Splice! — Invasion of the Trailer Snatchers

In cyberspace, nobody can hear you scream about intellectual property rights. And for those who think the music for the new trailer for The Road might be too upbeat, well, check out how much worse it could have been after the cut.
Posted On 31 Oct 2009

The Road, trailer 2

Remarkably faithful to the novel, down to the most desolate detail. What impresses me most about the production design is the endless ashen sensation of terrible majesty. It’s as if the whole world has become the ruins of the Acropolis — the brittle fossils of a lost...
Posted On 30 Oct 2009

Hugh and Cry: Scratch Jackman as Oscar host

Variety‘s Michael Fleming has the news: While speculation is running high on who’ll host the Oscars, one name that can be crossed off the list is Hugh Jackman… The thesp, who’s starring on Broadway with Daniel Craig in the drama “A Steady...
Posted On 30 Oct 2009

Reading the Tea Leaves

TCM’s Robert Osborne gets into the prediction game with the latest assemblage by Tom O’Neil over at The Envelope. You can click over to see the full list, but this is, more or less, how it shook down: Also participating in the our pundit panel are Thelma Adams (Us...
Posted On 29 Oct 2009

Oscar Emerges from Chaos at NYFF

Oscar Emerges from Chaos at NYFF by Stephen Holt “Chaos reigns!” said the suddenly talking fox in Lars von Trier’s latest gore-and-upchuck opus “Antichrist” at this year’s New York Film Festival. One thing that that misogynistic, repellent, controversial film made...
Posted On 29 Oct 2009

Scorsese’s lists the 11 Scariest Horror Movies of All Time

Martin Scorsese scares pretty easy. I understand that these kinds of lists are idiosyncratic by definition, but some of his titles annotated on The Daily Beast must surely come with an asterisk (“*scary when I was 9 years old.”)¬† I’m glad I finally caught up...
Posted On 29 Oct 2009

Governors Awards presenters: Tarantino, Demme, Huston, Douglas

Press Release: Beverly Hills, CA — Oscar® winners Jonathan Demme, Anjelica Huston and Quentin Tarantino, along with past Honorary Award recipient Kirk Douglas, will be among the presenters at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ inaugural Governors Awards event...
Posted On 29 Oct 2009

The State of the Race: Fiddle Dee Dee Ten Nominees?

Things aren’t anywhere near as quiet as they should be right about now. There hasn’t been a No Country for Old Men stretching its legs for the long haul; there probably isn’t a Slumdog Millionaire poised to eat up every available award known to man. That might...
Posted On 29 Oct 2009

Nowhere Boy, trailer

Via Craig Kennedy at Living in Cinema, the UK trailer for Nowhere Boy, nominated for 6 British Independent Film Awards on Monday: BEST BRITISH INDEPENDENT FILM BEST SCREENPLAY (Matt Greenhalgh) BEST ACTOR (Aaron Johnson) BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS (Anne-Marie Duff) BEST SUPPORTING...
Posted On 29 Oct 2009

Avatar, international trailer

UPDATE: Here’s a more official version, without the subtitles. (I’ll leave the other one up after the cut, for our Thai readers.) And you can watch the trailer in crisp HD at Yahoo.
Posted On 28 Oct 2009