Day: September 14, 2010

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I so cannot wait to see this movie. And Miranda Richardson is just the greatest. Unfortunately the clip cuts out where it shouldn’t, but it’s worth a look anyway.

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Thanks to Ryan’s post, our thoughts turn to Nicole Kidman, who is said to do brilliant work in Rabbit Hole, a tough sell all around but given Kidman’s popularity and star power, a strong possibility. Pete Hammond, new awards writer ...

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There was a bit of a curfuffle a few weeks back because a handful of bloggers were handpicked to see David Fincher’s The Social Network, possibly by the director himself. A day or so ago, the fruits of that labor ...

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Indulge me a moment for an editorial note? I’d like to remind our readers that we don’t neglect or postpone featuring movies like Rabbit Hole because we’re not interested. We are. But without clips, without trailers, without even a poster, ...

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