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Awards Daily TV’s 2018 Drama Emmy Predictions

It’s Emmy® time! Team Awards Daily TV gives their final Drama Series Emmy Predictions in advance of Thursday’s nominations.

We’ve given you our Limited Series / TV Movie predictions and our Comedy predictions for Thursday’s Emmy nominations announcement. Today, we’re getting all dramatic. Who’s ahead? We all agree that the Television Academy isn’t going to miss their last opportunity to recognize FX’s The Americans with major nominations all around. Past nominees WestworldThe Crown, and Stranger Things all seem likely to repeat as well.

But what shows will lead the headlines for Drama Series on Thursday morning?

The most obvious choice would be Game of Thrones, which is headed into its final season next year. Technical nominations are assured, but you may see a smaller number of acting nominations this year. HBO pushed actors Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke into the lead races – a promotion from supporting contention in years past. If general consensus prevails, then they will be left off the ballot this year. Should they show up, the skies the limit for series wins on Emmy night.

Or will it be NBC’s This Is Us? Fresh off an acclaimed, highly rated second season, the NBC drama successfully avoided the dreaded sophomore slump. As a result, it’s likely to see nominations for all five major cast members, particularly Mandy Moore for her sensitive work in the post-Super Bowl episode highlighting Jack’s death.

But last year’s winner The Handmaid’s Tale will likely heavily feature in Thursday’s announcement – even if audiences cooled to the second season. Everyone at Team ADTV hopes Yvonne Strahovski receives attention for her stellar work as Serena Joy, but strange placement of the season well past the voting window may block her nomination. Her most vital scenes premiered after the window closed in mid-June. Still, last year’s winners Elisabeth Moss, Alexis Bledel (up from Guest Actress) and Ann Dowd will repeat.

And we’ll all be talking about a Game of Thrones versus The Handmaid’s Tale showdown on Emmy night. Unless This Is Us sneaks in for the win…

Take a look at Team ADTV’s final Drama Emmy predictions below. Who do you think will receive nominations? Who will be left out? Are you over Game of Thrones? Be sure to leave your comments below!