The Town – A Best Pic Contender?


Okay, well, I’ve beat you readers back long enough. Given that The Town just opened at number one, and given the good reviews, and the general good will for Ben Affleck as a director, it’s time to just do this thing. Not having yet seen the film, I only had a couple of reliable opinions to go on — and those people said, in no uncertain terms, “no way.” But they don’t have to contend to Awards Daily readers. So, up it goes.

All kidding aside, here are a few reasons to seriously consider The Town (other than Ryan’s pointing the film’s pretty darned good reviews). Affleck is already an Oscar winner. True, that win was a tad embarrassing since they beat Boogie Nights, the far better screenplay. However, nothing could have been more embarrassing than Marisa Tomei’s win and she has now proved it wasn’t a fluke.

Affleck also stars in Company Men, is married to Jennifer Garner and seems, from where I sit, poised to be one of the Big Hollywood Directors, which means, this is the only the beginning of his Oscar journey. I suspect that there isn’t a good reason NOT to nominate the film – as ten nominees still means popular, general public favorites can and should get in. They’re trying to break free from the elitist trend of late — a trend that has laid down the best decade since the 1970s in terms of awarding great films. The last spate alone, The Hurt Locker, Slumdog Millionaire, No Country for Old Men, The Departed – these are all great, great films.

Also, the fact that reviewers are saying The Town proves Affleck is “a real director,” thus, the Academy may reward this leap forward. And so it begins.


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