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  1. Ryan Griffin

    Every piece of marketing for each film in this series has been fantastic.

  2. It’s an oxymoron don’t you think?

  3. Looks exactly like the poster for another David Goyer movie, The Invisible.


  4. Pierre de Plume

    All I can say is oy.

  5. @Mattoc

    Absolutely. The Legend Ends/The Dark Knight Rises. Talk about mixed messages.

  6. please, not another anal rape…

  7. brainypirate

    If they kill Batman, I will pay full price to see the movie at least three times

  8. Wow so amazing

  9. Why do I get the feeling that Batman bites the dust in this movie?

  10. Why aren’t they showing Catwoman?

    Not taking into account all the spy reports online, we’ve seen only 1 hastily released picture to beat the storm of fuzzy online pics of Selina Kyle not even in full costume. Hathaway has second billing over Hardy who has third. And so far all the attention is going to Bane, in official pictures, posters, magazine covers, the teaser, and the soon-to-be-released IMAX preview.

    Surely they must be saving her for a later push closer to the film’s release? Similar to how they held off on showing Ledger before TDK, and then he showed up everywhere all of a sudden.

  11. Awesome poster. So excited to see the prologue and trailer next week.

  12. sooo awsome. I predict that Bats will die. or be broken like the comics :D

  13. They’re showing Bane more than Catwoman simply because he’s the villain.

    How good your super hero movie is depends on how good your villain is in opposition to your hero. A great villain means a great movie. It looks to me like the marketing department for this film thinks that Tom Hardy as Bane is going to make this movie exceptional.

    Also, Anne Hathaway can’t take a walk in her neighborhood without fan boys saying she wouldn’t be a good Catwoman. I think she has received more criticism than anyone I can think of for being cast in a role that no one has seen a single frame of. I assume their marketing department knows that and want Hathaway’s performance to speak for itself…

  14. @Erik

    Hardy is second billed in the credits of the movie. And he’s the main villain. He will have the most screen time besides Bale. And he will be nominated for Best Supporting actor because his unique performance will be too hard to ignore.

  15. Actually, I misremembered, in keeping with the first two films, second and third billing once again go to Caine and Oldman. Then Hathaway fourth, and Hardy fifth (then Cotillard, Gordon-Levitt, ‘and’ Freeman). So she is billed higher than Hardy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSn72h_6I9Q (at 1:31).

    Also, the choice to cast Heath Ledger was heavily criticized before we saw the first trailer with him in it. I would find it hard to believe Nolan made some sort of huge casting miss, and the marketing department is now trying to bury it. If anything, they would want to highlight the performance if they think people’s preconceived notion might be a deterrent.

    My guess would be that it’s easier to build a campaign on the more obvious villian Bane, while raising his profile and name recogition with the general movie-going public. Both Hathaway and Catwoman are way more familiair, and should be utilized later. That makes me all the more curious whether we’ll see much if anything of her in the new trailer.

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