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  1. Redolent with Joss’s own brilliant humor, passion and logic, with a typically singing final punchline. But, folks, this ain’t that funny, really. This is serious business, even if your pantry IS stocked to the brim with Spam.

  2. Joss Whedon’s head is a funny shape!

  3. The Pope

    Hilarious as this is, I can’t allow myself to laugh at it until after November 6th. Hopefully then, Zomney will only exist as political case study.

  4. Nik Grape

    Whedon rules.

  5. The Supreme Court is my greatest fear. Imagine the choices will be made by a Romney administration. Truly frightening…

  6. I like it. A lot.

  7. Daniel Lipian

    I hate to break it to you guys, but Romney is going to win the electoral college. It’s a done deal. Here in Ohio, our internal polling is showing a huge surge of Independents backing Romney (+15) and a minimum net lead of +2 in overall voting.

  8. ^

    Somebody else want to handle this guy? (Go easy on him).

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