OscarWatch 2008 – Me and Orson Welles


ONTD posts a nice shot of Zac Efron as he will appear in Me and Orson Welles, directed by Richard Linklater.


  1. glimmer 8 years ago

    zac will be in a linklater film. well…*gulp*. ok ok…i’ll try to uh keep an otpen mind and other cliches..on various days. :)

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  2. toeknee123 8 years ago

    And the Oscar for Best Actor goes to….

    Zac Efron, for Me and Orson Welles…

    totally kidding…totally…for a second, i thought that was emile hirsch…now THAT would make sense.

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  3. richard crawford 8 years ago

    Linklater…..When I love a movie of his, I really LOVE IT. Another favorite american director.

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  4. Tulse Luper 8 years ago

    My sister adores Zac Efron so at first I was ready to dismiss him. But as awful as those High School Musical movies are, I like his energy in them. Even in Hairspray, which I loathed, I enjoyed his presence. Okay, so he’s a manufactured Disney star, at least he has potential. I’m looking forward to this.

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  5. Adam 8 years ago

    My goodness… he looks almost… human. (gasp)

    Does anyone else over the age of 21 get that Jude-Law-in-A.I. vibe when they see photos of Mr. Efron? Anyone?

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  6. Kokolo 8 years ago

    Zac Efron and the Oscars in the same sentence???
    After this I’m deletong OscarWatch from my favorites.

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  7. richard crawford 8 years ago

    linklater and zac efron? I’ll buy THAT!

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  8. Zach 8 years ago

    Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me. He’s good, though.

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  9. gatoqueen 8 years ago

    Cuando vi a Hillary Swank en “The Next Karate Kid” Jamás pasó por mi mente que iba a ser una actriz ganadora de dos Oscares. Así que mejor no me hago el purista del mundo filmico y espero a ver que pasa.

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  10. Niles 8 years ago

    haha,yea right, this movie is totally going to suck.

    What happen to Revolutionary Road/The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons/ and The Duchess?

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  11. Zach 8 years ago

    Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio for 2008, baby. Now that’ll get the viewers back.

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  12. dela 8 years ago

    Remember Ryan Gosling was on Mickey Mouse Club.

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  13. regina 8 years ago

    come on man you must be joking.zac efron only be disney’ actor.he lucky because fans too much.thats all.
    i think Gaspard Ulliel in The Vintner’s Luck,ben whishaw in Brideshead Revisited or daniel radcliffe in Journey than luck this movie.

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  14. Paul Outlaw 8 years ago

    If I saw this cast list–James McAvoy, Reese Witherspoon, Christina Ricci, Peter Dinklage, Catherine O’Hara, Richard E. Grant–I might think Oscar Watch, but I don’t really think Penelope is headed that way. 😉

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  15. Brian 8 years ago

    Sigh…so achingly gorgeous.

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  16. nicestag 8 years ago

    Well, I am a big fan of Linklater so Zac Efron or not I shall be anticipating this promising film. I like the casting thus far. Sure hope it’s not partially animated though.

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  17. snowboard77 7 years ago

    It’s a pain in everyone else’s butt. Let

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  18. Danny Tuppeny 7 years ago

    Sounds perfect to me. I have read this post with a great pleasure. You should write much more often.

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  19. karla gonzalez 6 years ago

    zac efron es el mejor actor de todos los tiempos me gustan todas sus pelis hsm uno dos y tres 17 otra vez hairsparay summerland y muchas otras series y otras que ha participado la cancion que mas me gusta es la que canta em high school musical3 scream…is awesome y me facina su papel en hairspray… yo admiro a zac efron y me encantaria conocerlo ….va a ser muy pronto…..esperame zac…y of curse nessa

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  20. David K 6 years ago

    Karla cheeck your email!!

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