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  1. Not a good poster at all; maybe I’ll understand it more once I see the film, but it lacks the originality and boldness of previous key poster art from Anderson’s films. This looks more like wallpaper.

  2. love it.

  3. Don’t know how else to say it – I’m loving everything about this movie so far. The teasers, the trailer, the posters.

    Just can’t wait to see the thing now.

  4. Fugly poster, but I’m still looking forward to the movie.

  5. steve50

    Looks like one of those knock-on-the-door religious pamphlets from the 50s. Whoever is doing the promo material for this is taking it to a whole new level – the two posters I’ve seen so far are great.

  6. I LOVE IT! Must get one. Masterful advertising for this film so far.

  7. Thank you very much, and it´s a goos post.

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