Boston Film Critics Association Award Winners

  • Best Picture: THE ARTIST (close seconds: HUGO and MARGARET)
  • Best Director: Martin Scorsese for HUGO. Close runner-up: THE ARTIST.
  • Best Actor: Brad Pitt for MONEYBALL Runners up: George Clooney for THE DESCENDANTS, Michael Fassbender for SHAME
  • Best Actress (another competitive one!): Michelle Williams for MY WEEK WITH MARILYN.
  • Best Supporting Actor: Albert Brooks for DRIVE
  • Best Supporting Actress: Melissa McCarthy for BRIDESMAIDS. Jeannie Berlin: close second for MARGARET

  • Best Ensemble: CARNAGE (“MARGARET was a fairly close runner-up”)
  • Best Screenplay: MONEYBALL!
  • Best Use of Music: Cliff Martinez, DRIVE and Ludovic Bource, THE ARTIST! (a tie)  Runner up: THE DESCENDANTS
  • Best Editing: Christian Marclay for THE CLOCK! Runner-up: HUGO.
  • Best Cinematography: Emmanuel Lubezki, THE TREE OF LIFE. Runner-up: HUGO.
  • Best New Filmmaker (David Brudnoy Award): Sean Durkin for MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE. Runner-up: J. C. Chandor for MARIN CALL.
  • Best Documentary : PROJECT NIM (James Marsh, who made MAN ON WIRE). Close second: BILL CUNNINGHAM NEW YORK.
  • Best Foreign Film: INCENDIES  Runners up: A SEPARATION and POETRY)

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  1. It’s a tie!!

  2. Best Use of Music?? Is it the same as Best Music/Score?

  3. I think it’s the same…

  4. Best Editing: THE CLOCK!

  5. Use of Music is not Score.. i’m pretty sure about that.

  6. Love the love for Drive. Really do.

  7. Yes! Drive already has an award! Even if it’s a tie, it tied up with a top contender. That could increase it’s chances.

  8. Best Cinematography: THE TREE OF LIFE Runner Up: HUGO

  9. The Tree of Life – Best Cinematography…no surprise, it also won at NYFCC

  10. That gives Tree of Life, 3 critic award wins now for cinematography. Can it go for 4 with LA as well?

  11. Ryman, let’s hope not

  12. @Ryman: if it deserves to win…why not? Although it would be nice to see some other film win, just to throw open the competition…

  13. Hooray for Drive! The use of the music was a great help in shaping the retro feel of the film.

  14. Ivica Alac, Czech Republic

    Scott – why not? It’s well deserved…

  15. And may I ask how Hugo is in the running? From the trailer it looked to me like all cg…then again Avatar unfairly won cinematography as well…

  16. Best New Filmaker: Sean Durkin MARTA MARCY MAY MARLENE Runner up J.C. Chandor MARGIN CALL

  17. Ivica the images are ripped from other sources

  18. @Scott: ‘Avatar’ won Best Cinematography at the Oscars as well…so there you go

  19. Well Scott, Maybe you should actually wait till you see the film itself before you judge. Trailers don’t matter.

  20. Scott, have you SEEN Hugo? I thought it first looked bad from the trailer until I actually SAW the film. Loved it so much that I went to see it two more times. It’s a contender all right and a major one no doubt. I’m not surprised at all that it’s getting the respect it deserves, because it’s that great a movie.

  21. Tero Heikkinen

    Let’s not compare Avatar and Hugo in Cinematography. Avatar won unfairly, yes, but Hugo is very much live action. Very much, indeed.

    Do you guys expect any other film to win Cinematography? I don’t think the frontrunner’s been this clear since Kaminski in Schindler’s List.

  22. Hugo’s cinematography was gorgeous…see the film, a visual masterpiece

  23. tero are you talking about hugo or tree of life?

  24. CGI and Cinematography are not the same thing…and yes, AVATAR deserved that Oscar!

  25. Tero Heikkinen

    The Tree of Life.

  26. Regardless are you sure it is not cg? Sure looks it…

  27. Scott, Shut up and see the movie. There is a lot of live action and the fact that is insanely hard to tell what was what was a huge testimate to the film

  28. Eric Fernandez

    “Hugo” was great, but I really hope that “Take Shelter” is not overlooked. The film is masterful in every sense. Also, “The Tree of Life” deserves every award it wins. It’s a terrific film directed by the brilliant Terrence Malick.

  29. so Scorsese had a guy who actually filmed stuff with a camera? Hugo wasn’t just made through green screen filming, motion capture, and computer creation/enhancent?

  30. scott, i honestly couldnt tell you what was what, thats why im baffled yet excited its in the conversation for visual effects

  31. Yes Scott…that man is Robert Richardson…ARE YOU TROLLING? o.O

  32. Nothing against Scorsese, just don’t think it should be eligible for cinematography if that is the case.

  33. @Scott: I think you should go and watch the film, and then decide for yourself. Who knows, you could be surprised! If your opinion is still the same, then your objections may be justified (your personal opinion, of course).

  34. Scott, I seriously hope you’re joking because that has got to be one of the dumbest questions I’ve ever read on this site.

  35. Scott, Honestly it’s hard to tell. It is so seemless. Just watch the movie and see for yourself. Stop making opinions of films you haven’t seen.

  36. the lack of love for TGWDT really sucks

  37. Obviously not Heath…as bill just noted it is also in the conversation for visual effects and people are saying they can’t tell what is what..not good if you ask me. I recall similar discussion about Black Swan last year.

  38. Scott, please shut up if you haven’t seen the movie

  39. Nothing against Scorsese, just don’t think it should be eligible for cinematography if that is the case.

    Do you think Robert Richardson just sat around in the cafeteria all day while computer pixies made the movie with magic pixel dust?

  40. The just had a break

  41. Scott of course they use green screen also. That is just part of film making these days. Have you ever seen a making of featurette of a Harry Potter film. There is green screen on pretty much every outdoor shot

  42. Ryman that is because you aren’t a sceptic or analytical thinker like myself…you just take stuff at face value.

  43. @Ryan Adams: You seriously made me LOL!!!! I don’t think even Disney films do that!!

  44. No Scott, Ryman actually sees the films he is judging

  45. Still no love for Harry Potter and Dragon Tattoo. The cinematography it should have been War Horse.

  46. @Scott: From a man who judges a book by it’s cover, that’s ironic

  47. IMHO i really think that Cinematography is what you really watch on the screen, how the movie is presented to you, with colors, tone etc…besides CGI work behind that.

  48. For God sakes you guys are also too concrete! Of course Many films use green screen, cg, etc…what needs to be considered of course is HOW MUCH of the final product’s visual quality is attributable to the cinematographer.

  49. Scott, I’ve seen the film and you haven’t. Who do you think people will listen to when it comes to judging a film?

  50. Seriously am I the only one here with higher then average intelligence? Lol

  51. I actually had a similar argument concerning CG sets, and let’s face it, the work is still attributed to the cinematographer, the computer is just another tool for them to better depict how they want a certain shot or scene to look, that’s like saying color timing/grading shouldn’t count because it’s done via photochemically, or in todays world, a computer. What matters in the end is the image you see on the screen.

  52. Don’t you mean lower?

  53. Don’t worry Scott…at least Cinematography will go to The Tree of Life! LOL

  54. @RG Serna: Looks like the decision to split the films for the finale of HP is biting them big time. Or at least, that’s what I feel so…or it could be some other reason too.

  55. No Rich, what should matter is how much of the the final image can be accredited to the guy up for the award. For Christ sake’s guys, it’s common sense.

  56. Tero Heikkinen

    Yes, it’s common sense. The case of Hugo is no different from HP8. You wouldn’t have any trouble nominating that one.

  57. LA is starting to vote!!!

  58. who on here has seen the girl with the dragon tattoo

  59. And if the color timing/grading was decided on by the cinematographer then sure it counts.

  60. Tero Heikkinen

    And the fact that you call The Tree of Life something called Planet Earth says that you don’t understand this category. Even if the 18 minutes (the Creation of everything) of it was footage from Hubble or whatever (which it is not), there’s still 2 hours that was shot traditionally. Percentage-wise, that’s more than Hugo and HP8 can say.

  61. @Tero Heikkinen: HP8 was a combo of live action + CGI (it was blended completely). Some of the battle scenes were completely CGI, whereas in some scenes, the sets were set ablaze, destroyed, etc, in other words, live action, hence needed a cinematographer. The opening scene(s) were completely live-action. Heavy use of CGI was done in the battle scenes (obviously!), but the aerial shots are very beautiful (which did use CGI).

  62. @corey my father have seen it, but they are not allowed to say anything just yet.

  63. @RG Serna thank you for being the first person to actually acknowledge my posts

  64. Okay, this dumb argument is getting boring. Boston needs to start giving out the rest of their awards already.

  65. Tero Heikkinen

    Macy, I know. And Hugo was not shot in a studio with four green walls. They also had sets. That’s why it will be nominated for Art Direction – something that HP has also done in the past.

  66. Yes, but Tero that other 2 hours was not THAT impressive…frankly some of the camera work was irritating.

  67. Albert Brooks won for Supp. Actor!!!

  68. YES! Albert Brooks FTW!!!!

  69. Best Supporting Actor: Albert Brooks!!

  70. I thought hugo’s green screen was obvious, and not as good as it’s being made out

  71. Wait who came 2nd in supporting actor?

  72. Tero Heikkinen

    Scott, that is the part that WAS impressive. The shots where Pitt, McCracken and Chastain were. The modern day shots with Penn were good, too, but IMO not as impressive.

  73. Tero Heikkinen

    Damn, I didn’t have Brooks in my “final” Oscar predictions. He is winning everything, it seems. Sure, he was great, but I think Oscar will go to Plummer or von Sydow (if he really is that great).

  74. @Jimmy: No idea…I’m assuming it’s Christopher Plummer (still need a confirmation)

  75. Btw, Drive was just named runner-up for Best Music at the LA Film Critics (Best Music went to Hanna)

  76. Um no, I think everyone just had eyegasms over the Planet Earth segment and it clouded their opinion of all that followed. So I guess, well played Malick…

    He succussefully brainwashed people into thinking the film is a “masterpiece”, lol

  77. In the meantime…The Chemical Brothers win at LAFCA

  78. The cinematography of the parts with Pitt, his wife, and the kids is something that can be found in many 1950’s setting productions.

  79. Tero Heikkinen

    I’m not part of “everyone” then. Who else is with me? I know a good Cinematography when I see one.

    And the so-called Planet Earth segment had wonderful shots after the CGI-thing was over. They used cameras during that 18 minutes too, you know.

  80. Okay. I think we can all agree that Scott = troll. If Scott wants to fight against the title of being a troll, he must at least say what movies he likes because so far he’s pretty much hated every movie we’ve talked about, and about half of them he hasn’t even seen.

  81. IMHO i really think that Cinematography is what you really watch on the screen

    Thank you, Heath87. Exactly. Why do WALL-E and How to Train Your Dragon look so gorgeous? Because Roger Deakins was visual consultant.

    I fulfill virtually the same function in live action as I do in my work with animation. In each discipline I work to visualize the story and in each I am using composition, camera movement and lighting etc.. Whether my work in animation can, strictly speaking, be called cinematography or not doesn’t concern me… The line between cinematography and computer graphics became a blur some years ago whilst that between production design and cinematography has always been so. ~ Roger Deakins

  82. I’ve said multiple times now Ryman what movies I like. (very fond of the classics where story and acting were paramount)

    Unfortunately I haven’t seen many yet this year so my my allegience for now lies with Potter, Moneyball, Super 8, and Planet of the Apes.

  83. Oh, and Crazy, Stupid, Love was great too. Hoping that at least gets some love from the Globes.

  84. That’s the way we all see the thing, Ryan ;)

  85. I can agree I really did enjoy all the films Scott has named.

  86. Okay…have the Boston Critics taken another break or something???

  87. The only award The Tree of Life deserve to win is cinematography… it is visually stunning indeed.

  88. Scott. your opinions are unpopular enough without you adding to the aggravation by saying other readers are stupid.

    All the people I know with “above average intelligence” are smart enough to know it’s stupid to make assumptions about anyone else’s IQ.

    Show us your officially validated IQ scores, stamped by a Notary Public, or else your claims are baseless, just idle mouthing off. Frankly, nothing in your attitude, taste or behavior lately serves as proof. To the contrary.

  89. MELISSA MCCARTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Best Supporting Actress: Melissa McCarthy for BRIDESMAIDS.

  91. Melissa McCarthy wins Best Supp. Actress…very interesting

  92. And Ryman I haven’t “hated” every movie you’ve talked about…just borderline hate for Tree of Life. I think some people have their film snob heads too far up their ass to see it for what it really is- pretentious and boring abstract art.

    I’m very much looking forward to Hugo, Dragon Tattoo, War Horse, and many that I haven’t had the chance to see yet that were released earlier in the year.

  93. Holy crap! Bridesmaids just stepped into the big leagues!

  94. Ok, LAFCA are now voting for cinematography…this should be fun!!

  95. Well Scott you MUST see Drive. That’s what I’m recommending to everyone the most. That and Hugo.

  96. I love how Scott gets called out for calling people stupid when I’ve been called stupid by everyone but Scott. lol

  97. maybe i should start posting like Scott
    his questions are usually answered at least

  98. Is Scott aware of your existence Antoinette?

  99. Watching football and checking for updates, busy Sunday morning!

  100. Yes, I’m interested in seeing Drive. Not sure I’ll enjoy it since it seems to be of more the arthouse fare type and I’ve heard it’s methodically paced, but I liked last year’s The American well enough, which I had heard described in similar terms.

  101. @Antoinette I don’t think I’ve ever called you stupid, and I will never call you that…heck, I’ve not even referred to Scott like that (even if I may disagree with him)

  102. Why has Boston slowed to a snail’s pace in announcing these now?

  103. If you liked The American, you’ll LOVE Drive. If you like great writing and terrific acting, you’ll EMBRACE Drive.

  104. Robert A.

    “I think some people have their film snob heads too far up their ass to see it for what it really is- pretentious and boring abstract art.”

    Spoken with the elegance of diction and refinement of thought we’d expect from someone with an IQ of 130.

    Wasn’t expecting the McCarthy win from the Boston crits…

  105. The irony of Scott claiming to be the only one here of “above” average intelligence is hilarious.

  106. dinasztie

    Singing gospel songs because of Melissa’s win. Seriously. The best pick. Love her.

  107. @Scott: Your favorite category is up for voting at LAFCA – cinematography!!

  108. @Scott: The Tree of Life won at LAFCA!!!!

  109. “Is Scott aware of your existence Antoinette?”

    is anyone aware of mine

  110. I’m aware of your existence Corey. :)

  111. YESS!!! Im Alive


  113. i was having a bit of a Ghost moment there

  114. We have parallel posts being updated in real time for the LAFCA, BFCA, and NYFCO.

    So that’ll make the game of whack-a-mole more exciting.

  115. Love Love Love the McCarthy win and I seriously hope Bridesmaids can start hitting big elsewhere – an original and amazingly funny film which also happened to be well bloody acted!!! A breath of fresh air amongst the hyped up crap around!!!!!

  116. @Corey: I know you’re there, sorry for not talking to you, but we’re having so much fun here about cinematography…The Tree of Life triumphs yet again!!!

  117. We’ve got a race going now! Brad Pitt for Moneyball!!!!

  118. Brad Pitt wins Best Ator; Clooney and Fassbender tie for runner-Up…nice!!!

  119. Scott just disappeared…? LOL

  120. Robert, maybe I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks. Arrogant perhaps, but I’m confident in my intelligence and I believe I have good taste in film and that’s all that matters.

  121. Nice win for Brad Pitt.

  122. Hurray for Brad Pitt! (and not for Tree of Life, double hurray)

  123. The Ghost of Easter

    “i was having a bit of a Ghost moment there”

    I have those all the time….

  124. wisconsinkel

    Somebody needs to talk about Jeannie Berlin’s mention here. She hasn’t made a film in over 20 years (her last was 1990’s In the Spirit, which she also co-wrote)…and other than a guest stint in the short-lived series Miss Match, has faded from the scene. This former Oscar nominee and critics darling (1972’s Heartbreak Kid, directed by her mom Elaine May) originally left the scene in the mid-1970s, after an appearance on Columbo.

  125. woooo Melissa McCarthy!

  126. Just wanna say, Scott.
    we don’t mind you stirring up controversy or strongly standing up for what you believe. that’s fine. speak your mind, no problem.

    but don’t beat up on other readers, because then your self-confidence turns into bullying.

    and, if you haven’t notice, you’re outnumbered. it won’t be a pretty fight, and we don’t want the site splattered with your blood.

  127. Those who have seen TGWDT: can u at least say whether or not u agree with the lack of awards so far

  128. Scott, you don’t have to be arrogant. You can just have a good time and just give us your take on what you’re pulling for or what you think should win or is going to win. This isn’t IMDB, this is awardsdaily. This is a place where those who don’t prefer to fight online 24/7 go to chill out and talk statistics about movies and not bitch the whole time.

  129. “I have those all the time….”


  130. @Corey: I haven’t seen it…but I hope it’s good

  131. Hugo starts with that AMAZING first shot.. and then about half way through it’s sequence there is a TERRIBLE edit. It lost editing right there for me. There were also some other strange, jarring edits. How it’s a runner-up is beyond me.

  132. @Corey

    Indeed! I thought a recognition in Music for TGWTDT would have been great!

  133. I can’t remember the moment you’re talking about Kholby. Can you pinpoint the jarring part? what felt wrong to you?

  134. @Heath87

    There’s still the new York Film Critics Online to decide what their Best Music is.

  135. I’m only outnumbered here Ryan. Amongst most circles…even amongst my equally intelligent friends, others are generally in agreement with me. Though I take comfort in the BFCA at least not believing Tree of Life is one of the best films of the year. They seem to have a better understanding of what film should be.

    Anyways, when does the AFI announce? That’s the only one I’m really interested in today.

  136. even amongst my equally intelligent friends

    birds of a feather.

  137. @Scott: AFI is supposed to come out with their choices today as well…everything is today!!!

  138. TheBSFC BSFC
    Best Actress (another competitive one!): Michelle Williams for MY WEEK WITH MARILYN

  139. Michelle Williams for My Week with Marilyn!!!!

  140. Michelle Williams wins Best Actress at Boston!

  141. Best Actress: Michelle Williams!!!!! No Meryl or Viola…


  143. A word on comedies…

    I just watched The Awful Truth (6 Academy Award nominations) last night night…why don’t they make films like that anymore? And will there ever be another like Cary Grant?

  144. Eh, another group of critics dumb-struck by star power. Did they ever vote for anybody who is not Clooney, Pitt or DiCaprio? Or someone like that. All those critics group are more concerned abot stars and mainstream success than anybody else. I swear that AMPAS are more brave in their choices.

  145. Yes Macy, I know it’s today. Any idea what time though?

  146. @Scott: No idea whatsoever…just stay online, that’s it (if you’ve got the time)…btw, Meryl was runner-up for Best Actress

  147. I dont understand why all the Gold Derby people have it between Meryl and Viola when it’s clearly between Meryl and Michelle. Viola no matter how hard they push has lost her steam.

  148. Carnage got Best Ensemble! AKA It finally got something!

  149. Best Ensemble – Carnage…woah!! Margaret was runner-up….so interesting!!

  150. Best Ensemble CARNAGE

  151. Best Ensemble: CARNAGE. (MARGARET was a fairly close runner-up)

  152. Boston knows how to trip our minds. Or they probably just see every movie and aren’t star struck like most award givers.

  153. Where is Chris Plummer? Yes, Albert Brooks was ver good in Drive, but Chris Plummer gave a career-defining performance in Beginings. The Oscars will correct this mistake.

    As for Tree of Life winning for best cinematography, that is ok, I suppose. It is the ONLY award this pretentious piece of garbage should win.

  154. Do not understand the love for Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids. Yes, she’s funny, but in my opinion she’s not even the funniest supporting actress in the FILM. Where is Vanessa Redgrave and Carey Mulligan throughout the precursors?

  155. @Mark: At LAFCA, Christopher Plummer won Best Supporting Actor…

  156. Thanks Mark…at least SOMEONE else agrees on Tree of Life.

  157. I disagree with Mark. The Tree of Life was not pretentious and Albert Brooks was better than Christopher Plummer this year.

  158. @Mark. I’m not arguing with you about Plummer’s performance. It truly is one for the books. But Albert Brooks conveys an incredible range of emotions in the most tranquil manner possible. Plummer is powerful, but Brooks is simply a knockout in “Drive.”

    By the way guys, “The Tree of Life” is a bold masterpiece and if Pitt wins for anything, it should be for that film.

  159. Are we going to start this all over again?? I must admit, it is quite entertaining esp when the Boston people are working sooooo sloooowly…

  160. When is Boston gonna get moving again? The other awards are pretty much caught up by now.

  161. Carnage? jaja, so stupid…The help and Potter are more deserving.

  162. Btw, ‘Moneyball’ wins Best Screenplay!!

  163. They aren’t a speedy bunch.

  164. Spoke too soon- good for Moneyball

  165. Another happy moment for Scott.

  166. Okay. So close second: Margaret for every award, BSFC. Gotcha.

  167. Ryan,

    About halfway through the first long shot (The one VERY similar to the long shot in Moulin Rouge at the VERy beginning, there’s an edit. Just a quick chop. And suddenly you are back a touch in the visual from where you were. It’s somewhere between the outside view of the trainstation and the inside view before the actual view down the middle of the two trains on the concourse… (That was really hard to explain.)

  168. Yes, it’s nice to see Moneyball gaining some traction after being neglected by the NBR and a number of other groups…though can’t complain about that too much because Moneyball’s exclusion probably made room for HP. Speaking of, agreed tintin, Potter should be handily winning ensemble.

  169. Alexandra

    Corey…you´re no ghost;) Antoinette…I think you have quite an interesting way of expressing your opinions…Scott, apparently and IMHO, you have developed a fanboy attitude in which every movie that does critically and financially better than the one you like, has to be put down :(

  170. Telperion

    Wow, finally some love for “Carnage”. It was about time.

  171. um no Alexandra…I simply express my honest opinions.

  172. Best Director: Martin Scorcese for HUGO

  173. Yes! Go Scorsese! Go Hugo! Go defense!

  174. So Best Picture goes to…?

  175. I wish there was more love for Shalene Woodley. I was blown away by her performance. Totally un-selfconscious. Absolutely shocking for someone of her age.

  176. Good for Scorsese, though I really hope this “Hugo only has one good act” criticism I’ve been hearing elsewhere isn’t true.

  177. It will be Hugo or The Artist

  178. Heath87, there’s still three more categories to go before we get to Best Picture. Foreign Film, Documentary, and Animated Feature.

  179. Tero Heikkinen

    Are all three groups having a simultaneous toilet break?

  180. I think they’re still watching all the films, and furiously running around trying to find the ending to MMMM.

  181. Best Documentary: Project Nim!

  182. @Mattoc – HA! I can picture it. They are probably trying to keep track of what the other groups are doing.

  183. Project Nim named Best Documentary

    I guess Best Animated Feature is The Adventures of Tintin

  184. Best Picture: The Artist

  185. The Artist Best Picture!

  186. nuf said

  187. Best Picture: THE ARTIST! (close seconds: HUGO and MARGARET)

  188. So I guess there’s no Foreign Film or Animated Film awarded?

  189. Wait, they said they’ll still award a Foreign Film, but no Animated? That’s the second time so far this year that one of the critic awards decided not to award an Animated film in it’s own category. Huh…

  190. I’m shocked. Shocked I say!

    :) They’re usually a little weird no? This is so expected. lol

  191. Shocked about what?

  192. Best Animated Film – Rango

  193. The Boston critics are my local critics The Artist has not opened here. IM lucky enough to have seen it twice. It is the best picture of the year.

  194. What am I missing about The Artist? Entertaining, yes. But it’s so light.

  195. Hooray for Scorsese and Margaret! (Hugo and Margaret are, in my mind, the very best pictures of the year).

  196. Wow what a day, I think my head exploded a few times…too many awards to process it all… So happy for Marty, brad, drive for score…loved it!


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