Howling at Moloch – James Franco’s other film

Probably lost to any Oscar consideration, left in the deep shadow of Danny Boyle’s and James Franco’s 127 Hours, another Franco-starring film opens in limited release this weekend. It’s called Howl, and it’s based on the Allen Ginsberg poem that defined a...

John Legend Prepares the Academy to Shine

As it always goes with Oscar, one never knows how the Best Song race will shape up. Remember how we all thought that Springsteen song from The Wrestler was going to take it? Well, so then The Academy happens. Anyway, this John Legend song from Waiting for Superman is a good bet....
Posted On 24 Sep 2010

The Guardian ranks “Film Power 100″

Topping the list: James Cameron Steven Spielberg Leonardo DiCaprio John Lasseter Brad Pitt Christopher Nolan Scott Rudin Quentin Tarantino George Clooney Ed Vaizey Johnny Depp Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner JJ Abrams Alan F Horn and Jeff Robinov Ridley Scott Complete list of the top...
Posted On 24 Sep 2010

Post Tips to the Wall

[alert]We now have a wall on which you may post your links and bits of news. It’s right there on the sidebar. So now you won’t have to post them in the comments section.[/alert]
Posted On 24 Sep 2010

Zuckerberg to Appear on Oprah to drop $100 Mil

Today Mark Zuckerberg will appear on Oprah to donate $100 million to the New Jersey public school system. One might think this is an image-building ploy to help defer some of the negative publicity Facebook, and Zuckerberg, might garner from The Social Network’s release....
Posted On 24 Sep 2010

“A Very Small Robbery”: Guillermo del Toro raids Criterion vault

Visiting Criterion Collection headquarters to oversee finishing touches on the special edition of his debut film Cronos (to be released Dec. 7), Guillermo del Toro is invited to visit the storeroom and select any titles he wants. I like how del Toro picks up The Thin Red Line and...
Posted On 24 Sep 2010

Steve Bass signs on as Oscar production designer

Catching up to an item that got swamped in the deluge of news and trailers that broke yesterday. Interesting Steve Bass credits include the 2004 Democratic Convention, Obama’s Inaugural Celebration at Lincoln Canter and this year’s 62nd Emmy Awards. The press release:...
Posted On 24 Sep 2010