For Your Consideration: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Warner Brothers launches its FYC campaign for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 with this uplifting Oscar trailer brimming with reminders of the lavish praise it got from critics. (thanks to Twitter pal, Brandon Powell, @Arnian)


  1. NN 4 years ago

    Very cool! I’ve never seen a trailer like this done before.
    When are we going to see some FYC print ads? I love looking through those, and it seems like some would have been released by now. They’re a lot of fun to browse.

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  2. Rashad 4 years ago

    Dullest franchise ever. Nothing but stodgy Brits, and dull BBC gray cinematography.

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  3. Arnian 4 years ago

    Great start to the Harry Potter campaign, I think WB’s is really going to push it

    Rightfully so

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  4. therealmike 4 years ago


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  5. Joey 4 years ago

    All kinds of awesome.

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  6. JP 4 years ago


    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2


    Elite Squad: The Enemy Within


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  7. Goodness Gracious 4 years ago

    Harry Potter will be high on my list at the end of the year, though I realize it has its flaws, because it was one of the most profound movie-going experiences of my life. The experience of watching it for the first time in a theatre packed with fans, the rawness of it- it was an overwhelming film the first time.

    On the second view, when not everyone in the theater was a super fan seeing it for the first time, it lost some of the power- I didn’t cry as often or as hard. I noticed little things that would later begin to bother me. As time has gone on, and I’ve seen at least a dozen movies since then, I’ve placed about four or five on my list above it.

    But that’s the thing about cinema: sometimes it’s all about what’s on the screen, and sometime it’s all about what that did to you. And Harry Potter profoundly affected me. It was an amazing experience. Sure, it’s more powerful if you’ve been a fan since childhood, it’s more powerful if you read the books.

    But the way the theater erupted in cheers when Belatrix was slain, and the way the theater was completely silent and in awe as Voldemort’s ashes danced in the wind- that’s power. That’s control. That is cinematic genius, and I wish I had more hope that the Academy would recognize that.

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  8. phantom 4 years ago

    There have been a lot of FYC-ads on THR and Deadline, as well, so WB doesn’t seem to abandon its moneymaker, they WILL campaign the hell out of it…could the timing have anything to do with the fact that J.Edgar doesn’t seem to be much of a bp-contender for them after all ?

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  9. Squasher88 4 years ago

    ditto NN…when is the FYC gallery going up??

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  10. tintin 4 years ago

    Amazing film. Please, BP nod.

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  11. matt 4 years ago

    Absolute chills. Just the nomination is satisfaction enough.

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  12. dfa 4 years ago

    It’s still in my top two with Tree of Life. Nothing else so far this year has come close to shaking those two from the top of my list, though I have seen much I liked. I’ve seen it about six times in the theater, and oddly enough, reversing the arc of my past experience with these films, was moved ever more with each viewing and cried the hardest the sixth time in a nearly empty theater in late August.

    DVD/BlueRay coming out this Friday! Yeah! And Tree of Life just arrived in the mail too! Happy me!

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  13. Pablo (Col) 4 years ago

    I hope it gets nominated, for real.

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  14. Paddy M 4 years ago

    A deserved nominee in Cinematography, Art Direction, Visual Effects, Make-Up and Original Score, and potentially also in Supporting Actor and Adapted Screenplay. It also stands a good chance in many of these categories, and Best Picture too, if this ad is a sign of the standard of its promotional material to come.

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  15. Alex Y 4 years ago

    The best chance Potter has got is in Visual Effect. Warner has also Extremely loud and J. Edgar in their list. If Potter can get over that and they start promoting big, hope it gets a high nomination.

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  16. Andrew Sidhom 4 years ago

    There’s a GREAT fyc booklet around somewhere. You can see pictures here:

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  17. chris 4 years ago

    I didn’t think it would get nommed but with J Edgar’s BP chances diminishing by the day and Eztremely Loud being the great unknown, HP MIGHT be Warner’s Best shot at a Best Picture nom this year.

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  18. CarsonT 4 years ago

    I wouldn’t count out “the boy who lived” from the running… Still a dark horse this year. My other dark horse? My Week With Marilyn.

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  19. C138 4 years ago

    I’m totally for this film getting a Best Picture nomination. As someone else mentioned above, I’d rank this and The Tree of Life as my two favorite movies so far this year. I can’t wait to watch this film again when it is released this Friday.

    Unfortunately, I have this thought lingering that the Academy won’t be up for nominating it in the Best Picture category. I hope I’m wrong, especially with J. Edgar not doing as well as everyone hoped (outside of DiCaprio’s performance).

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  20. C138 4 years ago

    I do think, though, that it has a good chance in getting nominated for the PGA award, Best British Film at the BAFTAs, and Best Action movie (with possibly Best Picture?) at the Critics Choice Awards.

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  21. Arthur 4 years ago

    I THINK IT MIGHT get the bp nomination, anyway there are another 9 losers in the category, why not add this one have another 8 and the winner……….the SCORE nom won’t happen because Desplat’s “Tree Of Life” might get more attention and might even split votes…. i would love if this score could get a nom, it was excellent, very thrilling and exiting…………. let’s just “CONSIDER”

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  22. PS 4 years ago

    Desplat won’t be eligible for ToL because Malick pretty much discarded most of what Desplat wrote for that film. He could get nominated for Extremely Loud though.

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  23. Jason 4 years ago


    Oh god… It’s one thing to legitimately dislike the story. It’s another thing not to give it the respect it deserves, considering the hard work that went into each film.

    Don’t be such an immature, and bitter person.

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  24. Jason 4 years ago

    One thing I’m sure of is that it deserves to WIN Best Art Direction. It’s a huge shame they didn’t award Stuart Craig and his team for the artistic genius they brought to the films.

    Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, Gringotts Bank, Gringotts Bank’s Caves, Shell Cottage, Destroyed Hogwarts, Room of Requirement, King’s Cross Station in the Afterlife, and etc.

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  25. Gabriel 4 years ago

    I’m just really rooting for Ralph Fiennes. It’s not easy to embody pure evil. He’s a genius.

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  26. Scott 4 years ago

    As a Potter fan I can’t help but be happy J. Edgar looks down and out now which means Potter will have to be Warner Bros. Oscar horse!

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  27. Lauren 4 years ago

    First of all let me just say Alan Rickman… but definitely Best Picture, Best Original Score and for the love of all things Holy!! Best Supporting Actor for the brilliant ALAN RICKMAN. I’m not good with understanding all the technical awards but this movie looked fantastic and sounded fantastic. Fiennes for me, was good but I would push for Rickman, whose finely crafted Snape (over so many years) allowed the final chapter to resonate. I think they should push for Rickman, Radcliffe, Fiennes, Movie, Director, and Score, and whatever allowed Harry’s face to look so brilliantly lit during the final battle. And Hogwart’s protective spell which was gorgeous

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  28. Lauren 4 years ago

    Yes Jason, Stuart Craig!

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  29. Keifer 4 years ago

    BP nomination. Ensured. And could get the win.

    I’m surprised nobody has listed Alan Rickman or Ralph Fiennes for Best Supporting Actor in any of their potential nominees listings.

    These two actors were terrific in HP!

    Rickman, especially, has been snubbed too often by the Academy. I think Rickman deserves a BSA nomination for this film.

    And there’s no other actor alive who could have done what Fiennes did on screen in this movie.

    Absolutely stunning.

    Nominations? Cinematography, Score, Film Editing, Sound, Costume Design, Production Design, Director, S. Actor, S. Actor, Picture, Sound Editing, Screenplay. Wow, I count 12 nominations! It could be the year’s front-runner with AMPAS membership.

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  30. Jeremie 4 years ago

    This thread is so cute. It’s like watching kids playing tea parties.

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  31. Scott 4 years ago

    Go fuck yourself Jeremie

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  32. Scott 4 years ago

    Let’s be realistic though Keifer. Nominations for editing and director are unlikely. Not to mention 2 supporting actor nominations. Sure both are deserving but we’ll be lucky to get one. So that drops the count to 9 noms. Hopefully it doesn’t end up like last year’s True Grit though…top nomination getter and no wins. If nothing else Stuart Craig deserves a win for production design.

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  33. Scott 4 years ago

    Correction, not top nomination getter (cause King’s Speech had 12, right?) but still 10 nominations.

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  34. Jeremie 4 years ago

    I cannot wait for nomination day Scott, it is going to be so hilarious. Noms in Art direction and Visual Effetcs. If you’re lucky. And it will loose both. Cannot wait.

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  35. steve50 4 years ago

    “This thread is so cute. It’s like watching kids playing tea parties.”
    “Go fuck yourself Jeremie”

    Whenever it’s bleak and rainy and I need a pick-me-up, I come onto AD and look for a HP thread. Never fails to cheer me up! Honestly – what are we going to do without HP next year?

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  36. Joe 4 years ago

    Several nods will be normal for this film.

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