Nicole Kidman Shows Wild Side for V Magazine

At this point, Nicole Kidman has nothing to prove. She has taken care of her body and feels free in her sexuality, well at least if you go by these photos and her latest film, The Paperboy. Here are a few pics of her latest spread in V Magazine, the rest over at JustJared:


  1. Phil 3 years ago

    Smoking hot. Good lord.

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  2. Antoinette 3 years ago

    She forgot her underpants. Is she the one who’s going to be having “real sex” with Shia? Maybe that explains it.

    I always wonder what the kids think in these situations like this. Is it something like ‘Mom’s butt’s out again!’?

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  3. Stefan 3 years ago

    Oh mother of God… This Is Hot.

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  4. Max 3 years ago


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  5. Chris 3 years ago

    OMG!! YES!! This is really happening, 4th Kidman nod is coming!!

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  6. julian the emperor 3 years ago

    I don’t get it. Why should we celebrate someone like Nicole Kidman for doing almost-nude-pics just because she is perfectly entitled to do it or “feels free in her sexuality” (which, apparently, amounts to showing a piece of your naked ass)

    Why is she doing this? Or, why does she feels that she has to?

    To convince the executives that she is still able to be a babe, so they shouldn’t rule her out just yet?

    Ultimately, an image like this, makes me a bit sad. Why is it necessary for a talented actress, who has achieved a lot in a brilliant career, to do this? Is that what her star status is reduced to? To get the possibility to show her naked ass on a magazine cover?

    I am not a puritan, far from it.

    But you have to wonder, what are the motivations behind a cover like this. And what does it say about not only Nicole, but the machinations of a whole industry consumed with “easy sells”.

    This is nothing but a superficial sell, a vain attempt to stay relevant. Nicole deserves so much better. We do, too.

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  7. Tero Heikkinen 3 years ago

    I’d love to see Nicole and Shia fucking for real in the film, but I think Lars will just throw a masturbation scene (real as it is) or something. There will probably be other actors who do it for real, but who knows. Simulated sex on film is boring anyway, so Lars is right here, I think.

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  8. Joey 3 years ago

    Those high kicks from Moulin Rouge really paid off.

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  9. Ryan Adams 3 years ago

    This is nothing but a superficial sell, a vain attempt to stay relevant.

    Because all the other selling going on in the world is so deep and profound? Selling is selling. It’s what sellers do to remind consumers that something is appealing. Is that really so bad?

    “attempt to stay relevant” ? — I don’t know anybody who thinks a taut butt-cheek is a sign of relevance. This is an effort to remind us that Nicole Kidman is sexy. That’s what it attempts, and — for most viewers — that’s what it accomplishes.

    There’s a discussion to be had about why magazines choose provocative eye-catching covers, and there’s another discussion about how come humans like to look at bare skin. But I don’t think either of those discussions reflects poorly on the choices Nicole Kidman makes with her career, her body or her life.

    That’s what I think. But I’m ok if you think something else. I like to look at this. You probably don’t. It’s easy for both of us to look away from it or look toward it, right?

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  10. rufussondheim 3 years ago

    I can stop looking at her ass, but what I can’t stop looking at her face.

    I had to be told who she was before I could identify her.

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  11. Cyrus 3 years ago

    Gosh, this just reminds me how today’s Hollywood is a far cry from the class and beauty of the Golden Age. Those ladies didn’t have to show their rear end to get attention.

    Gosh even Betty Grable in her famous pinup didn’t show this much. Sigh where are the lovely ladies of yesteryear…
    Jennifer Jones,
    Vivien Leigh,
    Greer Garson,
    Jean Simmons,
    Joan Crawford

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  12. Ryan Adams 3 years ago


    Probably I meant “taut butt-cheek” instead of “taught butt-cheek” — so I’ll fix that.

    But there’s something to said for a well-taught butt-cheek.

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  13. Mee80 3 years ago

    Oh please Julian. She isn’t trying anything to show anything. She plays with her body, she plays with media, she plays with us. She’s a 45 years old woman still hot who wants to show it to the world she doesn’t care about age and boundaries. She’s always behaved in this way. Don’t take it too seriously. And you’re right, she deserves much better: in fact Lincoln Center is going to give her an award for her career. So don’t worry. A movie star is made by sacred and profane. We know it. She knows it.

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  14. Mee80 3 years ago

    @ Cyrus…Dear, we’re talking about actresses of 6 decades ago. Things are changed…Fortunately.

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  15. Ryan Adams 3 years ago

    …the class and beauty of the Golden Age. Those ladies didn’t have to show their rear end to get attention

    well, hardly ever.

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  16. Paddy M 3 years ago

    Gosh, get over it. It’s an ass. We all have one. You think just because you throw a pair of pants over yours we don’t know it’s there?

    This is a fashion photograph in a fashion magazine. And I NEED this in my life.

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  17. kjbacon 3 years ago

    I’d like to see the image before it went through every imaging filter known.

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  18. julian the emperor 3 years ago

    “Selling is selling”. Is that really a motto to embrace, if you think about it?

    It’s a nice ass, btw. Not sure, I “need it in my life”, though.

    Rufus: She looks uncannily like former porn star Katja Kean. Same expression, same body, same make-up, same paleness, same pose. Very 90s Katja Kean.

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  19. jorge 3 years ago

    4th nomination is coming !!!!

    about the pic… speechless

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  20. julian the emperor 3 years ago

    Mee80: She “isn’t trying to show anything”, you claim. I’m pretty sure she wants you to get excited about her ass. That is showing something, I would say.

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  21. Paddy M 3 years ago

    Also, I’m thinking Nicole may not be having actual sex in The Nymphomanic – she may just have a role that doesn’t require any sex. She has a husband and four kids, her roles have, in recent years, become less sexual and featured less nudity and, the last time she worked with Lars von Trier, she kept her clothes on through several sexual scenes.

    But I’m expecting Charlotte Gainsbourg, as the main character, may have a number of scenes of non-simulated sex, and she balked at masturbating a real dick in Antichrist (one of the reasons they used a prosthetic) and that wasn’t her in the naughty shot in the opening scene, so perhaps, if she’s losing her inhibitions for this film Nicole will too.

    I can’t deny that I’m excited…exxxcited perhaps!

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  22. Tero Heikkinen 3 years ago

    Who is the biggest star ever to have real sex in the film? Someone who was a star before and not because of it.

    I mean, IF (and that is a big IF) Nicole did it, she would be the most famous one, I think.

    Did Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger fuck for real in that Getaway remake? Or was it a publicity stunt? They were a real couple at least.

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  23. kjbacon 3 years ago

    seriously doubt any real sex going down in mainstream movies: SAG and OSHA might frown on it.

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  24. julian the emperor 3 years ago

    The way I have understood the thinking behind The Nymphomaniac, Lars wants to do a hardcore version with porn stars for the explicit scenes and a soft version with the actors, where they don’t have to do penetration etc. Shia’s remarks confuses me a bit, though, he seems hellbent on going all the way. I wonder if Lars (or the production team) will let him…;)

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  25. julian the emperor 3 years ago

    This, btw, is nothing new when it comes to Von Trier. He used porn actors for the explicit scenes in The Idiots and Antichrist, as well.

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  26. Jesse 3 years ago

    Again, people get all bothered when it is FEMALE nakedness, but nobody says anything when Javier Bardem gets naked in so many movies… And Matthew MC gets shirtless in pretty much every single movie. David Beckham is splashed all over H&M in his undie. People are comfortable with male nakedness when the guys are muscular because society likes the idea of male power, male energy. But when it comes to women…

    Get over it, she’s a feminist, she thinks men and women are allowed to do what they want with their body unless they physically harm others, and I applaud her for that.

    Oh, and by the way she just got a tribute from NYFF. It doesn’t get more prestigious than that. She’s also getting raves for Paperboy.

    The fact is, at 45 she’s more sought-after and is more relevant than the current crop of 30-year old actresses. And that’s due to her talent, not her amazing legs/ass.

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  27. Tero Heikkinen 3 years ago

    In Finland we used to have a pretty strict video law in late-80’s/nineties and Idioterne was the first or second film (with Romance X) to pass uncut with a scene having an actual penetration. IN theaters they were uncut, naturally, but they saw it as no-one can control who rents the tape, so weirdewr things were cut back in the day.

    Porn tapes were another case, and uncut , but I mean actual motion pictures rented for kids, for example.

    Julian: It could be like Caligula – except that actors are not cheated. I mean Peter O’Toole, Helen Mirren, Malcolm McDowell, John Gielgud etc. in a hard core porn film. BLISS.

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  28. Mee80 3 years ago

    Well said Jesse…

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  29. Tero Heikkinen 3 years ago

    “Again, people get all bothered when it is FEMALE nakedness, but nobody says anything when Javier Bardem gets naked in so many movies…”

    I thought people get MORE bothered when you see a dick, not tits or pussy? I don’t know, Europeans are mostly fine with all these.

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  30. julian the emperor 3 years ago

    Jesse: I don’t buy your “female nakedness as opposed to male nakedness”-theory at all. The female body is much more exposed in mainstream media. How often do you see a dick in the public sphere as compared to tits and pussy? Exactly. You are much more likely to encounter the latter…

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  31. Drew 3 years ago

    I love it! Nicole favors Olivia Newton- John here. Very sexy especially considering she is 45. Marilyn Monroe did a nude scene in the unfinished ” Something’s Got To Give” and at 36 was considered ” old” back in 1962. As far as her 4th Academy Nod. I hope this doesn’t hurt her chances . We will very much see when ” The Paperboy ” shows in Toronto and New York then is released a couple days after the NYFF debut.

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  32. Jerry 3 years ago

    I don’t like the styling but no problems with the nudity. If you got it then flauting it is your business. Regarding Nymphomaniac, The Playlist already said last Spring that Charlotte Gainsbourg will have a porn star do the real sex scene for her just as she used a porn star substitute for Antichrist. Shia is full of shit and try-hard, this guy claimed to have beat up Tom Hardy.

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  33. Maxim 3 years ago

    “Why is she doing this? Or, why does she feels that she has to? ”

    Julian, have you ever considered that she’s simply doing it for herself? Not because she feels like she has to but because it makes her feel good?

    And what’s wrong with that?

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  34. Paddy M 3 years ago

    Chloe Sevigny sucked Vincent Gallo’s dick in The Brown Bunny. Kerry Fox sucked Mark Rylance’s in Intimacy.

    Naomi Watts, Mathieu Amalric and Charlotte Gainsbourg have all jerked off on screen. And there’s that scene in 1900 where Robert De Niro and Gerard Depardieu briefly (and barely) are jerked off by some woman, although that barely counts.

    Can’t think of any big star who’s had real sex in a film though. I hope someone in Nymphomaniac puts a stop to that, though. It’s about time people stopped caring so much! Maybe Lars will let Shia do it if he’s said he doesn’t mind.

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  35. AD 3 years ago

    I love how it’s only the guys commenting in favor of these shoots! She definetely has a nice bod but that face has been botoxed so much that she is almost unrecognizable. Too bad..

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  36. Mee80 3 years ago

    @ AD, same comment posted over and over again since 2008. Boring. she looks like the usual Nicole. Problems with her face don’t exist anymore

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  37. Simone 3 years ago

    Nicole shows how desperate for attention she is.

    I am so sick and tired of otherwise talented women, posing like tarts for attention. Let’s see a man pose just like this on the next issue of V!

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  38. scallywag 3 years ago

    Never mind isn’t it time you also bought yourself a copy of this month’s airbrushed regalia of a bygone Hollywood actress who is resorting to pony tricks to reignite her sagging career. Then again Nicole does have a nice derriere…

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  39. ruth 3 years ago

    She is so fake now that there is no going back. What happened to real women with real faces who aspire to be respected actresses.Long live Meryl Streep.

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  40. Kholby 3 years ago

    I love haters. The give me so much fuel. And I choose to channel it into positive things. Like my love of Nicole Kidman.

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  41. Tero Heikkinen 3 years ago

    Paddy, good examples, but not big stars still.

    People are cowards. If I was Tom Cruise of today, I’d make gay porn. For various reasons.

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  42. Jerry 3 years ago

    What’s with all the Nicole Kidman hate and sagging career? Pffft! The woman just got another Oscar nomination a couple of years ago and is the most talked about in The Paper Boy. People love to trash her when she dresses conservative calling her cold and emotionaless. When she lets loose in roles and pictures you call her sleazy names. What a bunch of losers! Go on Nicole, have fun darling. They can kiss your beautiful ass.

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  43. Ryan Adams 3 years ago

    I have a standalone copy of this.

    Nicole & Robbie: Something Stupid

    I watch it about twice a month, since forever.

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  44. Addy 3 years ago

    By Nicole’s age, a woman should own her sexuality without apologies. In Europe they do.

    Does Marlon Brando in Last Tango In Paris count as real sex?

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  45. Victor 3 years ago

    Viva Nicole! :) Haters can kiss her beautiful ass.

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  46. Simone 3 years ago

    I surely don’t hate Nicole Kidman. BTW, her “beautiful ass” is airbrushed within an inch of her beautiful life. If you think that’s her “real” ass, I got some real estate in Detroit to sell to you. 😉

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  47. tipsy 3 years ago

    “her “beautiful ass” is airbrushed within an inch of her beautiful life.”

    Amen. The whole thing is an airbrush job like no other.

    She did have that ass in Dead Calm, though. She also looked like Nicole Kidman in that movie too.

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  48. Piers 3 years ago

    In some pics she’s looking like Meg Ryan!
    Very 80’s rock chick as well.
    She looks hot.

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  49. Rudi Mentär 3 years ago

    “If I was Tom Cruise of today, I’d make gay porn. For various reasons.”

    no comment 😀 but I`d like to know the reasons! 😀

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  50. Spencer 3 years ago

    @Simone : It’s obvious you hate Nicole Kidman. At least admit it. Just look at what you wrote, you can’t even accept that people think that she has a beautiful ass. How ridiculous is that?

    @ruth : Kidman is both a beautiful, glamorous star and a highly respected actress. It has just been announced that, in October, she will be honored by the Film Society of Lincoln Center at the New York Film Festival. Here’s the list of people they have honored in the past : 2012 Catherine Deneuve – 2011 Sidney Poitier – 2010 Michael Douglas – 2009 Tom Hanks – 2008 Meryl Streep – 2007 Diane Keaton – 2006 Jessica Lange – 2005 Dustin Hoffman – 2004 Michael Caine – 2003 Susan Sarandon – 2002 Francis Ford Coppola – 2001 Jane Fonda – 2000 Al Pacino – 1999 Mike Nichols – 1998 Martin Scorsese – 1997 Sean Connery – 1996 Clint Eastwood – 1995 Shirley MacLaine – 1994 Robert Altman – 1993 Jack Lemmon – 1992 Gregory Peck – 1991 Audrey Hepburn – 1990 James Stewart – 1989 Bette Davis – 1988 Yves Montand – 1987 Alec Guinness – 1986 Elizabeth Taylor – 1985 Federico Fellini – 1984 Claudette Colbert – 1983 Laurence Olivier – 1982 Billy Wilder – 1981 Barbara Stanwyck – 1980 John Huston – 1979 Bob Hope – 1978 George Cukor – 1975 Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman – 1974 Alfred Hitchcock – 1973 Fred Astaire – 1972 Charles Chaplin

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  51. Simone 3 years ago

    Spencer, relax, drink some chamomille tea. I don’t hate the lady, I just don’t like her tacky V pictorial. She’s a very good actress, she doesn’t need to stoop this low.

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  52. Josh 3 years ago

    Come on people! This is a fashion magazine photo. What Nicole is doing here is she’s modelling garments. She’s not just flaunting her body (even though she should really be proud of it.) People are too shallow nowadays.

    Regarding her next Oscar nod for The Paperboy, I think it is very likely because of the Cannes-hype, Nicole’s Emmy nomination and her NYFF tribute award. Plus, all Paperboy promotional materials are centered on her. Her role as Charlotte Bless and this photo from V Magazine just show how much of a risk-taker Nicole Kidman is, and people love her for that.

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  53. Spencer 3 years ago

    @Simone : You’re the one who needs to relax. It’s just a photoshoot for a magazine. Apparently you don’t even realize that she’s just channeling her character in “The Paperboy”, the movie she’s promoting…

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  54. Simone 3 years ago

    @spencer, give it up kid, so she’s tarting it up on the magazine cover in promotion of a tart she plays in a film. ok? Good.


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  55. Jeremy 3 years ago

    Ha, it’s like a bunch of clucking hens in here. This is why the Best Actress races are more entertaining to keep up with. The constant spectacle between “You go girl!” rah-rah supporters and the supposed haters.

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  56. jkbollinger 3 years ago

    late to the party, but just wanted to say you would never catch her fellow aussie Cate Blanchett doing something like this even for “fashion”

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  57. Spencer 3 years ago

    @Simone : That’s why I and many others are fans of Kidman. She plays all kinds of characters and she doesn’t care what people think. You obviously won’t watch “The Paperboy”, your opinion seems already made up. Like any good Kidman hater, you criticize her without watching her movies. Pfft..

    @jkbollinger : Of course Cate Blanchett would never do that. IMO, Nicole Kidman is infinitely more interesting and fascinating than Blanchett.

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  58. Chris 3 years ago

    Simone, you come across as a complete and utter troll.

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  59. Nick 3 years ago

    Thank you, Spencer and Mee80 for speaking up my mind… these troll should just kissed Nic’s beautiful ass..

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  60. Mattoc 3 years ago

    Hey, be careful who call a troll. Not everyone who has a differen opinion to yours is a troll. She even went to lengths to clarify her position.

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  61. Rick 3 years ago


    I never look at this site but I did today..

    I have come to the conclusion you are IN love with Kidman… not in love with her movies.

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