Day: June 8, 2009

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[youtube][/youtube] This post brought to you by “how to irritate, alienate and annoy Awards Daily readers in under 30 seconds.” [source]

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New poster for District 9 (or else some really impressive fan art). This comes hot on the heels of Saturday’s NYTimes article announcing that “geek god” Peter Jackson will be making an appearance at Comic-Con to help promote the movie. ...

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Our go-to guys when we’re jonesing for a fix — Trailer Addict has the winners of this year’s Golden Trailer Awards. I’ll post the some with active links to each trailer here, and even more after the cut. 10th Annual ...

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[UPDATE: Thanks a million to Joao Mattos for sending us the original Ginsberg-Orlovsky photo on which the Franco-Tveit pose is modeled. Great catch!] Did the dueling Truman Capote biopics 3 years ago open the floodgates on films bringing the significance ...

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ONTD tips us off to these stills from the Jim Sheridan film Brothers, adapted by David Benioff from Susanne Bier’s “Br√∏dre,” starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Natalie Portman. The stills are from photographer Cathy Kanavy and are watermarked. The film, according ...

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Last Friday night around 3 a.m., one of our readers sent me an email with some photos and a poster concept for Invictus. I’d seen the new title for Eastwood’s Mandela project on a few different sites last week, but ...

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