The Reader trailer

Thanks to our ever-watchful jennybee for pointing us to The Reader trailer in various glamorously shabby QuickTime sizes. (Less gloomy movie still of the screen shot above after the jump.)
Posted On 31 Oct 2008

Happy Halloween (bwa-ha-ha!)

Oscar-winning actresses, Palinized! Terrifying indeed, and yet none of these celebs fully embody the bottomless depths of hollow fraud and cataclysmic charisma of this year’s spookiest fright-mask facade — The Hokey Mom! So I’ve added an Awards Daily exclusive,...
Posted On 31 Oct 2008

Valkyrie, final trailer

WWII Mission: Impossible. ok, no longer skeptical. I’m hooked.
Posted On 31 Oct 2008

All work and no play makes Zac a dull boy

Zac and Disni Make a Porno — but they won’t let us see it. Defamer taunts us with a Zac-tease. (WARNING: shirtlessness alert) The big weekend box office for High School Musical 3 proves that Disney knows not to mess with a winning thing, and why should it?...
Posted On 31 Oct 2008

‘Slumdog’ on the streets of Mumbai

The trailer for Slumdog Millionaire yesterday showed us a vibrant side of urban India rarely recorded with such authenticity in Bollywood productions — and the difference is that Danny Boyle took the cameras out of the studio and onto the streets. Reuters UK has an...
Posted On 31 Oct 2008

David Fincher Has Great Taste in Movies

Fincher was asked to jot down his favorite films, “in no particular order,” and came up with this list. It’s a good one, I think – if only because it is so similar to my own tastes. It always boils down to narcissism. I would probably have left off Animal...

Pixar’s Taken Wall-E to Best Picture Town

Thanks to AD reader Iain for sending this in. Pixar goes for Wall-E big time. From Pixar Planet.

Slumdog Millionaire trailer

(click the pic for the yahoo trailer page)
Posted On 30 Oct 2008


Angels/Demons vs Frost/Nixon Director: Ron Howard / Ron Howard Original Music: Hans Zimmer / Hans Zimmer Casting: Janet Hirshenson / Janet Hirshenson Costume Design: Daniel Orlandi / Daniel Orlandi Cinematography: Salvatore Totino / Salvatore Totino Film Editing: Daniel P....
Posted On 30 Oct 2008

Milk Premiere Brings Back Memories

Phil Bronstein, editor of the SF Chronicle (and Sharon Stone’s ex) writes up the premiere of Milk. He writes of Josh Brolin: I’d walked the District 8 neighborhood with Dan White, doing a few stories about this seemingly earnest guy a bit in over his head. Josh...