Daily News
4 years ago

SPC first with Academy screeners

It comes as no surprise that Sony Pictures Classics is first out of the gate (again!) with DVD screeners sent¬†to Academy voters. According to veteran AMPAS member Ken Rudolph’s¬†invaluable... (Read More)

another year 33
4 years ago

NYFF: Another Year

New York Film Festival impressions by Brian Whisenant Attending fim festivals, at dinner parties, in bars, or wherever I might be hanging out with fellow cinephiles, the question “What... (Read More)

night of the hunter
4 years ago

100 best directorial debuts? Not quite.

The Online Film Critics Society haphazardly picks the “100 Best First Films”. Predictable list, and the ranking falls into disarray for me after the first few obvious milestones. At... (Read More)