San Diego Film Critics nominations


Martin Scorsese, HUGO
Michel Hazanavicius, THE ARTIST
Nicolas Winding Refn, DRIVE
Terrence Malick, THE TREE OF LIFE

Michelle Williams, MY WEEK WITH MARILYN
Viola Davis, THE HELP

Brendan Gleeson, THE GUARD
Jean Dejardin, THE ARTIST
Michael Shannon, TAKE SHELTER

Bérénice Bejo, THE ARTIST
Carey Mulligan, SHAME
Jessica Chastain, THE HELP
Mélanie Laurent, BEGINNERS
Shailene Woodley, THE DESCENDANTS

Albert Brooks, DRIVE
Christopher Plummer, BEGINNERS
Nick Nolte, WARRIOR

Michel Hazanavicius, THE ARTIST
Thomas McCarthy, WIN WIN
Will Reiser, 50/50

Alexander Payne, Nat Faxon and Jim Rash, THE DESCENDANTS
Hossein Amini, DRIVE
John Logan, HUGO
Steve Zaillian and Aaron Sorkin, MONEYBALL



Emmanuel Lubezki, THE TREE OF LIFE
Guillaume Schiffman, THE ARTIST
Newton Thomas Sigel, DRIVE
Robert Richardson, HUGO


Anne-Sophie Bion & Michel Hazanavicius, THE ARTIST
Hank Corwin, Jay Rabinowitz, Daniel Rezende, Billy Weber, & Mark Yoshikawa, THE TREE OF LIFE
Mat Newman, DRIVE
Oliver Bugge Coutté, BEGINNERS
Thelma Schoonmaker, HUGO

Dante Ferretti, HUGO
Laurence Bennett, THE ARTIST

Alexandre Desplat, THE TREE OF LIFE
Howard Shore, HUGO
Ludovic Bource, THE ARTIST



  1. Craig Z 4 years ago

    Another nom for Serkis. He isn’t gonna get an Oscar nom but it’s nice to see him get love anywhere.

    Great showing for Drive and Hugo too

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  2. Scott 4 years ago

    For fuck sakes the Tree of Life love is really getting annoying…I can only hope the AMPAS holds their films to higher standards. Like you know, actually presenting an interesting and coherant story.

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  3. Paul8148 4 years ago

    African-American Film Critics Winners:

    Picture: Tree of Life

    2. Drive
    3. Pariah
    4. Rampart
    5. Shame
    6. Moneyball
    7. The Descendants
    8. A Better Life
    9. My Week With Marylin
    10. The Help

    Best Director: Steve McQueen (Shame)

    Best Actor: Woody Harrleson (Rampart)

    Best Supporting Actor: Albert Brooks (Drive)

    Best Actress: Viola Davis (The Help)

    Best Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer (The Help)

    Best Screenplay: Ava DuVernay (I Will Follow)

    Best Breakthrough Performance: Adepero Oduye (Pariah)

    Best Independent Film: Pariah

    Best song: Jason Reeves & Lenka Kripac, writers, “The Show” from “Moneyball.”

    Best foreign film: Alrick Brown, “Kinyarwanda.”

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  4. Scott 4 years ago

    Holy hell…Desplat nominated 3 times?! WOW

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  5. tiy 4 years ago

    I can’t believe how completely shut out Keira Knightley has been for every critics award. Brit Marling? REALLY?!

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  6. Scott 4 years ago

    And nice to finally see some recognition for Steve Kloves and Stuart Craig! But what about Eduardo Serra?!

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  7. tiy 4 years ago

    @ Scott – I loved the Tree of Life but I always forget about it because that thing belongs in an art gallery as a video installation, let’s be real.

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  8. Jack 4 years ago

    Fantastic that they recognized Nick Nolte, whose performance in Warrior is one of the finest of the year!

    Also – nominating both the Herzog documentaries and love for Max Von Sydow? Excellent nominations, these.

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  9. Scott 4 years ago

    Exactly tiy! You know it’s dissapointing to see with all the recognition for HP they didn’t also recognize Alan Rickman like the St. Louis critics.

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  10. Craig Z 4 years ago

    Scott, Tree of Life is happening. Sooner you come to accept the the easier it will be on you and everybody else on this site.

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  11. Gustavo 4 years ago

    It’s crystal clear. Only The Artist and The Tree of Life are virtually everywhere by now. While The Tree of Life won’t have enough support to win the industry awards, The Artist won’t miss it at all. The Descendants and Hugo are its strongest contenders since they appear in almost all lists, top 10s or top 5.

    Artist, Tree of Life, Descendants and Hugo are the critical consensus so far.

    But War Horse and Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close could still make a last-minute comeback to the Best Picture Race if they convert themselves in MAJOR sucesses at the box office in the US (+200 million for War Horse, +100 million for ELIC).

    If they don’t, it’s The Artist vs. The Descendants vs. Hugo for the BP race. So we may think which pair will split more votes in favor of the third film. I think The Artist and Hugo will split, being The Descendants in a very interesting position.

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  12. Tye-Grr 4 years ago

    This is the best Supporting Actor lineup I’ve yet seen this season. FINALLY, some love for Nick Nolte! He’s been criminally ignored this season, it was pissing me off. I’m glad that Elizabeth Olsen is picking up steam again after some early shutouts. She’s incredible in ‘Martha Marcy May Marlene’. I really, really hope she can get into Best Actress at the Oscars. And please let Nick Nolte get some more love before this season kicks into high gear…

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  13. Scott 4 years ago

    But Craig, Tree of Life only has an 78 BFCA score. You really think it’s going to be the one to buck the trend that stretches back 8 years?

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  14. RyanT 4 years ago

    Michelle Williams has been very consistent in showing up for nominations. Her film also seems to be getting more Top 10/Best Picture notices than The Iron Lady. That can only help her.

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  15. Craig Z 4 years ago

    Scott, Get over the BFCA. Anybody who uses just ONE source to make their oscar predictions is just a noob. Which you obviously are.

    I remember when the Globes used to be the end all be all Oscar precurser.

    Also you are just gonna disown the BFCA after they nominated the Tree of Life and not give HP a director or Screenplay nod.

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  16. phantom 4 years ago

    I wouldn’t worry about late entries like ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’, ‘Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close’, ‘War Horse’, not getting much traction in the critics groups-phase. Last year The Fighter and True Grit pulled off picture-director-screenplay nominations WITHOUT one single win in these categories during the whole season AND even the big winner, The King’s Speech had tiny traction this time last year : not one critics group awarded it in bd, only one (Phoenix) gave it bp and only 3 less prominent ones awarded it in screenplay (Southeastern, San Francisco, St. Louis…and it still won all three categories at the Oscars…without a hitch.

    Bottom line : Critics groups might influence the race, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to the guilds. When this year’s late entries won’t get any guild-love, THEN the producers can start popping the Xanax.

    P.S. Here is last year’s precursors’ chart…after the TKS-sweep, it is definitely a cautionary tale :

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  17. Craig Z 4 years ago

    OK Scott here is another trend….

    It’s been over 20 years since the winner of the LAFC award for Best Director was not also nominated for Best Director at the Oscars.

    The BFCA isn’t the only way to go

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  18. AS 4 years ago

    Gustavo, I think your analysis is correct. Only The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo could be another spoiler. But it looks like we have our top 4 contenders.

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  19. Robert A. 4 years ago

    That BFCA score of 85+ or over for a Best Picture nomination is an interesting statistic, but as Craig Z points out, it’s usually unwise to use one measuring stick when predicting your nominations.

    Besides, there have been Best Picture Oscar nominees that have scored below 85 with BFCA. Seabiscuit, Moulin Rouge, and Chocolat are examples. So even if it hasn’t happened recently doesn’t mean that it hasn’t happened before, and that it can’t happen again.

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  20. Scott 4 years ago

    but Craig as we know you can be nominated for Director without your picture getting in and vice versa.

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  21. Scott 4 years ago

    and I never said it’s the ONLY measuring stick…but it’s been a damn good one for 8 years.

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  22. Aaron 4 years ago

    Amazing Tree of Life love! Would love to see some more acting love for it though! And where has Carnage been?!!!

    Tree of Life deserves the praise, despite the naysayers! The film is about so much more than I think we can even handle! A truly modern film with a truly modern voice. We need to recognize this!!!

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  23. Craig Z 4 years ago

    Scott, under the new rules its probably gonna be nearly impossible to be nominated for director but not picture. Since the lone director spot is generally thought of as 6th place and there are gonna be at least that many nominees

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  24. Craig Z 4 years ago

    The BFCA is the only measuring stick you ever use.

    Rules are different now Scott, cant just rely on the same patterns religiously like you seem to be doing

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  25. Paddy M 4 years ago

    Embarrassing that Brendan Gleeson was nominated and Michael Fassbender wasn’t. This is a mighty strange bunch of nominees.

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  26. jorge 4 years ago


    IM SO GLAD, to see melanie laurent in supporting role, no offense to marion cotillard, but i think she is way better actress than her…

    is michael shannon make it in best actor?

    happy to see tilda and elizabeth back to the race…

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  27. phantom 4 years ago

    Scott, ‘Deathly Hallows Part II’ has the scores, that’s a fact, it is also a fact it has better scores than the majority of recent bp-winners/nominees – here is a chart about the critics scores (MC, RT, RTT, BFCA) of the last 10 years’ bp nominees ( )- and if it were last year, the franchise-ender would have probably NO problem getting the bp-nod BUT the new system (we could have only 5 (!) bp-nominees this year) does NOT a favor a film like ‘Harry Potter’. Every bp-nominee will have to get 5% No1 votes and although I do think it has a good shot at it because it actually covers a lot of Academy-demos (British-vote, Technical Branches, thanks to the big acting ensemble, probably the actors could get behind it etc.), but unfortunately it is NOT a sure thing and even if it gets in, it is perfectly expected that it doesn’t get much traction now from the more traditional critics’ groups that rarely (never?) go for big blockbusters even if the film in question IS brilliant.

    Having said that, I strongly disagree with you about ‘The Tree of Life’, I consider it one of the greatest films this year, but I do acknowledge that it probably isn’t for everyone. For now, IMO it has a good shot at nominations in picture, director, supporting actor, cinematography, editing…original screenplay might be a tough one and its female acting contender might be nominated for another film. I think he new voting system favors films like ‘The Tree of Life’ : ones that might not have huge fanbases in the Academy to get an awful lot of No2, No3 etc. votes that would have been crucial last year, BUT the passionate fanbase this film may have might be enough for that crucial 5% No1 that the new rule requires.

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  28. Scott 4 years ago

    Well I’ll wait until the Globes to comment further on it I guess, but no I’m also looking at the fact that the AMPAS has really only loved one of Malick’s prior films and go figure it was a war film. While the critics seem to love it I think that the Academy will have more sense and it’ll be divisive.

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  29. Scott 4 years ago


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  30. Scott 4 years ago

    Yes I realize all that phantom…which is why I’m fucking hating the AMPAS for changing the rules again! BUT still, I’m clinging to hope that it won’t matter and logic and common sense will still prevail in the end.

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  31. Craig Z 4 years ago

    Thin Red Line was only two Terrence Mallick films ago Scott. And Tree of Life is far more acclaimed than The New World was.

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  32. phantom 4 years ago


    1. I’m sorry to see that your early Best Actress-fave this year, Kirsten Dunst has been ignored so far, I’ve seen Melancholia and I firmly believe she should be a much stronger contender than she is at the moment. She was truly excellent.

    2. After a whole season of bickering last year, could you just do me the favor to skip the completely unnecessary and still offensive O.L. (= old lady) remark ?

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  33. Craig Z 4 years ago

    Scott, just because you don’t like a film doesn’t mean that not liking it is “common sense”.

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  34. Julia 4 years ago

    Firth won a boatload of critics awards as Best Actor last year and The King’s Speech turned up at least as a nomination in a bunch of them. TGWTDT has been largely ignored – both as a nominee and as an acting vehicle to award Mara. So the situation is by no means all that similar. Especially since TGWTDT is handicapped by its genre which is a lot less awards-friendly than The King’s Speech.

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  35. Craig Z 4 years ago

    Oh my god… is this Jorge guy gonna do that sexist Old Lady bullshit again. What is his problem?

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  36. Tero Heikkinen 4 years ago

    I think 4 nominations is also quite a-loving. Days of Heaven had 4 and won for Cinematography. The Tree of Life will get 4-ish nominations also and will win Cinematography.

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  37. Manuel 4 years ago

    Finally no Streep!

    Really glad for Eliabeth Olsenm The Tree of Life, Fassy, Tilda and what about this:

    Alexandre Desplat, THE TREE OF LIFE
    Howard Shore, HUGO
    Ludovic Bource, THE ARTIST

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  38. Scott 4 years ago

    Craig what I mean is it is no logical for a film that is so poorly structure to demand so much attention. On the other hand it is logical that the best reviewed and most popular film of the year should get it’s due.

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  39. adam 4 years ago
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  40. Scott 4 years ago

    Gag so many typos…I’m on my ipod

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  41. phantom 4 years ago


    “While the critics seem to love it I think that the Academy will have more sense and it’ll be divisive.”

    But see, that’s just the thing : Thanks to the new rule, it COULD even afford to be divisive : 95% of the Academy can hate ‘The Tree of Life’ violently, if it can pull off that 5% No1 and basically nothing else, it WILL get the best picture nomination. That’s why I think you should prepare yourself, because the new rule DEFINITELY helps a film like ‘The Tree of Life’.

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  42. Scott 4 years ago

    Hate the autofill/autocorrect lol

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  43. Tero Heikkinen 4 years ago

    Yeah, we have so disliked Jorge for that. But – as I have seen the movie – the OL-thing is now a compliment for Streep. She plays an 80+ year old better than any 80+ year old could. Physically and mentally.

    So, keep it coming, Jorge. You are not annoying me this time. You fail.

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  44. Scott 4 years ago

    Unforttunately yes I realize that phantom but let us hope those that don’t hate it don’t love it enough to put it through…that is what I am praying for at least

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  45. Tero Heikkinen 4 years ago

    You’re a Christian. Pray for a miracle, cause it looks like it needs one now. Prayers should work, right? Otherwise it would be dumb spending hours and hours for that. They work!

    Yours truly,
    Burning Bush

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  46. Scott 4 years ago

    Have the AMPAS ever nominated something so artsy fartsy?

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  47. Scott 4 years ago

    And abstract?

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  48. Scott 4 years ago

    For Best Picture?

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  49. Tero Heikkinen 4 years ago

    Last year Dogtooth was very artsy. But I guess you meant BP?

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  50. Tero Heikkinen 4 years ago

    Probably not at that level, and surely TToL is not a lock either. Just because it works for critics, doesn’t mean AMPAS will nominate it for BP.

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  51. Tero Heikkinen 4 years ago

    A Clockwork Orange is probably as arty as AMPAS can get.

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  52. Mattoc 4 years ago

    Scott, TOL isn’t artsy fartsy. You’re implying that people don’t understand it and therefore must be praised. Have you seen it? What don’t you understand?

    Based on the HP score, there is no reason why it shouldn’t win BP in half these lists. Unless it was over praised initially, which seems to be the case.

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  53. Scott 4 years ago

    Well I suppose it doesn’t matter…it’s possible all rules, trends, etc go out the window this year.

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  54. Scott 4 years ago

    Mattoc, I think the reason is because HP is more like last year’s True Grit or The Fighter…universally very well liked but not enough “yes, this is my #1”. Also as already mentioned the release date surely plays a large factor, leading to Scorsese and Hugo stealing the spotlight.

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  55. Scott 4 years ago

    as well as the other Oscar season films.

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  56. AJC 4 years ago

    Phantom, thank you so much for that list comparing HP ratings with previous movies. So…that means that integrity of RT, MC and BFCA is in serious question? Or this year they were asleep at the wheel?

    Scott, and any other huge defenders of HP8 being THE BEST movie of the year (I’m not talking about Oscar chances), look at that list: and tell me that the validity of these scores is not in question. What happened this summer?

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  57. Mattoc 4 years ago

    Yeah, but it’s not even in critics top tens…same people

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  58. Mark 4 years ago

    Max Von Sydow! I predict a SAG, GG, BAFTA and Oscar Nom for him.

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  59. The Great Dane 4 years ago

    No Meryl Streep? Well, that’s a first…

    And still just one nomination for Rooney Mara, the alleged “performance of the year” :)

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  60. sean 4 years ago

    Relax…IRON LADY didn’t screen or send screeners to this group.

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  61. Zane 4 years ago

    Scott: your bitching about the Tree of Life is getting really annoying.

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  62. rufussondheim 4 years ago

    I am not sure how the 5% thing got out there. There is no validity to that statement.

    Check out the Metacritic thread where I cut and pasted the rules. The correct % is more like 9.2%, although that’s even a shorthand. While not confusing, it is complicated.

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  63. Alexandra 4 years ago

    It is nice to see Andy Serkis and Harry Potter considered…but honestly,the critics are not being consistent with the appraisal they gave the movie a few months back…

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  64. rufussondheim 4 years ago

    Oh, and, Scott, it’s nice to see your true colors show when you say “Like you know, actually presenting an interesting and coherant story.”

    First off, it’s not a requirement for any film to have a “story” – One of the great films of the 80’s, My Dinner with Andre, didn’t have a story at all.

    Works of fiction/poetry are often divided into two categories, lyrical and narrative. Films, because they are expensive to produce, need to make money so most use the narrative tradition.

    But books and plays have been using the less common (and, to me, more interesting) tradition for decades and centuries now. Many great works are firmly in the lyrical department.

    It’s nice to see a film that is firmly lyrical get the funding. And I’m glad that it’s the standout of the year for many. If one thinks it’s overpraised, one shouldn’t blame the people who praise it, one should look at themselves and say “Why am I not seeing what others see?” You should take use this opportunity as a learning experience, not as one to bash people. It shows your ignorance.

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  65. Alexandra 4 years ago

    Still, when you think about it,you must compute HP 7.1 and HP 7.2 scores for it is ONE movie and not two…You cannot have one without the other and HP 7.1 was not that well received…

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  66. dfa 4 years ago

    I’d be thrilled to bits if the “artsy” Tree of Life and the “blockbuster” Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 both made it as best picture nominees. No matter what else made it in, it would be a guaranteed interesting and exciting list, with at least two great movies.

    How blah would it be if only what everyone agrees are “Academy” movies are nominated. But wasn’t the #1 rule instituted to favor movies groups of voters are particularly passionate about, rather than movies that are consensus picks? We’ll see what that translates to in the end.

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  67. Antoinette 4 years ago

    Nick Nolte, WARRIOR

    Thank you, San Diego. :)

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  68. rufussondheim 4 years ago

    This is why, dfa, I don’t think War Horse is a lock, I’d even say it’s not likely to get a nomination. I don’t know how many people are willing to put it at #1 on their lists. I know the Academy isn’t the critics, but the reception for it has been lukewarm at best. I doubt 1 in 10 will put it in their top 2. After all, the Academy has been far less kind to Spielberg over the years than people would think.

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  69. Walt Gamble 4 years ago

    Nick Nolte! About bloody time!

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  70. Anders 4 years ago

    Hi. Anders here. I’m a member of the SDFCS. Just to clarify one point: we did receive screeners of THE IRON LADY.

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  71. john b 4 years ago

    Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2 whether it be part 8 of a massive film series or part 2 of a single film, cannot stand on its own. Anyone who hasn’t seen the other 7 films or even just DHp1 would have not any idea what the story is and why they should care about any of the characters. the only people in AMPAS that will vote for Harry Potter are the people who 1- are Harry Potter fans and 2-think its the best of the series.

    having a high score on metacritic or rotten tomatoes has NOTHING to do with whether or not it gets voted for any awards.

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  72. Fielding 4 years ago

    5 noms for Midnight in Paris, including production design? Excellent, excellent work, San Diego! The rest is, of course, garbage.

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  73. Outtabucks 4 years ago

    No mention of John Williams is sacrilegious to the category Best Score.

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  74. jorge 4 years ago

    @ craig… bite me

    @ phantom, i know, but if u can ready my comments u also can see that i had two favorites , kirsten and michelle, its a shame that kirsten is not going to get anywhere, but im glad that michelle is going to make lose the O.L. AGAIN… (YES TERO READ THIS COMMENT)

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  75. Regina 4 years ago

    So, SDFCS really didn’t like The Iron Lady. :-(

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  76. Mattenroe 4 years ago

    Tree of Life is a BP cert now. Well deserved too. Stunning piece of work. Thrilled to see Nolte getting some love too. Watched Warrior again tonight and it really is a commanding performance. Am I alone in thinking that Moneyball was excellent but that Brad Pitt was just doing his effortlessly good routine? Personally, I thought his turn in Tree of Life was the best thing he’s ever done. Would prefer a supporting actor nod than all this leading role business. Call me crazy.

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  77. aaron 4 years ago

    Obvious malicious omissions….Streep, Redgrave and Fassenbender. It they watched these films, they would have nominated them. If not, they aren’t reliable pre-cursor. Terrible choices

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  78. Macy 4 years ago

    @Scott: Whether you like it or not, The Tree of Life is virtually a Best Pic candidate now. And the sooner you accept this fact, the better. Even if the Academy members want to ignore it, they cannot. Why? Terrence Malik (who directed the Oscar-nominated film ‘The Thin Red Line’) is the director, and the cast consists of Oscar winner Sean Penn, Oscar nominee Brad Pitt, and an actress who has had as good a year as anybody else (in no less than SIX films) – Jessica Chastain (though she would most likely be nominated for ‘The Help’).

    And I think HP might suffer the most at the hands of the Academy ‘cos we already know how much the members still appreciate old school cinema (and ‘The Artist’ is present to whet their appetite for old-school cinema). Yes, Inception was nominated for Best Pic last year, but it was because there were 10 slots. Now, it won’t be 10 (most likely). So, the film that could suffer the most because of this new ruling would be HP, despite being reviewed so well. Sometimes, these things just happen.

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  79. rufussondheim 4 years ago

    I hope everyone realizes that we’ve really learned nothing so far in terms of the Oscar race. No overlooked film has gotten a boost, no highly expected film has gotten knocked down (well, except maybe Glenn Close)

    While predicting any of these specific awards wasn’t easy, there isn’t a film that’s won an award that wasn’t expected to do well, and there isn’t a film that was expected to do well that’s walked away with nothing.

    No one’s dominating these awards, either, they are spread around as was expected. Sure, we learned that Dragon Tattoo and Extremely Loud weren’t the critical favorites some were hoping for, but that was all speculation anyway.

    I lifted this quote off another website. Some guy named Shayques Pier wrote it in a thread about the Indiana Film critics awards. I hope he won’t mind that I lifted it and put it in here. Careful, this guy is a little pretentious, he probably likes The Tree of Life way more than he should.

    “Out, out, brief candle! Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

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  80. Mattoc 4 years ago

    @john b – “having a high score on meta critic, etc has NOTHING to do with awards”

    Nothing to do with AMPAS you mean?

    I’m no rocket scientist, just an engineer, but I would assume a high score would translate into these critics’ awards.

    It’s like someone threw a spitball at the teacher and no one is owning up to it.
    “Did you like HP?”
    “No, wasn’t me, must have been him!”

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  81. Scott 4 years ago

    Scott, and any other huge defenders of HP8 being THE BEST movie of the year (I’m not talking about Oscar chances), look at that list: and tell me that the validity of these scores is not in question. What happened this summer?

    The answer is simple AJC…bias and hypocrisy. The critics would like to pass it off as just a summer blockbuster and not be caught dead placing it on their end of year lists.

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  82. rufussondheim 4 years ago

    wow, it’a almost like a conspiracy – they must all belong to a group that gets together and votes on things. They probably say to each other “Hey, I loved HP8 more than any film since Citizen Kane, and in my review of the film this year I gushed about how amazing it was. But now, I prefer no one know about how much I liked it.”

    I’m sure that’s the way it went down.

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  83. john b 4 years ago

    1- critics are allowed to change their mind if they see another movie or several movies later in the year that they like better than HP7p2

    it was a great end to a great series but its just not an award winner. sorry. move on. the critics obviously have.

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  84. Pablo (Col) 4 years ago

    I cannot believe that people that do not think of The Tree of Life as a movie.

    American film industry has brain washed people into thinking a film should be coherent and structured to the point of madness. Well, a film is much more people. Its not about the money people. It’s about being humans. Films are not made by robots (note every film i mean). They are some that are actually what they are supposed to be: art.

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  85. Mattoc 4 years ago

    I tend to agree Scott about the hypocrisy with the critic groups awards thus far and HP. When the individual top ten start flowing in you should/must see a different trend, even if the ‘groups’ are not courageous enough to vote for it.

    I don’t dislike or like HP, it just exists – but this seems strange.

    BTW – Just got back from Hugo. To tell you the truth, i couldn’t tell it was Scorsese.

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  86. Mateus Selle Denardin 4 years ago

    They don’t like Alexandre Desplat.

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  87. Amy 4 years ago

    So very sad to see Alan Rickman snubbed. I bawl my eyes out every time I see his tears and hear him say “take them” . . . How very rude for him to go unrecognized again.

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  88. Keifer 4 years ago

    John B – “Anyone who hasn’t seen the other 7 films or even just DHp1 would have not any idea what the story is and why they should care about any of the characters.”

    Not true.

    I hadn’t seen any of them when I attended this film. I was entralled with HPATDH Pt 2. For me, it is the best picture of the year.

    It made me want to watch the previous 7 films.

    I agree with something else I read on this post – Eduardo Serra has been criminally neglected for his masterful cinematography in Harry Potter. Absolutely stunning work. It’s hard to believe that something like “Drive” (admittedly, I haven’t seen it) has better cinematography than HP.

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  89. Deb Crane 4 years ago

    I am a huge movie goer and have seen all of the movies listed here. I loved the Artist, Tree of Life, Midnight in Paris, Descendants, Hugo,etc but the film I thought was the best this year was HPDH2. It had everything we go to the movies for. The “critics” raved about it and it pretty much made everyone’s Top 10 list. It also saved an industry’s year that would have, without it, tanked. Critics get paid to see movies, voters get in for free or have them sent to them. It is a huge snub to HP* and a wrong one to leave it out. Same for Alan Rickman.

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