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New Podcast: So, the Academy Made Some Changes…


We got together for an emergency podcast last night – Ryan, Jazz, Marshall and I – mostly we talk about the one big change, adding in a popular film category. But spoiler alert: we’re all most on board with this but await details from the Academy on rules and such. The overly dramatic reaction from critics and bloggers – and people who, quite frankly, never cared much for the Oscars before are suddenly shocked, SHOCKED that a TV show is going on here. Adapt or die, folks. Indiewire now does clickbait headlines because they have to adapt. So does The Wrap. Gold Derby too. They’re all being pressured on a daily basis to SELL SELL SELL and yet, when the Academy has to do SOMETHING to raise their ratings – shock and outrage abounds.

Here is how the ratings have been tracked:

Anyway, have a listen.