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tin tin details
4 years ago

Photorealistic Tintin details revealed

Empire has been gradually teasing a dozen close-up details of Steven Spielberg’s and Peter Jackson’s Tintin, and our first glimpse of the photo-realistic animation style looks impressive. Slashfilm has... (Read More)

singing in the shower
4 years ago

13 Scariest Horror Soundtracks

The mid-’70′s through the mid-’80′s saw scores for horror films reach a pinnacle of brilliantly chilling extravagance Sasha and I have chosen 12 composers who gave us goosebumps in... (Read More)

4 years ago

Rabbit Hole Belongs to Kidman

ICS’ Erik Anderson reviews Rabbit Hole: Eckhart does very good work, running the gamut¬†from subtle to (sometimes a bit too) explosive. Wiest is gentle here, offering sage advice in... (Read More)