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  1. Dustin Chase
    December 29, 2011

    I would love to se Taylor get nominated for best director, if you watch the behind the scenes he is pretty interesting, unique and his achievement with this film (as mentioned above) is worth a lot.

  2. Greg Russell
    December 29, 2011

    Great piece and loved this film and just wanted to add that the Film’s Editor Hughes Winbourne did a Fantastic job and should be Nominated for his contribution to this Marvelous film.

  3. julian the emperor
    December 29, 2011

    I have said this all along…don’t count out this guy for best director!! If The Help is as popular among voters as I think it is, surely Taylor will be in serious contention for a spot among the five. Just because he is up against some of the legends of the business doesn’t mean he is automatically an also-ran. Just look at Hooper’s win last year or Lee Daniels who got nominated for Precious a few years back. Daniels didn’t exactly do a great job behind the camera on that one, and still he got nominated in front of bigger names.

    I imagine The Help will win big time with SAG and afterwards The Help will suddenly look like a real contender, and, naturally, so will Taylor.

  4. Ryan Adams
    December 29, 2011

    Brandon. That’s not helpful.
    If you want to be specific here’s where to reach me to do it right: ryansadams.AD@gmail.com.

  5. Ryman
    December 29, 2011

    Kind of like Bruce Beresford for Driving Miss Daisy.

  6. Jesse Crall
    December 30, 2011

    The Help was just a really enjoyable movie experience. I thought the color schemes Taylor used were great because they created a kind of vivid palette that contrasted sometimes alarmingly with the grimmer looks at black poverty. And a lot of praise has focused on the actors, who surely owe Taylor at least some credit.

    I guess The Help was sort of a simple presentation of complex themes, probably the best way to go about a film regarding southern racism. I’d heard this type of story told in many mediums, and I wouldn’t call it a great movie but any film with such strong visuals and performances deserves credit. And the care given by the filmmakers alluded to in the above articles really showed on screen.

    ….And now we wait for the “Oh Jesus, another article about women in film, give it a rest, other directors are better, who’s paying you to write this article, bias bias bias…”

  7. The Jack
    December 30, 2011

    I’d be kind of surprised not to see him nominated for a DGA, which could set him right up for a “Jason Reitman for Juno” nomination that everyone is kind of surprised at even though no one is surprised to see the film nominated.

  8. John
    December 30, 2011

    Indeed, it’s very interesting to watch the Special Features (Making of the Film) featurette on the dvd. He comes across very well, knowledgeable, and amiable. Could be a sleeper nom.

  9. RichardA
    December 30, 2011

    I still do not understand why The Help is not getting much traction. It’s such an Oscar bait movie–a movie much better than The Blindside. Easily a Best Pic, Best Director, Actress, Supporting Actress (2x), Adapted Screenplay–maybe cinematography and costume. That’s 8.

    I think this is a case where the critics’ awards and the blogs are gonna be way off when it comes down to the Oscar awards. I’m partial to The Help as a movie…and gasp!!!! This could be the year that The People’s Choice Awards will be right on.

    And Oprah? Where are you these days??

  10. parker
    December 30, 2011

    The director Chris Columbus, a producer of “The Help,” was eventually dispatched to be a full-time on-set baby sitter.

    Yeesh, that’s like sending the janitor in to check on the medical students.

  11. Betsy
    December 30, 2011

    The Help hasn’t earned $160 million but closer to $170 million in US & Canada.

  12. Roel
    December 30, 2011

    I agree with Richard A………….”The Help” should be high on the list for Academy Award nominations.Mr. Taylor happens to pull off what directors are supposed to do: get the best out of his actors that makes the film appear simple and not challenging. On the contrary, he is gifted in being able to bring to the screen brilliantly the controversial times and sensitive topics, which are further enhanced with an All-Star cast, whom all were terrific in their respective roles. The only regret I would have is not giving Cicely Tyson and Sissy Spacek more screen time. Hopefully, the Academy will embrace Mr. Taylor and award him with an Oscar nomination, which is very deserving of!

  13. Matt
    December 30, 2011

    re: parker

    The thought of producer Chris Columbus winning an Oscar, let alone a Critic’s Choice Award, makes me a little sick.

  14. CNE17
    December 30, 2011

    I dunno… I love the Help– it has more heart and spirit than almost any other BP contender this year– but it also has some flaws. As director/screenwriter, I think Taylor should have noticed that a few of the subplots were going nowhere (Skeeter’s boyfriend comes to mind). Between those flaws, a long running time, and the ability to chalk up the film’s spirit to the source materials, I’m not surprised that Taylor hasn’t gotten more traction and I’m not sure that he should.

    But he sure is cute. :)

  15. brandon
    December 30, 2011

    Tom Hooper was a nobody in the race last year. He ended up beating five of the greatest directors working today. Anything is possible when the award is more about campaigning and schmoozing than actual talent. And did anybody ever stop to think that maybe the film just wasn’t well directed? It’s a crowd pleaser much like other crap that has managed to find it’s way into this mainstream beauty pageant (The Blind Side, Avatar) and it might have a harder time finding a space in a year that doesn’t require 10 slots. It’s just not a very good movie. It’s a very cute Lifeitme-esque film with strong performances with some extremely manipulative moments to seal the deal (the realistic version of this film would’ve given the film a hard R and a not so happy ending.)

  16. phantom
    December 30, 2011

    I think the film will definitely have at least 5 nominations (picture, actress, supporting actress, supporting actress, song), I think – though not a lock – it will also get a script nod, and then it could even sneak into best costume and maybe even best score.

    The question is whether Tate Taylor will be recognized by the Academy, and if he will HOW ?

    Option 1 – The film receives a Best Picture nomination and individual nomination for Taylor in either Best Director or Best Adapted Screenplay.

    Option 2 – The film receives a Best Picture nomination AND a Best Adapted Screenplay nomination. This way they could nominate Taylor without giving him a slot in the Best Director category.

    Option 3 – The film receives Best Picture AND Best Director AND Best Adapted Screenplay nominations.

    I think at this point, #1 is a given, #2 is the most likely and #3 will come down to the DGA-WGA.

  17. phantom
    December 30, 2011

    Option 1 – The film receives a Best Picture nomination and NO individual nomination for Taylor in either Best Director or Best Adapted Screenplay.

  18. Gregoire
    December 30, 2011

    He’s a capable director, but he’s hardly earned a Best Director nod. If he does get a nomination, it should be noted that it’s really a nomination for the author of the Help, Kathryn Stockett, who stipulated that it was to be only Tate (a childhood friend of hers) that should direct.

  19. Elton Almeida
    December 30, 2011

    “In the hands of anyone else, The Help’s writer/director would be lauded right along with the film but because Taylor is unknown that has so far eluded him.”

    I disagree. “Nobody” knew Tom Hooper, but everybody talked about him.

    • Sasha Stone
      December 30, 2011

      I disagree. “Nobody” knew Tom Hooper, but everybody talked about him.

      They did know him. He directed John Adams and the Damned United by that point. Weinstein made sure people knew him, made sure they thought of him as prestigious enough to win. Cough cough.

  20. Keil Shults
    December 31, 2011

    Who edits these articles?

  21. Janet Whitley
    January 3, 2012

    Joan Rivers said it perfectly when she said the Help was so boring that she fell asleep. When she woke up, she asked “Did the house get cleaned yet?”. This movie bored me and I’ve heard the same sentiments from many others. Just a silly MOTW (Movie of the Week) perfect for the Hallmark Channel.

  22. Mario Braga
    October 6, 2012


    I´m journalist, I live in Brazil and I write a lot about movie. I wonder through the gentlemen, if there would be the possibility of sending an email to the director Tate Taylor for “Help”(one critique) and it could reach the hands him?

    Thanks a lot.
    Mario Braga

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