Houston Film Critics Awards Winners

Winners selected tonight from the nominees announced on Saturday

Best Picture

  • The Descendants, Fox Searchlight

Best Director

  • Nicholas Winding Refn, Drive

Best Actor

  • Michael Fassbender, Shame

Best Actress

  • Tilda Swinton, We Need to Talk About Kevin

Supporting Actor

  • Albert Brooks, Drive

Supporting Actress

  • Shailene Woodley, The Descendants

Best Screenplay

  • Alexander Payne, Nat Foxon & Jim Rash, The Descendants

Best Cinematography

  • Emmanuel Lubezki, The Tree of Life

Best Song

  • “Life’s a Happy Song,” from The Muppets, music & lyrics by Bret McKenzie

Best Score

  • Ludovic Bource, The Artist

Best Foreign Film

  • I Saw the Devil, Magnet Releasing

Best Documentary

  • Project Nim, Lionsgate

Best Animated

  • Rango, Paramount

Worst Film of the Year

  • Your Highness, Universal

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  1. Wow. It’s been a good day for Nicholas Winding-Refn.

    It’s nice to see Drive popping up lately in critics’ list. Maybe it could still have some Oscar chances?

  2. tilda been getting loads of loves by critics.

  3. Man. Emmanuel Lubezki is going to get coronated at the Oscars.

  4. Goblin King

    I don’t want to get excited for Drive yet but I’m starting to feel a momentum building. That opening scene was AMAZING and better than two hours of Brad Pitt Brad Pitting his way through Moneyball. And who doesn’t want a movie with a hot pink title and silk scorpion jackets to totally kick ass?

  5. God i do hope Refn gets a nom but that would just be too awesome to happen

  6. manrico1967

    Hooray for Michael and Tilda!

    I hope Lubezki wins the Oscar. He deserved to win in 95 (A Little Princess) and 99 (Sleepy Hollow).

  7. Rango is killing it! Glad Muppets won for original song as well :)

  8. Lol at all the Descendants love from Houston but no Clooney. Really, Shailene Woodley?

  9. Beth Stevens

    Refn, Fassy, Tilda, Lubezki… yay!!

    Not a lot of consensus on best picture so far. I’m enjoying the variety, though I wish Tree of Life and Hugo would pick up a few more wins.

    The Artist – 6
    Tree of Life – 3
    The Descendants – 2
    Hugo – 1

  10. Drive is gaining momentum…good to see!! Hope the Academy sees the same way too.

  11. Go Refn! More deserving than Hazanavicius.

  12. Tilda again – loving the love! she must surely be a lock now!

  13. Refn – wonderful. Fassie and Tilda – stay the course.

  14. Looks like its now between Tilda Swinton and Michelle Williams ….. i thought Meryl Streep would sweep everything. Great to see Refn winning too. Also i think Shailene Woodley, Patton Oswalt and Charlize Theron needs more attention …. i am rooting for them.

  15. Someone wrote: I hope Lubezki wins the Oscar. He deserved to win in 95 (A Little Princess) and 99 (Sleepy Hollow).
    He should have won for Children of Men!!!

  16. Ed Kargir

    The Artist is by far the best film of the year.

  17. I’m so happy for Michael Fassbender!!! He deserves the award :)

  18. Wow Drive again! I am so happy, and The Descendants! What an amazing film, I am thrilled for all the wins and noms it is getting! And Lubezki did sleepy hallow!! Wow he should definately win for TOL!

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