Contest and Giveaway Winners

We have a winner for our Golden Globes contest, with 14 right, which means Daniele Giovannoli from Italy got a perfect score. She wins a $50 Amazon gift card. Please send an email to for prize info!

And the winner of the Haiku Giveaway Inception DVD is: Derek, who wrote:
Dazzling Black Swan,
A King who inspired all,
I’m CEO Bitch.

Please send an email to for prize info!

Runners-up for Globe (missing only one), after the cut. Also, select Haikus that I loved.

Daph Bajas, Philippines
Tomasz Matalowski, Poland
Chris (bulkieroll), USA
Oliver Hsu, UK
Eric Laroche, France
Eli Benavidez, USA
Vitor Sousa, Portugal
Jinu Park, South Korea
Carlos, Philippines
Ron Block, USA
Benjamin Schaper, Germany
Todd Powers, USA

Some great Haiku offerings–

Armie Hammer’s twins
Sorkin’s crackling, taut screenplay
I clicked Like on both

the swans fight against king.
perfect dancer goes down rabbit hole.
Grit dream in network world

Johnny with 2 noms,
Alice, Tourist and Burlesque…
Not comedy’s year.

Only one holds up
Next to the big contenders
That’s All Right with me

Look out Zuckerberg!
There’s a King waiting for you.
He will not stutter.

Now without Botox,
Nicole Kidman moves her face.
Strange things will happen.

MSD wrote:
Winners take notice;
a GG was once won by
Pia Zadora.

Weather is crazy
Storms, floods, snow, hail, tsunami
Golden Globe warming?

Derek 8-Track:
Speech had me misty
Toy Story made me cry lots
Inception did not.

Computers and crowns
Dreams, the ropes and ballet shoes
This makes a drama

Cher and white rabbit
Old pros, cheating and Venice
That is comedy?

So far it’s a sweep.
Will the Globes still drop the ball?
Likely, with the King.

Comic Actor’s odd
Kevin Spacey should take it
He has no Globe yet

Ricky’s still the host
I hope he’s better this year
Barely laughed last time

Cobb’s top keeps spinning
Inception can be tricky
Is he still dreaming?

Great job, everyone!

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