Indiana Film Critics Choose The Artist

The Indiana Film Journalists Association has named The Artist best picture of 2011, also awarding it best director for Michel Hazanavicius and best score for Ludovic Bource.

Best Film of the Year
Winner: The Artist
Runner-up: The Descendants

Other Finalists: Coriolanus, Drive, Hugo, Martha Marcy May Marlene, The Muppets, The Skin I Live In, Super 8, The Tree of Life

Best Animated Film
Winner: Rango
Runner-up: Winnie the Pooh

Best Foreign Language Film
Winner: The Skin I Live In
Runner-up: 13 Assassins

Best Documentary
Winner: Project Nim
Runner-up: Into the Abyss

Best Original Screenplay
Winner: Win Win
Runner-up: Margin Call

Best Adapted Screenplay
Winner: The Descendants
Runner-up: Moneyball

Best Director
Winner: Michel Hazanavicius, The Artist
Runner-up: Terrence Malick, The Tree of Life

Best Actress
Winner: Elizabeth Olsen, Martha Marcy May Marlene
Runner-up: Tilda Swinton, We Need To Talk About Kevin

Best Supporting Actress
Winner: Viola Davis, The Help
Runner-up: Amy Ryan, Win Win

Best Actor
Winner: Paul Giamatti, Win Win
Runner-up: Ralph Fiennes, Coriolanus

Best Supporting Actor
Winner: Christopher Plummer, Beginners
Runner-up: Albert Brooks, Drive

Best Musical Score
Winner: Ludovic Bource, The Artist
Runner-up: Howard Shore, Hugo

Original Vision Award
Winner: The Tree of Life
Runner-up: The Artist

The Hoosier Award
Winner: Lindsay Goffman, producer of Dumbstruck



  1. Macy 4 years ago

    After all the critics announcements yesterday, I don’t think I care about any more critics/journalists awards. Just bring on the BFCA, SAG and Golden Globe nominations as quickly as possible, please…that’s it!!! Sorry for being so blunt, but Indiana Critics…who’s really bothered about them??

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  2. forg 4 years ago

    Nice runner up for Winnie The Pooh. I really hope it could sneak in a nomination come Oscar night

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  3. Beth Stevens 4 years ago

    LOL, Macy, you’re pooping out way too early in the season. There are still at least 20 more critics groups to announce.

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  4. Macy 4 years ago

    @Beth Stevens: After the BFCA, SAG, and Golden Globe nominations, I will go on an awards-free vacation till next month when the real action begins. Yesterday was just overkill!!!

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  5. steve50 4 years ago

    Yesterday was Mr Toad’s Wild Ride! 20 more groups? – bring ’em on.

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  6. dddd 4 years ago

    LOOOOL. Davis, the lead category is too strong for your shitty performance? Hahahhaha

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  7. Macy 4 years ago

    Do these critics even watch all the films??

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  8. James 4 years ago

    The Artist is this year’s The Social Network (awards-wise that is). What will be this year’s The King’s Speech?

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  9. Macy 4 years ago

    @James: Are there any films which just cannot go wrong with the Academy this year? Something that the Academy will fall in love with, which will just click, no matter what? No British royal historical period dramas this year, I’m afraid. It’s really hard to tell which film will be this year’s ‘The King’s Speech.’

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  10. Ryman 4 years ago

    Not too thrilled about this one. <_<

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  11. Macy 4 years ago

    @Ryman: Which is why I’m not even bothering myself with these results…

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  12. Nic V 4 years ago

    Well the comment from dddd is way over the top but that’s too be expected when you participate in a forums such as these. I’m always so impressed by the lack of being able to criticize without going personal.

    I have to admit that of all the critics groups who announced yesterday that this group was the most reasonable. And it’s Indiana no less. They should applaud themselves. I had a chance to see 13 Assassins and passed it up now I’m kicking myself.

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  13. Vincent 4 years ago

    Finally, a group that gets it: VIOLA DAVIS IS SUPPORTING!!!!

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  14. Outtabucks 4 years ago

    Yay! The Artist is back! Starting to get tired of The Descendants and rented The Tree of Life… because of the attention its getting.

    I still don’t understand how The Artist’s score is being judged/ chosen. One part of me is torn because it is a silent film and the music is very instrumental to the whole movie. While the other part is judging it by thinking that its part of the whole movie and once removed theres no movie. I need someone who enjoys silent films… I can only recall the music when I watched it but I’m saving up to buy the OST and just compare. If anyone is bothered by my trolling… please say so 😀 I’ve enjoyed the site immensely especially the comments.

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  15. Yogsss 4 years ago

    How can anyone pick Hazanavicius as Best Director this year is beyond me…

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  16. RichardA 4 years ago

    Win for Win Win. I hope this starts a trend. I wonder if Alex Shaffer wasn’t far behind Albert Brooks.

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  17. EnglishCrumpet 4 years ago

    Nice to see The Skin I Live In make a couple of appearances

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  18. wisconsinkel 4 years ago

    Viola Davis finally placed in the proper category. Thank you. She is not lead. Emma Stone is lead. Davis is supporting, as she supports Stone on writing the story

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  19. Andrej 4 years ago

    What’s the Hoosier Award for?

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  20. Clayton 4 years ago

    Finally, Viola Davis is in the supporting race where she belongs. Love the wins for Olsen and The Skin I Live In

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  21. Ryan Adams 4 years ago


    “The Hoosier Award is meant to recognize a significant cinematic contribution by a person or persons with Indiana roots.”

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  22. GoOnNow 4 years ago

    some really refreshing choices

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  23. Ryan Adams 4 years ago

    Finally, Viola Davis is in the supporting race where she belongs.

    ugh. the way that’s phrased makes me cringe.

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  24. Paddy M 4 years ago

    I was about to comment on how much I dislike so many of Indiana’s choices, until I realised how many of the above comments I dislike even more. I don’t mean to go all Scott on you guys, but are some of you actually that thick, or are you just acting that way?

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  25. phantom 4 years ago

    Now that I’ve seen ‘The Help’ for a second time, I REALLY don’t think it’s that obvious where to put Davis. Yes, on paper, Emma Stone is the lead BUT so is Viola Davis AND Octavia Spencer. Now Spencer clearly got the scenestealing-supporting treatment which is fine BUT the film’s narrative DOES back up the ones who consider Davis the lead or at least one of the two co-leads.

    I do agree that she could be an easy frontrunner in supporting BUT I can see why the studio campaigns her lead…why would they go supporting when they can get a lead nod just as easily ? The win ? That’s a different story.

    For what it’s worth, Emma Stone WAS great in ‘The Help’, as well, and I have a feeling she will get a GG-nod…the question is will she get it along with Davis in lead OR one of them will be placed in supporting ? Because if a surprise like that happens on Thursday, that could change the general consensus for sure. IF Davis made a shocking move to the supporting race, Emma Stone could knock out the ones who seem to battle for the crucial fifth slot at the moment : she is a remarkably popular and talented young rising star with a bunch of BO-hits under her belt this year, playing a very Academy-friendly role in a VERY succesful film that could easily get picture, screenplay nominations…and a bp-nod could definitely give her the edge over the unlikeable female lead of a comedy (the excellent Theron); the often ignored, already awarded Swinton; Mara’s genre performance; Olsen’s outstanding turn in a film isn’t expected to receive any other nominations. But that’s a big IF, Davis will probably stay in Lead, unless a few of the big ones (SAG, HFPA, BAFTA, BFCA) decide otherwise. And if Davis stays, Stone is (probably) out…unless the Academy really falls in love with ‘The Help’.

    And I agree with Ryan…that phrasing sounds terrible. Claiming that Viola Davis belongs to supporting is like suggesting she is predestined for supporting and nothing more. It would have been more fortunate to say that HER ROLE might belong to supporting and then explain WHY ? It’s not like she has less or considerably less screentime than Stone, and even if she did, the narrative still crowns her as the lead or at least a co-lead, DEFINITELY not supporting. At this point the only reason to vote for her in that category is to make sure she WILL win.

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  26. Gregoire 4 years ago

    Is The Artist even playing anywhere in Indiana?

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  27. Antoinette 4 years ago

    Yay for THE SKIN I LIVE IN. :)

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  28. Keifer 4 years ago

    It is nice to see “Coriolanus” finally get some love from a critics group.

    Harvey W. will be pushing this film in a couple weeks; the timing seems right for it to receive some AMPAS recognition.

    Ralph Fiennes – Best Actor
    Vanessa Redgrave – Best Supporting Actress
    Best Picture is a slight possibility – it has such a great cast.

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  29. Keifer 4 years ago

    Viola Davis clearly belongs in the lead category; she and Emma Stone co-star in this film (the narrative backs me up on that). Octavia Spencer and Jessica Chastain – supporting. I actually think Chastain has more of a chance of getting a BSA nod in this picture – it seems to be more generally admired than her stint in The Tree of Life.

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  30. Alfredo 4 years ago

    “I don’t mean to go all Scott on you…”

    LMAO Paddy M from now when I will go on a rant about how everyone else is stupid I will preface it with “I don’t mean to go all Scott on you BUT…”

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  31. Marshall1 4 years ago

    Olsen for best actress! That’s a lovely surprise for me. And the movie’s also on their top 10! Also very happy for Amy Ryan getting a supporting runner-up for Win Win! To me, she was the best thing in the movie. And Rango keeps winning, and the Muppets in their top 10…lol

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  32. Joseph 4 years ago

    Davis and Stone are co-leads. To put Davis in Supporting is an insult.

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  33. Andrej 4 years ago

    Ryan: Thanks for the clarification! :)

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