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Visions of the Apocalypse, Hollywood Style

Cool video montage edited by Zach Pruitt:

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Sasha Stone has been around the Oscar scene since 1999. Almost everything on this website is her fault.

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  1. Best thing about apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic films is that they inspire you to live in peace with others, shows you how can world be unbearable without people (i can not imagine what can i do when i am alone in the world), how important every little part of food and so on.

  2. I found it too long and too neat. Too noble. Where’s the mayhem, the anarchy, the chaos, the rage, the injustice, the fear, the terror, the horror, the despair, the vengeance, the mass-suicides, the homicides, the genocides. Let’s not kid ourselves, if we knew we were facing imminent extinction, certain groups would hurry along the rapture, drive entire countries into the sea, massacre entire races and wipe them from the earth… and then sit back and wait for the end.

  3. Nice collection of FX, but why do neatly dressed people congregate around landmarks for the end of the world. Don’t they know those are the first things hit? And drive orderly out of town, not using both sides of the highway? And always spend a great deal of valuable time angelicly looking up?

    These are like guilty conscience fantasies, “wait ’til your father gets home” ass whoopings.

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