Day: August 4, 2012

nolan feature 2

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Before the shooting in Aurora, Colorado, I was having my usual battle on Twitter with the many people who like to tell me what the Oscar race is and isn’t about, namely that The Dark Knight Rises could never be ...

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From the ever-cool PTA site Cigarettes and Red Vines – who got it from XIXAX

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We first wrote about The Creed of Violence in October 2009 when we heard director Todd Fields had turned his attention away from trying to adapt Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian and was looking for a similar property. Now that Christian ...

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Melissa Silverstein has put together a list of films directed by women to counteract the BFI’s top 50 best of all time. It’s a man’s man world, baby. Only real men link to her piece, as Roger Ebert did on ...

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