Elegy, Red Band Trailer

The steamy red band trailer for Elegy. Written with such depth and complexity, Philip Roth’s novels have often endured blunt rough treatment on screen. With Isabel Coixet directing Elegy, and Phillip Noyce directing next year’s American Pastoral we’ll see if Roth’s work might fare better in more sophisticated European hands.


  1. Ryan Adams 7 years ago

    Whew. Relieved that Woody Allen didn’t direct this.

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  2. Pierre de Plume 7 years ago

    After having read an uncomplimentary review of this film, I was just a bit surprised when the trailer held my interest.

    And Ryan, though Kingsley appears a bit grizzled, I too, am glad Woody (presumably) was miles away from the set of this film — doodling on his clarinet, perhaps?

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  3. Sally in Chicago 7 years ago

    I hated this movie. I loved Penelope and hated Ben Kingsley. He was so smug acting, so pompous in this movie and it seemed to never end.

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  4. Alan of Montreal 7 years ago

    I would’ve left out “You have beautiful breasts” in the trailer–it came across as a rather cheesy line. Also, Dennis Hopper came off rather stiffly. But that glimpse of Patricia Clarkson screamed Oscar to me–she really stood out. I wonder why they didn’t put Sarsgaard in there other than in the cast list? And who knew that Ben Kingsley had such an awesome bod?

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  5. jennybee 7 years ago

    I hear you, Alan. Kingsley is cut! Mmmm. Steamy trailer.

    Maybe I’m just feeling randy, but this was the first Elegy-related promo that made me want to see it. I thought they all seemed strong in it.

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  6. RichardA 7 years ago

    I think the theme of the movie may have passed its time, by twenty years. Oh, …, like Woody Allen’s Manhattan. From what I can tell (and I don’t know much), it’s gonna creep out like Peter O’Toole in Venus.

    I am convinced that there’s this organization out there that finance these films to justify old-man-regression!!!

    I obviously have strange feeling about these, and for some reason Ben Kingsley macking with an Olsen twin in the Wackedness is not as creepy, perhaps it’s because there no overwrought intellectual discourse about these types of relationships.

    I have problems with Philip Roth as an author; he thinks the personal is universal. Guess what? There’s other people in the world who has real problems.

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  7. Twinzin 7 years ago

    Know what’s amazing? The Frost/Nixon trailer just checked it out toady. Langella is a sure fire contender as Nixon.

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  8. Guy Lodge 7 years ago

    “We’ll see if Roth’s work might fare better in more sophisticated European hands.”

    Sadly not. I found the film tepid and awkwardly constructed – the trailer’s considerably more exciting.

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  9. glimmer 7 years ago

    hmm i liked elegy more than vicky cb. having a lower rating on metaritic so it has to be better. 😉

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