Month: September 2010

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This one does look a little better, but still – if this doesn’t become the camp classic of the year, I don’t know what. ¬†Thanks to Chongweikk for the tip.
Left tor right, William Castle, Mia Farrow, and Robert Evans during the production of ROSEMARY'S BABY, 1968.

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For some reason I never got around to seeing The Kid Stays in the Picture when it was released a few years back. Now that it’s in rotation on HBO, I had the great opportunity to be schooled in the ...

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It was just announced that Darren Aronofsky, Hilary Swank, Robert Duvall and Focus Features’ James Schamus will all be presented with a Career Tribute award at the 20th Anniversary Gotham Independent Film Awards‚Ñ¢ on Monday, November 29th at Cipriani Wall ...

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The year is not over. There are still a few films left. Interesting, though, that The Social Network sits at 97 on Metacritic (sans Armond White’s pan). It has more scores of 100 than even Toy Story 3. Right now, ...

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My first thought when I heard this news was that crappy movies in 3-D are still crappy movies. The only two films I would want to see again in any form, 3-D or not would be the original Star Wars ...
tony curtis

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MSNBC: Curtis appeared in Billy Wilder’s “Some Like It Hot” with Marilyn Monroe and Jack Lemmon, and received an Oscar nomination in 1959 for “The Defiant Ones,” in which he starred with Sidney Poitier. Clip from my favorite Tony Curtis ...
inside job

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New York Film Festival impressions by Brian Whisenant I used to play a game with myself years ago…trying to not only figure out which 5 films would be nominated for Best Picture, but also trying to see them all before ...

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As we head out of September and into the true heat of Oscar season, it is time to turn our attention to those who may get left behind in the excitement. This is a casualty of the mania that swells ...

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David Kehr, New York Times: A pioneering director of live television drama in the 1950s and a Broadway powerhouse in the 1960s, Mr. Penn developed an intimate, spontaneous and physically oriented method of directing actors that allowed their work to ...

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While David Edelstein, who reports for CBS News Sunday Morning, gave The Social Network a mostly positive review, his was the first that criticized the film publicly for not being “fair” or truthful to Mark Zuckerberg. He also seemed to ...

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‘AD’ tips us to Italy’s FLF submission, Paolo Virz√¨’s La Prima Cosa Bella (“The First Beautiful Thing”), in which “a misanthropic professor returns to his hometown to assist his dying mother.” Poster after the cut.

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Thanks to iggy and Faux for the trailer to Iciar Bollain’s También la lluvia (“Even the Rain”) In February and March of 2000, protests broke out daily in Cochabamba, Bolivia, in response to the government’s decision to privatize the water ...

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The Broadcast Film Critics have surprised today, as announced by Scott Feinberg on Twitter, that they’ve given Secretariat a high score and named it a critics choice. The film has been under embargo, which means I haven’t been able to ...

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Great men are often propped up by those behind the scenes. Usually they aren’t give much credit until many years later, when their stories are looked at more closely. Tom Hooper’s The King’s Speech is about such a man – ...
kids are all right sm

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I like how the geometry of the nuclear family has evolved into something more brazenly Mondrian than the basic tic-tac-toe grid that worked in simpler times for The Brady Bunch. Incidentally, affection for The Kids Are All Right hasn’t dimmed ...

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The Los Angeles Times just reported the death of Tarantino’s editor, Sally Menke, after she took a hike with her dog in the early morning. Her loyal dog remained by her side when the fire department found her body. No ...

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Hollywood-Elsewhere just posted a quote from Rope of Silicon’s Brad Brevet, which reads: “The past few years of Oscar predictions have become quite boring as the conversation leading up to the show pretty much dictated the winners,” he continues. “Could ...

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The news just came in that Biutiful, starring Javier Bardem in a career-best performance – co-written and directed Alejandro Gonz√°lez I√±√°rritu,was just chosen as Mexico’s official entry to the foreign language Oscar race. Biutiful was one of the best films ...

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High res. screen caps from True Grit after the jump. The images and cinematography speak for themselves.
true grit

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How much further have revisionist westerns been refined over the past 40 years? Check out the 1969 trailer for True Grit after the cut. And take a moment to admire how McCabe and Mrs. Miller transformed the genre in 1971. ...

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