Josh Brolin & Javier Bardem's censored Oscar kiss

Turns out there might have been some memorable moments at this year’s Oscars after all. We just didn’t get to see any of them. When Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin came appeared to present the Best Screenplay awards, Movieline noticed a long and awkward cutaway to the audience. What was happening onstage too shocking for home audiences to handle? With their nervous fingers on the 7-second delay button, the puritan directors in the control booth decided the world wasn’t ready to see Javier and Josh do a brief spontaneous slow dance ending with a quick kiss on the lips.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences: protecting you and your family from anything unconventional for 83 years.

Remember how the kiss between Meryl and Sandy was one of the most talked-about highlights of the BFCA awards last year? heck, it was of the high points of the entire awards season. We’ll have none of that impromptu brass and dash at the Oscars! If the men manning the blackout buttons at ABC are so panicked about any hint of gender confusion, don’t they realize they’re overreacting like a flustered bunch of dainty old ladies?


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