CNN Editorial – Jimi Izreal on Why Viola Davis Gets it Right

Part of me wants to post this just to agitate my already agitated readers.  Why, I don’t know.  Because it’s fun?  No, it isn’t fun. A friend of mine said he swung by the site and was afraid to leave a comment because of the harshness of some of the commenters...
Posted On 31 Jan 2012

Hugo and the Continuum

Guest essay by Michael in Florida Right after the first dreadful Hugo trailer premiered in July, I conjectured that Hugo was Martin Scorsese’s Schindler’s List, i.e., a film outside the director’s comfort zone. After seeing the film several times now, I can...
Posted On 26 Jan 2012
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Oscar Flashback – Driving Miss Daisy and Do the Right Thing

It’s really hard, isn’t it, to defend, spend time on, invest any emotion on an institution that could continually, and repeatedly, up to and including this year, make such ridiculous choices when the better films are staring them right in the face. Blame the public...
Posted On 26 Jan 2012

Vulture: “Great Oscar Farce”

Gavin Polone describes himself as an “agent turned manager turned producer.” Today for NYMag’s Vulture he turns into Oscar analyst. His prognosis is Cinematic Psychosis as the Academy increasingly loses touch with reality. As a kid I remember sitting in front of...
Posted On 25 Jan 2012

Hugo leads 2012 Oscar Nominations with 11

Best Picture “The Artist” Thomas Langmann, Producer “The Descendants” Jim Burke, Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor, Producers “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” Scott Rudin, Producer “The Help” Brunson Green, Chris Columbus and...
Posted On 24 Jan 2012

Oscar Nominations to be Livestreamed Here, There and Everywhere

The Live Stream is no more, so we’ve removed the embed. But there were 130 comments from eager beavers, so we’ll leave this post in place. It would add insult to injury if we destroyed all evidence that any of us were once excited.
Posted On 23 Jan 2012

Oscar Goes Digital

The Academy just sent out the following press release. I will snap any of the digital billboards I see. Many of the films they plan to highlight are those that didn’t win Best Picture. OSCARS® “CELEBRATE THE MOVIES” WITH LAUNCH OF DIGITAL EXHIBITION 84 ICONIC...
Posted On 23 Jan 2012

A Separation, Lisbon, Drive, Tree of Life lead ICS Nominees

The International Cinephile Society has announced its nominees for the 9th Annual ICS Awards. A Separation leads the field with 10 nominations, followed by Mysteries of Lisbon with 9, and The Tree of Life and Drive with 7 each. The winners, along with ranked lists for Best...

Oscar Predictions: You Don’t Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows

Back in 1999, when first began, the highest of priorities was to correctly predict the Oscar race.  There was only one other site, for the most part, that predicted the Oscars – Tom O’Neil’s    Tom’s site collected mostly film...
Posted On 22 Jan 2012

The Artist & Tintin win Producers Guild Awards

Theatrical Feature: The Artist Animated Feature: The Adventures of Tintin TV Drama: Boardwalk Empire TV Longform: Downton Abbey TV Comedy: Modern Family TV News: 60 Minutes TV Sports: ESPN’s 30 for 30 TV Variety: The Colbert Report TV Documentary: American Masters TV Reality: The...
Posted On 21 Jan 2012