Rooney Mara & Jude Law in The Bitter Pill

Steven Soderbergh shooting Rooney and Jude on on 65th Street in NYC, via Vulture. Written by Scott Z. Burns, who penned Contagion and The Informant for Soderbergh, The Bitter Pill stars Rooney Mara, Channing Tatum, Jude Law, Vinessa Shaw and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The film is a potboiler in the Jagged Edge-Basic Instinct mold about a troubled and depressed woman who is taking serious amounts of prescription drugs to deal with the anxiety surrounding the pending release of her husband from prison. (Deadline)

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  1. drake 3 years ago

    what happened to Soderbergh? what’s his batting average for making good films these days?

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  2. Tye-Grr 3 years ago

    ^They might not all be Oscar winners these days, but I happened to really like ‘Contagion’ and ‘The Informant’ personally.

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  3. Ryan Adams 3 years ago

    It’s ok if Soderbergh isn’t up to your expectations. But I prefer the Soderbergh of the past 4 years to the Soderbergh of Erin Brockovich.

    Contagion, Haywire, great great.
    The Informant, The Girlfriend Experience, good fun.
    Che, Parts I & II, top of his game.

    For me, he’s batting 1000.

    I don’t think he’s trying to make movies to please everybody. He’s making movies that he wants to make, and I’m just lucky that they happen to suit me fine.

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  4. Jesse Crall 3 years ago

    Me too, Tye-Grr.

    Soderbergh’s always had a funny reaction to success, going really experimental after Sex, Lies, and Videotape. He’s admitted to feeling awkward about the pressures of grinding out mainstream flicks and really seems to like taking a big step back with something unique or small. Although this looks to be more in the vein of his bigger stuff, like Out of Sight or Traffic. Looks cool, regardless.

    Plus, Rooooneeeey!

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  5. Ryan Adams 3 years ago

    The Oscar and the sudden blockbuster machinery threw him off his game for 5 or 6 years. He’s back. He’s been back since Che.

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  6. Asif Khan 3 years ago

    A Year back i read somewhere that he is about to retire and Contagion was his last movie or something …. boy were they wrong 😀

    i haven’t seen his recent Haywire but yeah i loved Contagion. He is a superb director.

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  7. drake 3 years ago

    “The Oscar and the sudden blockbuster machinery threw him off his game for 5 or 6 years. He’s back. He’s been back since Che.”

    agree to disagree… i’m not saying he’s a bad director now by any means, he’s still above average, but to me (and the critical consensus) his best three films are “traffic” (86 on metacritic), “out of sight” (85 on mc) and “sex, lies…” (86 on mc). i liked “contagion” and some others in recent years just fine- but i’m just saying for a guy that releases at least one movie a year, it’s been like 11-12 years since he’s had a great film. his highest feature (non doc) reviewed film in that 11-12 year period is “contagion” with a 70 on mc. a film that ended up outside the top 40 of the compiled 2011 critics top 10 list (although i had it higher on my own list). i’m just saying 12 years ago (after “traffic” and “out of sight” you could have said he was one of the best 5-10 directors working… nobody is putting him in that company anymore

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  8. Ryan Adams 3 years ago

    “contagion” with a 70 on mc. a film that ended up outside the top 40 of the compiled 2011 critics top 10 list

    Great thing about lists, there’s a lot to choose from. We can always find one that fits our own taste.

    Film Comment Critics Poll, 2008

    20. Gomorrah, Matteo Garrone, Italy
    21. The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan, U.S.
    22. Che, Steven Soderbergh, Spain/France/U.S.
    23. The Wrestler, Darren Aronofsky, U.S.

    Pretty good company.

    you could have said he was one of the best 5-10 directors working… nobody is putting him in that company anymore

    but see, Drake, that’s not true. I do put him in that company. I’m not alone, and we’re not nobody.

    no need to bicker about it. it’s ok, we have different assessments. I’m only answering in terms of your original question — Soderbergh’s “batting average.”

    How often does he make solid contact with the ball? I agree, he was in a slump from 2002-2005. But I’m saying for me, he hasn’t struck out or fouled out for the past 5 years.

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  9. Denni 3 years ago

    Damn, That fine Channing Tatum is in Every Movie this year! I think it’s his year! Too bad he’s not that of a good actor… in time… in time…..

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  10. drake 3 years ago

    “How often does he make solid contact with the ball? I’m saying for me, he hasn’t struck out or fouled out for the past 5 years”

    i’ll agree to that :) maybe my “batting average” comment was a little harsh/off- lots of singles and maybe a double by no home runs (for me at least)… i’ll retract… as for a compiled critics list, i’d go with MCN over FC. MCN just includes more critics (which by definition gives you a better consensus). I’m just pointing out the fact that “contagion” is his highest reviewed film (by mc) in 11-12 years (70 on mc). he’s had two in the 40’s (“the good german”, “full frontal”), one in the 50’s (“ocean’s twelve”), and the bulk of them (like 6-7) in the 60’s… hardly the mark of a top 5-10 director…and everyone is entitled to personal preferences that differ from the consensus- i acknowledge that– i’m just pointing out what the consensus is… and what my own beliefs are (i’d list at least 30-50 directors that are the best in the world right now before i got to Soderbergh)

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  11. drake 3 years ago

    @ ryan…

    hey pal- small debate here all in good fun! … don’t mean to put you on the spot, but “best 5-10 directors working?”… wow! who else would you have on that list? i don’t know how handy you have that list in your head but i think you’d be surprised how many names you come to before Soderbergh if you tried to do it.

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  12. Ryan Adams 3 years ago

    I admit to cherry-picking from a group of critics who don’t often match up much with general consensus. That same year Film Comment chose these as their top 10.

    1. Wendy and Lucy, Kelly Reichardt, U.S.
    2. Flight of the Red Balloon, Hou Hsiao-hsien, Taiwan
    3. A Christmas Tale, Arnaud Desplechin, France
    4. Happy-Go-Lucky, Mike Leigh, U.K.
    5. WALL·E, Andrew Stanton, U.S.
    6. Still Life, Jia Zhang-ke, Hong Kong/China
    7. Paranoid Park, Gus Van Sant, France/U.S.
    8. Waltz with Bashir, Ari Folman, Israel/France/Germany
    9. My Winnipeg, Guy Maddin, Canada
    10. Milk Gus Van, Sant, U.S.

    That’s not a typical multiplex ticket-booth showtimes chart.


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  13. Jesse Crall 3 years ago

    Baseball talk!

    Soderbergh is the Chase Utley of directors. Doesn’t do one thing extremely well* but possesses a wide skill set that makes him almost as valuable as anyone. Sometimes, he goes through some weird stretches but he never quite slumps because he’s such a diverse talent who makes sure even his stranger or weaker or small-scale films have something worth watching. Like how Utley could draw a walk, steal a base, or make a great play at 2B even during an 0-4 game.

    *Actually, Utley was a hell of a defender. Maybe Soderbergh’s huge skill is assembling great casts…

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  14. drake 3 years ago

    @ ryan

    haha i adore FC- i’ve read and collected every issue for 15 years (i’ve even picked up some cool back issues)- but i rarely lineup with their top 10’s either (i do adore “wendy and lucy”). i think they are a good perspective to have- but best when mixed with other compilations (like MCN or TSPDT (they shoot pictures don’t they)- both of whom take FC into account i believe.

    @ jesse… haha you had me laughing out loud- good stuff… i’m a fan, i hope both Soderbergh and Utley have a big year- i’m just not betting on it.

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  15. Mel 3 years ago

    I’ve always just loved that Soderbergh is most often his own DP and camera operator! And even often times editor. Sorry, but that’s just really fucking cool.

    Can’t wait for this one. I love a good thriller. Love the director. Love the all the stars in it.

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  16. Mel 3 years ago

    Oh and according to Channing Tatum, Rooney Mara is terrifying in the film….

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  17. Colin Biggs 3 years ago

    Ugh, A Christmas Tale. I did not enjoy that film at all.

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  18. Samuels 3 years ago

    Am I crazy or does the girl in the photo looks like Noomi Rapace?

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  19. kim 3 years ago

    I want to see this plus it has Jude in it, so I’m there.

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  20. Jerry 3 years ago


    Rooney Mara and Noomi Rapace look alike to me too. Same bone structure in the face.

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  21. jill 3 years ago

    I will be seeing this love Jude Law.

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