Day: August 10, 2010

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Generation Z movie. Pretty soon they’re going to have to start back at A. This film was written by the same author who wrote the book, Galt Niederhoffer, a woman producer and novelist.

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ONTD graciously posted the photos of the upcoming hottie hopefuls for Oscar 2010. There is nothing quite like the taste of fresh young meat, is there? Just kidding. It is funny how every year they bring out another slate and ...

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Adrien Brody is currently shooting Detachment in New York (Queens and Long Island), a film that chronicles the lives of several high school teachers, administrators and students as told through the eye of a substitute teacher. Brody stars opposite Marcia ...

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Thanks to for forwarding the link to this Eat, Pray, Love video to an Eddie Vedder song. And Jennybee forwarded me this interesting (, best URL ever) but, I think, off base article on the film (or perhaps, the ...

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The Hollywood Reporter, via Craig Kennedy, has announced that Nora Ephron will write and direct a Peggy Lee biopic.  Reese Witherspoon already secured the rights and may star in the production, but is definitely producing, along with Marc Platt (Legally ...

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Premiering at Cannes over a year ago, Gaspar No√©’s Enter the Void has passed its window of opportunity for further awards consideration — as if any movie this avant-garde could ever come close or deign to care about the Oscars. ...

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