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So, it was suggested that we add Iron Man to visual effects and sound. Good suggestion. I’m opening this thread for you all to let loose your suggestions – but please keep them only to either movies that have been seen and WIDELY reviewed, that is, actual critics have reviewed the movie (Aint it Cool doesn’t count for Oscar). Or movies that have been seen by many, like Iron Man. I was remiss in not adding the mega-blockbuster to the list. Do we think Robert Downey, Jr. has a shot for actor?

  1. alynch 7 years ago

    Well no, Downey has absolutely no shot. His oscar bait movie is coming out later in the year. But so long as you have Ejiofor temporarily on the list just because you like him, might as well give Downey a slot.

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  2. Agressive Iguana 7 years ago

    Waltzes with Bashir could be a strong contender for the third slot of Best Animated Feature. Also, since Kung-Fu Panda was widely reviewed at Cannes, you could put that up for Best Animated Feature, too.
    Oh, and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull for Score, Art Direction, Sound Editing and Mixing, and Visual Effects.

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  3. Markku 7 years ago

    John Malkovich and that killer guy for The Exchange.

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  4. Daniel G. 7 years ago

    Not sure of its eligibility, but Young @ Heart is, at this point, well deserving of front-runner status for Best Doc Feature.

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  5. sartre 7 years ago

    Though likely inspiring both admiration and complaint, based on the script I think Synecdoche, NY may well throw up several nods: Kaufmann original screenplay, Philip Seymour Hoffman as best male lead, Samantha Morton as best supporting actress, and possibly Adam Stockhausen for best art direction as the story demands extremely high standards on this front.

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  6. RichardA 7 years ago

    Best Sound Mixing for SpeedRacer.

    Downey Jr. will not get a nod for Iron Man; perhaps his other movies this year. But not Iron Man.

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  7. Mr. F 7 years ago

    “In Bruges” for original screenplay
    “Speed Racer” for art direction

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  8. Liz 7 years ago

    I’d also add “The Exchangeling” or whatever we’re calling it now under Original Screenplay.

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  9. RichardA 7 years ago

    I second the Best Art Direction for Speed Racer.

    Also: best underrated movie so far.

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  10. k 7 years ago

    I haven’t seen it yet, but I have been hearing incredible things about Natalie Portman, David Strathairn, and Rachel Weisz for My Blueberry Nights.

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  11. Kristina 7 years ago

    Does Downey have a shot? HELL NO. Unless this turns out to be one of the weakest years for actors in some time. Nothing against him, I loved him in Iron Man, but come on. I still believe that Depp’s Pirates nod came from people letting their kids fill out their ballots. I love Depp, but that was a fucking travesty.

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  12. chrisw 7 years ago

    In Bruges for screenplay and Fiennes for best supporting actor.

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  13. Katey 7 years ago

    Savage Grace was fairly widely reviewed at Tribeca, and even though I don’t think Julianne Moore has a shot at Oscar, she can fairly be considered a contender.

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  14. Oscar40 7 years ago

    Some early suggestions for widely reviewed films that I think need to get some chat on the internet. No place like this great site to get the buzz rolling.
    I second anyone getting behind In Bruges. Gorgeous, Funny and no one writes better than McDonough, right now.

    Also I think there needs to be a campaign immediately for Reprise. I recognize foreign films have their own hoops to jump through, but if this is for some reason not Norway’s official submission, The AMPAS has a track record of recognizing great films when this happens. It’s exceptional.

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  15. Chris 7 years ago

    In Bruges… for ANYTHING!

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  16. Slayton 7 years ago

    Add Sally Hawkins to Best Actress for ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’. It’s Mike Leigh’s new film, it won Best Actress at Berlin fest and its been getting pretty good reviews. Seems more in the vein of ‘Career Girls’ than his other works.

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  17. Slayton 7 years ago

    Oh, yeah, and Hiam Abbass for Best Supporting Actress in ‘The Visitor’. Hey, you had Tabu on your list last year.

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  18. iggy 7 years ago

    Cruz supporting for Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

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  19. Justyn 7 years ago

    “The Call” by Regina Spektor for Best Original Song from Prince Caspian.

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  20. The Jack 7 years ago

    I think “Iron Man” will help Downey in his campaign for something else this year. I think he’ll be nominated for something, he’s all over the place but not in an over-exposed way. It’s hard not to feel good for the guy, he really deserves his comeback.

    He’s got a bait role in “The Soloist” coming up, with which it sounds like it could go in either category (if people like Foxx in it, Downey will go supporting; if people resent Foxx’s begging for another Oscar, then maybe they’ll sneak in Downey for lead). However, if it’s a weak year, I think there could be a surprise nomination for him in “Tropic Thunder”, in the same vein as Pacino in “Dick Tracy” or Jack Palance in “City Slickers”. That role could make an impact, but only if critics like the film more than they expect to (like they did with “Iron Man”).

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  21. Proman 7 years ago

    “Do we think Robert Downey, Jr. has a shot for actor?”

    Absolutely not. Especially when there’s “Soloist”.

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  22. Haroldsmaude 7 years ago

    maybe not now, but sometime soon, you will be adding Phillip Seymour Hoffman to the Best Actor list.

    (Javier is to Tufas as PSH is to me)

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  23. Daniel 7 years ago

    Art Direction and Sound Mixing for Speed Racer.

    When it is released widely, definitely Synecdoche, New York for original screenplay. Its an amazing script. And I’m sure Hoffman will eventually be added for that movie, too.
    I’m also quite certain that Selick’s Coraline will be a heavy contender for Animated Feature.

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  24. Miranda Wilding 7 years ago

    I have an awards listing on my site. Don’t really have enough room to put it on the main page but it’s there.

    An emphatic NO to ROBERT DOWNEY JR. going on the list for Best Actor. Though I adore him, Iron Man was a complete mess that even he couldn’t save.

    I don’t want this to be overly lengthy. So I’ll just pick some essential candidates out of my all ready growing list.






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  25. Blaise 7 years ago

    sally hawkins for best actress
    bette midler (then she found me) for supporting actress
    in bruges and forgetting sarah mall for original screenplay
    fiennes for supporting actor

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  26. Friedl 7 years ago

    What do we think of Robert Downey Jr’s chances for Golden Globe nod (Comedy) for Iron Man? That would be cool to see, as largely irrelevant as the GG Comedy/Musical nods usually are…

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  27. Casey 7 years ago

    Best Documentary Feature- Young at Heart
    Best Supporting Actress- Bette Midler (Then She Found Me)
    Best Original Screenplay- Be Kind Rewind

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  28. Sasha Stone 7 years ago

    Well we do things a little differently here, Miranda, because there is no way in hell The Visitor is up for Best Pic. Just ain’t gonna happen. Maybe when Obama wins….I like a fresh perspective, though, so your site is rockin.

    I already have Penny Cruz up, added the song from Narnia – I think Speed Racer is a non-starter. Can’t overcome bad box office. It’s always an upward climb this time of year to find any true contenders but sometimes performances or tech achievements will stand out by year’s end.

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  29. Fidel 7 years ago

    Might as well put Wall-E already in the best Animated Feature category. I think it’s safe to say that it’s the surest nomination of the year. I don’t know, based on the previews, audience reaction to the trailer at the theater and the awesome TV spots/commercials, how it cannot get a nom at this point, even if it’s still more than a month before it’s released.

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  30. McAllister 7 years ago

    In Bruges is still my number one picture of the year.

    Colin Farrell – Best Actor
    Ralph Fiennes – Best Supporting Actor
    Best Original Screenplay

    Also, I echo the Regina Spektor “The Call.” It deserves a nod and hopefully will make up for them leaving out “Can’t Take it In” by Imogen Heap from the first film.

    Speed Racer for Art Direction and Sound Mixing.

    Haaz Slieman was great in The Visitor, but won’t get any recognition. Hiam Abbass is a better bet. You could include her or both.

    Go ahead and put up Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull up for Art Direction, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Visual Effects, Score, maaaaaaaybe Cinematography and you might want to add Cate Blanchett to the list for Best Supporting Actress. 😉


    He definitely deserved it for the first movie as well.

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  31. Miranda Wilding 7 years ago

    Thanks, Sasha. As a long time admirer of yours, that really means a lot.

    Women will rule the world one day. We just have to keep bending it to our will…

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  32. McAllister 7 years ago

    Also, I think The Other Boelyn Girl was awful, but the costumes were ok and the designer is an old academy favorite, so that might come into play. You could add it.

    And I’m about to leave to go see My Blueberry Nights.

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  33. McAllister 7 years ago

    Just saw My Blueberry Nights… it’s a good film. Don’t know what it would be nominated for, though. Cinematography and Natalie Portman are the best parts. I loved Norah Jones too.

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  34. ET3 7 years ago

    Best Actress – Julianne Moore in Savage Grace
    Best Doc Feature – American Teen
    Best Doc Feature – Up the Yangtze

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