Caryn James Talks to Brilliant Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman and crew were out in the freezing cold temps last night for the premiere of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy at the Cinerama Dome.  It has to be Oldman’s best performance, I think, and in a career with so many great performances that’s really saying something.  I guess his Smiley in Tinker, Tailor is so powerful because Oldman utterly disappears, though he does it in a subtle way.  He can say so much with just his profile, hunched over shoulders, a glance to the right — how many actors are so in control of their instrument the way he is?  What is surprising about him, I guess, is what a nice, humble guy he is.  Here, Caryn James, James on Screen for Indiewire talks to Oldman in a video interview…watch after the cut.

Gary Oldman on Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy from Caryn James on Vimeo.


  1. RL1979 4 years ago

    I totally agree, Gary Oldman is really great in “Tinker, …” – to be honest: I even liked him more in the role than Sir Alec Guinness in the BBC miniseries. Hopefully the Academy doesn´t ignore this masterful performance.

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  2. Antoinette 4 years ago

    But I thought you were gonna interview him?

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  3. Sasha Stone 4 years ago

    But I thought you were gonna interview him?

    It got pushed until tomorrow.

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  4. Antoinette 4 years ago

    Oh good. I didn’t want it to be canceled. :)

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  5. Zed8 4 years ago

    He is a such a brilliant actor, I hope he gets a nomination.

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  6. Koleś 4 years ago

    As brilliant as he may be, I get the feeling that his buzz is totally gone. He needs some critics’ recodnition and fast, because otherwise he’ll get snubbed again. There’s a lot of talent in the best actor line-up this year and his work seems to be the least flashy of all. IMHO if he doesn’t score something in the next couple of days (the GG nom might be the last chance for him) he’ll be out of the game.

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