Avatanic Box Office Watch – Records Will Be Broken

Jim Cameron’s Avatar is just a smidge away from toppling Titanic’s domestic box office record, something no film has been able to do since 1997. It is truly astounding, the money. With a $30 weekend take, it shows little signs of slowing down. Those who have seen it...
Posted On 31 Jan 2010

The Wonder of Avatar

The NY Post’s Larry Getlen takes a second look at Avatar and sees more in the film than he could have imagined: ‚ÄúThe idiosyncrasies of how people‚Äôs faces work ‚Äî the order in which their muscles flair ‚Äî that varies from person to person,‚Äù says Richard Baneham, the...
Posted On 31 Jan 2010

Grammys Winners

Look, folks, better late than never. With Ryan sick and me in the state of moving from one place to another, we haven’t had much time to update today. And I’m someone who cares very little about the Grammys – they award people who sell the most records, for the...
Posted On 31 Jan 2010

The State of the Race: She

There have been a very small handful of women who have gotten Directors Guild nominations. None had any chance of winning. Sixty two years of awards and not a single woman or black man (or black woman) has ever won the DGA. The DGA is the single most important guild in the Oscar...
Posted On 31 Jan 2010

Kathryn Bigelow Wins the DGA

Best Director: Kathryn Bigelow, The Hurt Locker TV Movie: Taking Chance Television Series: Mad Men Comedy Series: Modern Family Documentary - The Cove Musical/Variety - Obama Inauguration Reality TV - Build it Bigger
Posted On 30 Jan 2010