Day: August 14, 2012

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Update: According to Jeff Wells, no final decisions have been and Universal is “exploring options currently.” The story appeared in the Hollywood Reporter and the studio is backing off. Earlier: You’d think that the guy who was married and cheated ...

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I’m keeping track over on the Contender Tracker (work in progress) but I thought you might like to chew around supporting actor and actress for a spell. Most of the films with the heat in these categories haven’t yet opened. ...

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Fox announces on Facebook today: “Pandora comes to life like never before with the ultimate home video viewing experience.” For the first time ever, a deluxe 3-disc 3D edition of Avatar can be seen on your home screen. October 16th ...

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In advance of its September 6 kickoff, TIFF has announced the addition of several hotly anticipated titles to its already stellar  2012 lineup.  (thanks to Joseph for the heads up!) GALAS Song for Marion Paul Andrew Williams, UK Closing Night Film A ...

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From the director of the funniest movie of 2008 (In Bruges) and the producer of the funniest movie of 2011 (The Guard). Movies so funny they make me look at most other so-called comedy movies with sadness. Watch Martin Mcdonagh ...

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Congratulations to JPEsquire and smoothcriminal! Please contact Sasha at with your shipping address info. I’m envious.

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