went to The Handmaid’s Tale. Veep repeated for Outstanding Comedy Series. It continues to be huge fun for all of us, so here we go again.

This year, we’re continuing to include our loyal readers. Simply enter your votes following the link below (where it says CLICK HERE TO VOTE…) in the major series and acting Drama, Comedy, and Limited/Series races. But, before you begin, a few rules…

The Rules

Voting on the 2017 Coolie Awards follows the Television Academy voting process as closely as possible. You are allowed to make up to 10 selections per category. The series categories will receive no less than seven nominees with the acting categories totaling no less than six nominees. Remember, do not predict the Emmy Awards here! Vote for what you love. We’ve made available an array of top-tier candidates in each category. However, if one of your favorites is missing, then please include it in the provided text field at the bottom of each form. You can even use the Television Academy official nomination ballots to guide your choices. Those files are located here:

Program (Comedy, Drama, Limited Series)

Performance (Comedy, Drama, Limited Series)

Here’s where things diverge from the Television Academy a bit. Every Awards Daily TV reader gets a vote. That vote counts equally against other Awards Daily TV readers and the Awards Daily TV staff. Because ties are allowed in the Emmy Awards world, nominations can exceed the minimum amount (six for acting, seven for series). No category will exceeded eight nominees – an Emmy rule.

In the event of a tie with a theoretical eight nominee, the preferences of the Awards Daily TV staff rule the day.

Voting closes on June 25 at 11pm ET. Nominees for the 2017 Coolie Awards will be announced July 11, one day before the Primetime Emmy Award nomination announcement.

So, that’s it? Got it? Good.

Get to it!