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Too Young to Win?

Nathaniel, over at The Film Experience, has done some exhaustive research that proves being younger isn’t always better when it comes to winning. We silly Oscar bloggers have been debating privately whether or not we think Jennifer Lawrence has the stuff to win. This, because Nathaniel sent us the link to his page. Basically his point is that Lawrence, and newcomer Hailee Steinfeld would be in the “probably too young to win” category.

Two of us, Guy Lodge and me, think it’s possible she could win the whole thing. My reasoning for this is as follows: hers is the only truly selfless and heroic contender in the pack. Sure, there are other factors and other contenders – there is Natalie Portman (who may end the year with the most lauded performance) and there is beloved Annette Bening. I don’t think Lawrence is in the same position that Carey Mulligan was last year because Mulligan, though lovable indeed, was not caring for her younger siblings, her sick mother, trying to save their home — all the while delivering a spectacular performance. She’s a big threat. Make no mistake about that.

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