Once and Again

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  1. David 8 years ago

    One of the greatest Oscar moments of all time and definitely a well-deserved victory.

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  2. Ryan 8 years ago

    This was definitely my favorite win/moment of the night.

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  3. SaltireFlower 8 years ago

    It was definitely one of my favorites of the night too. I nearly started crying when both got to give their speeches. It was so great of them to let Markéta finish her speech after she got drowned out by the damn orchestra.

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  4. N8 8 years ago

    One of the best musical performances I’ve seen at the Oscars in years! Bravo! I love how the strings accenuate but don’t distract from the guitar and piano.

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  5. Mr. F 8 years ago

    I echo all these posts. I was so happy when they let Marketa go back, and then they showed Laura Linney and she looked so happy.

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  6. RichardA 8 years ago

    I thought Juno was the Little Movie that Could. No?

    Oh, Marketa had two dresses. Silver/gray for the performance and a black one in the acceptance speech.


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  7. Chris 8 years ago

    Loved this film. So glad it won this award.

    Was it me or did they show Laura Linney not once, but twice. Once during the performance smiling, and after when Marketa went on stage to give her speech.

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  8. Zac 8 years ago

    Best moment of the night for me. When they came back from commercial and Jon said that Marketa was going to be coming back out, I thought he was joking!

    What’s the deal with the 3rd comment? I’ve been seeing those in other items, where a comment is the post itself. Weird.

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  9. Alison Flynn 8 years ago

    One of THE best moments of the show. I’m thrilled that it won.

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  10. Pierre de Plume 8 years ago

    This song — and their performance of it — goes right through to the core.

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  11. alftuba 8 years ago

    not “one of”…. It was THE best moment. Period.
    The best I’ve seen since I’ve been watching for the last 7 years. The only thing that comes close might be Adrian Brody’s win, but Marketa is still better.

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  12. Benito Delicias 8 years ago

    I think the whole “best moment ever” for the song was overshadowed by Irglova herself when she came back….that alone has to be the single greatest moment ever, kudos to both her and Jon Stewart for bringing her back, Glen Hansard didn’t take that long for this speech so I’m sure there was still time for Irglova to say her thanks when they cut her mike off….

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  13. bebe 8 years ago

    Echo what everyone else says. It was the best couple of moments for me too.

    What’s funniest about this to me is the juxtaposition of Hansard and Irglova’s incredibly pure, heartfelt, transcendent performance and the awful, overproduced Disney fiascos. Sorry Enchanted fans. The Oscars were like the Bear Jamboree at Disneyland all of a sudden. All that time spent on those, and they played Irglova off the stage before she could speak. Astonishing! I totally credit Stewart for bringing her back. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that happen…

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  14. Ryan Adams 8 years ago

    bebe says:
    “The Oscars were like the Bear Jamboree at Disneyland all of a sudden.”

    (!!) bebe hates Boo-Boo.


    Daniel at cjKennedy’s site (LiC) linked to this sweet NYT article about Glen and Marketa.

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  15. bebe 8 years ago

    lulz. Well, in the right time and place, they’re a barrel of laffs, but…

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  16. Pierre de Plume 8 years ago

    I think the Enchanted numbers were there — early in the show — to appeal to the family crowd before they went beddie-bye or bowling or off to play bridge, whatever it is those people do. And I’m not embarrassed to admit I actually rather enjoyed Chenowith’s Broadway-experienced, belt-it-out handling of That’s How You Know, which came off stronger in that venue, IMO, than the performances of both Amy Adams and Jon McLaughlin in their respective numbers.

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  17. jms67 8 years ago

    I missed Irglova’s acceptance speech. Anyone know where I can find a link to it?

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  18. Raju 7 years ago

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  19. Holden 5 years ago

    Does anyone else think that if 07 had been a year of ten that Once could have gotten in?
    Anyway, I was so happy when Once won. It’s my favorite film of all time, and “Falling Slowly” is probably my tenth favorite song of all time. When Marketa got up there though, that was great. Few moments of televised awards ceremonies can come close to touching that sort of beauty that that moment did, in my opinion.

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