Life of Pi, international trailer

(Thanks, Paddy M!)

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  1. rufussondheim

    Hmm, yeah. OK. The tiger looks miscast. And I don’t know. That ocean looks too dark and smoky. I bet it’s all talk, talk, talk. I’m not sure the meerkats add anything to the film.

  2. Pulp Fact

    This looks visually stunning!! The Academy is gonna respond well to this… Best Cinematography and Visual Effects looks like very likely awards.

  3. Jake G!!!

    Oscar frikkin bait. I’m not happy about this.

  4. @rufussondheim
    And so much of the story takes place in a small boat… It felt claustrophobic.

  5. They could have come up with something more ethereal than Coldplay. Still plan on seeing this – as long as Sally Field doesn’t play the zebra.

  6. i could see Tabu in that movie?

  7. For a minute, I wondered why Tobey Maguire wasn’t in it and then I remembered they recast him with Rafe Spall. Great trailer, totally excited to see the film.

  8. alan of montreal

    At least the tiger doesn’t look like The Hulk.

  9. Big fan of Ang Lee, but i’m not excited about this movie at at all. it looks a little to sappy, and i’m not digging all the digital photography and all the effects. But we’ll see.

  10. I think this looks great.

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