Month: November 2010

rabbit hole sm

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Effective concept. Prismatic strips break up the emotional peaks and valleys in a dramatic spectrograph. See it full size after the cut.

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It’s time to begin again our occasional series of chats with smart people about the Oscar race. Some of the names might change from take to take, but the idea will remain the same: a few questions, some thoughtful answers. ...

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From 33 titles, AMPAS has narrowed the list down to 10 films that will advance in the voting process for Best Animated Short. (thanks Kevin K.) “The Cow Who Wanted to Be a Hamburger,” Bill Plympton, director (Bill Plympton Studio) ...
winters bone hawkes

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7 nominations for Winter’s Bone, 5 nominations for The Kids Are All Right, 4 nominations for Greenberg, Rabbit Hole & Black Swan BEST FEATURE 127 HOURS BLACK SWAN GREENBERG THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT WINTER‚ÄôS BONE BEST DIRECTOR DARREN ARONOFSKY ...
all about eve sm

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20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has announced that it will bring the 1950 classic All About Eve to Blu-ray on February 1, 2011. Nominated for 14 Oscars and winner of 6, including Best Picture and Best Director for Joseph L. ...
winters bone gotham1

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Best Feature: Winter’s Bone Breakthrough Director: Kevin Asch for Holy Rollers Breakthrough Actor: Ronald Bronstein in Daddy Longlegs Best Ensemble Performance: Winter‚Äôs Bone Best Documentary: The Oath Best Film Not Showing at a Theater Near You: Littlerock Festival Genius Audience ...

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Which films did he choose for his best of 2010 list? King picked Matt Reeves‘ Let Me In as his #1 film of 2010 declaring it “the best horror film of the decade.” Hit the jump to see the full ...

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Thanks to Fox Searchlight for access to this exclusive first look at their official Black Swan profile for Natalie Portman.

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So, over at The Wrap Steve Pond gets down to it, with a lot of good stats for us: No Oscar nominee has served as host since screenplay nominee Paul Hogan was one of three hosts at the 59th Academy ...

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Got the shakes needing to see somebody win something? Get well tonight when streams the IFP Gotham Independent Awards. Nominees after the cut for anyone who wants to share predictions.

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So, Nikki Finke just posted the following: I’ve just learned that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has asked¬†James Franco and Anne Hathaway to host the 83rd annual Academy Awards on February 27th, and it “looks like” both ...
The Social Network

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Melena Ryzik’s seasonal column The Carpetbagger is back online after the usual hiatus. Ryzik took over when David Carr left a few years back for bigger and better things. It’s great to have Ryzik back but one wishes she won’t ...

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The Social Network has earned the rare distinction, for an American studio film, of topping Sight & Sound’s list of the best films of 2010. According to Guy Lodge at, the full lists are only available in the print ...

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David Edelstein doesn’t quite know what to make of Black Swan, the abstract expressionist fevered dream of 2010: Portman gives the kind of performance that wins awards, largely because you‚Äôre so aware of her sacrifices to play the part. She ...

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Despite the reviews for The King’s Speech — which put the film respectably in the ’80s — even with a so-so review from the NY Times (good reviews from Kenneth Turan, Stephanie Zacharek and Joe Morgenstern) — still have the ...

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It is time to once again take stock of the big money makers so far this year. Why does it matter? Because it does. Looking back through Oscar history and it’s clear that if there is one commonality, it’s that ...

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Enter Now The first awards group out of the gate is almost always the National Board of Review. Because of this, their choices can sometimes reflect the earlier phase of the Oscar race. We only really have last year’s ten ...
kings speech 34

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Artwork for The King’s Speech seems at last to be finding the proper voice. The Spanish design after the cut might be my favorite so far. As spotlessly formal as an official State Portrait, it benefits from being beautifully lit ...

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The New York Film Critics Online will announce their awards December 12 at 7:30 pm Eastern. There is some crossover here with the New York Film Critics — some of the members are the same. Last year, the New York ...

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Since it is our American Thanksgiving here, which translates as a lot of people driving and eating mainly, but theoretically it is a time to offer up our thanks for the things we are grateful for. So, I wanted to ...

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