Celebrities and the Runway

ONTD yet again gives us something interesting from the Oscar race – how fashion influenced the red carpet. Check out the dresses and the fashions that inspired them.


  1. iggy 8 years ago

    Red carpet made us finally realize actually, Evil (Chigurh) wears Prada.

    Sorry, I couldn’t help it 😉

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  2. Tufas 8 years ago

    May I say, Hellen Mirren was Best Dressed last night.

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  3. Pierre de Plume 8 years ago

    I thought Marion Cotillard looked absolutely great, and so did Cameron Diaz and Ruby Dee. A lot of the women chose black and red, it seems, which reminds me of how good Jennifer Garner looked.

    But you still can’t beat these from past Oscar ceremonies:

    The gold American Express card dress worn by the costume designer from Priscilla Queen of the Desert

    The beautiful gown Ellen Burstyn wore when she was up for Requiem for a Dream

    The Southpark boys in drag

    Cher’s Titanic hat

    Geena Davis’s gown when she won for Accidental Tourist

    Bjork’s swan outfit

    Let’s just be grateful that Demi Moore didn’t show up in something she designed herself.

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