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  1. The last scene in this film is worth the price of admission.

  2. François

    I love them both. Allez Jean et Bérénice, ramenez-nous une floppée d’oscars!

  3. With pleasure.

  4. Too bad they’re not American so you can’t love them more, Sasha!

  5. ^
    well, they’re nice and French. So I like ‘em better than the _____ (…better not say)

  6. I just don’t think she was anything special in The Artist and she looked too contemporary for the part. Jean Dujardin, however, is the reason anybody is paying attention to this film. He sells an impossible concept with a combination of charm, nuance and authenticity.

  7. Marshall1

    Totally disagreed Gregoire, I find Bernice as equally charming as DuJardin. Whenever she’s onscreen, my attention instantly draws to her. She really is the heart and soul of the movie. I would not be surprised if they awarded her best supporting actress.

  8. daveylow

    They are both charming and delightful in the film. if either of them won the Oscar I would not be upset. Dujardin would be a front-runner for the actor award if he were American.

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