First Look at Viggo Mortensen and Kirsten Dunst in Two Faces of January

The Playlist points us to this first pic from the directorial debut of Drive screenwriter Hossein Amini. The film is based on a Patricia Highsmith novel about a con man (Mortensen) and his wife who hook up an American tutor (Oscar Isaac) in Istanbul.  The description on Amazon:

Three of them are waiting. Rydal Keener is waiting for something exciting to happen in his grubby little Athens hotel. At forty-odd, Chester MacFarland has been waiting much longer, expecting his life of stock manipu­lation and fraud to catch up with him. And Colette, Chester’s wife, is waiting for something altogether different.

After a nasty little incident in the hotel, they all wait together. As the stakes—and the tension—in their three-cornered waiting game mount, they learn that while passports and silence can be bought, other things can cost as much as your life.

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  1. Huge Kirsten Dunst fan. She needs some awards love soon. I like the choices she’s made post-Spiderman.

  2. steve50

    Viggo, Dunst, Isaac(!!) doing Highsmith? Amini’s first dir, effort – I’m so in.

  3. YAY!!! Great news for Hossein Amini whose amazing screenplay for The Wings of the Dove brought a brilliant performance by Helena Bonham Carter. Super excited for this movie !

  4. Bradley

    One of the best scripts I’ve read working in this industry. Was gutted I didn’t get to work on it when we moved onto another production.

  5. Am I misremembering or was THE DUNST Public Enemy #1 for most of the 00’s? Like, I vaguely recall people ragging on her for being talentless and having weird teeth and then All Good Things and Melancholia came out and she became a hot ticket again. Strange.

    Whatever, I love her. She’s a local girl and her work at 17 in The Virgin Suicides says everything about her talent. Looking forward to this.

  6. I’m a big fan of Kirsten Dunst. I thought her Marie Antoinette was wonderful.

  7. Kirsten Dunst is so fantastic! Anything her name is attached too, I’m there!!

  8. @Jesse … I seem to recall Dunst having some high profile personal troubles in the 00’s, much like Winona Ryder, and I think she suffered a lot of Spiderman 3 backlash, for whatever reason. She took a break and seems to have come back stronger than ever. Her Virgin Suicides work is phenominal, and she really grounded the first Spiderman. She and McGuire were pretty magical in the first outing.

  9. rufussondheim

    New project I heard about in Slate today was David Gordon Green directing a script frm the person who wrote Shame. It’s a movie version of the first Little House on the Prairie book.

    Having seen David Gordon Green’s early efforts (George Washington, All the Real Girls) this has the potential to be un utterly uniqe film. I’m kind of really excited.

  10. steve50

    Whoa! From Shame to Little House on the Prairie! I just got whiplash.

  11. According to reports from Greek Media, filming is currently taking place on the island of Crete (the city of Chania in particular). The production company was able to get the neccesary permission to film in the famous Knossos archaeological site. Filming will continue in Athens later this month. Check out her tweet:

  12. Five Easy Pieces

    I love the still and like everyone involved. The shot is beautiful, a little scary, expansive and intimate at the same time.

  13. Who doesn’t love Viggo? Can’t wait for this!

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