Touch of Evil: Cinematic Villainy from the Year’s Best Performances, NY Times Tribute

The Alex Prager directed videos are so wonderful and worth a few minutes of your time.  My favorite is, of course, Rooney Mara as Alex from A Clockwork Orange, but Kirsten Dunst is also great, Glenn Close, Viola Davis, George Clooney — Brad Pitt! There isn’t a dud in the bunch.  Have a look.  

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  1. Clayton 4 years ago

    Is it weird that I’m super attracted to Rooney Mara in that get-up? It suits her

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  2. Haggar 4 years ago

    The Viola Davis clip was so chilling – got my heart racing for a moment. All in all, I’ll say the clips are a testament to the power of silent filmmaking. So much can be said with few to zero words.

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  3. Macy Kendall 4 years ago

    Can anyone recognize who is portraying the ventriloquist’s creepy dummy in the above gallery of videos? I knew that man is unnaturally and superlatively hyper-talented, but to portray a ventriloquist’s creepy dummy??? Goodness me!! No wonder, Gary Oldman is such a chameleon in his roles!

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  4. Chels 4 years ago

    Who were they all supposed to be playing? I got Mara and Glenn Close’s portrayal.

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  5. William Best 4 years ago

    Mara = Clockwork Orange, Close = Black Swan, Pitt = Eraserhead, Oduye = Bonnie & Clyde, Wasikowski (Psycho?), Davis (One flew over the cuckoos nest?), Oldman (Child’s play?), Clooney (any film about Napoleon), Dunst (any film about Adam and Eve)

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  6. Mike meyer 4 years ago

    Oldman is supposed to be Fats from Attenborough’s “Magic” (supremely creepy film)…

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  7. moniquev 4 years ago

    Clooney is Capt. Bligh – they make comments on their characters on another page in the series (with the still photos)

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  8. Paddy M 4 years ago

    These are good. I especially like Gary Oldman’s – what a travesty that he has not yet been nominated for an Oscar. Shame that I don’t think this is his year, although it certainly could be…

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  9. The Great Dane 4 years ago

    My first thought was: What the hell is no-talent January Jones doing in this gallery? Then I realized it was Mia Wasikowska. Wow! She has never looked so gorgeous before. Well, she has never done the babe before (not in a film that I have seen, anyway). She’s so hot in this!

    Chastain got a little robbed here. They could have extended the idea a little.

    All in all, a great idea – and yes, it unknowingly gives an edge to “The Artist” – SILENT IS BACK!!

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  10. menyc 4 years ago

    Love them. Mia W was my fave. Jean DuJardin has been keeping a little secret: that is absolutely smokin’ hot. Damn…

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  11. Reido 4 years ago

    Oh, MAGIC! I thought Oldman’s homage was for DEVIL DOLL:

    Shows where my mind is…

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  12. hotdog 4 years ago

    @williambest uhhhh not really… Glenn Close is supposed to be silent film star Theda Bara, not Black Swan. Clooney is Captain Bligh from Mutiny on the Bounty. Oldman is the dummy Fats from Magic. Dunst I”m pretty sureis supposed to be Cora from The Postman Always Rings Twice.

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  13. HahaLives 4 years ago

    Pitt’s is the best, IMO.

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  14. Kade 4 years ago

    “Some of the stars played archetypal bad-guy figures, while others did a take on a specific character.”

    Brad Pitt as the Madman
    Rooney Mara as the Sociopath
    Gary Oldman as the Menacing Dummy
    Mia Wasikowska as the Home Wrecker
    Ryan Gosling as the Invisible Man
    George Clooney as the Tyrant
    Viola Davis as the Vengeful Caretaker
    Kirsten Dunst as the Siren
    Michael Shannon as the Tycoon
    Jessica Chastain as the Fire Starter
    Jean Dujardin as the Hothead
    Adepero Oduye as the Outlaw
    Glenn Close as the Vamp

    (via SlashFilm)

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  15. Mark 4 years ago

    Loving Brad Pitt as Jeffrey Wells.

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