Bookie Paddy Power's odds for Venice & Oscar

Beth Stevens and Kevin Klawitter tip us to early odds-n favorites rated by an UK Irish bookmaker agency in the line-up at Venice and ventures a long view toward the Oscars while he’s at it. “The Guardian has bookmaker Paddy Power’s odds on the Golden Lion winner...
Posted On 31 Aug 2011

Two Minty Fresh Ides of March reviews

I feel a little strange posting these premature reviews because no one’s yet seen it. It’s probably best to skim a little and shoot for the money shot so that you don’t know too much. Of course, if you’ve read the script or seen the play you’ll...
Posted On 31 Aug 2011

The Tree of Life on DVD/Blu-ray, Oct 11

DVD/Blu-ray combo pack is the only option. (No standalone edition for either format). No details about special features yet, except for a 30 minute making-of documentary, Exploring the Tree of Life, to focus mainly on Malick.
Posted On 31 Aug 2011

Henry Cavill suits up as Superman

via Towleroad , one of the best sources for gay news on the web. Not that Henry Cavill is gay. But Superman has always been gay-friendly.
Posted On 31 Aug 2011

Richard Gere & Topher Grace in The Double

WARNING: SPOILERS GALORE. Directorial debut for Michael Brandt, who wrote 2 Fast 2 Furious and Wanted, and adapted 3:10 to Yuma. Opens September 23, 2011. In THE DOUBLE, the mysterious murder of a US senator bearing the distinctive trademark of the legendary Soviet assass...
Posted On 31 Aug 2011

First Clip of The Ides of March

Lest anyone think that this is a dry political drama, the first clip cashes in on 2011′s golden boy, Ryan Gosling, and his many charms (swiped from Collider)
Posted On 30 Aug 2011

Jennifer Lawrence, naked and splattered

ok, I do feel bad about that headline — and I’ll still be feeling bad when this post continues to attract traffic well into 2015. (If past experience is any indication of leggy longevity.) But seriously, you have to admit X-Men First Class, for all its other...
Posted On 30 Aug 2011

Gosling eyes Clooney in Ides of March

Between Ides of March and The Descendants, George Clooney is theoretically in good shape for nominations in 5 Oscar categories this year.
Posted On 30 Aug 2011

Miss Bala trailer

If it’s not obvious from the trailer, “a young aspiring beauty queen finds her dream turned against her when she unwillingly gets involved with a criminal group at war.” Miss Bala and Kill List rank right alongside Drive and Tinker Tailor Solider Spy as my most...
Posted On 29 Aug 2011