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  1. The Great Dane

    Anti-typecasting, I must say! :)

  2. Is this movie going to dominate all the acting categories?

  3. lazarus

    An Oscar win for Oprah for Beloved would not have been undeserved.

    One of the best perfs of the 90’s, IMO. And a superior Jonathan Demme film to Silence of the Lambs.

  4. The Pope

    Nice try Lazarus, but not for the first time are you wide of the mark.

  5. steve50

    I’m with “WERK!”

    Which one’s Oprah?

  6. Have to agree with Lazarus. Beloved was a very underrated film sadly. I think that the novel and brilliant writings of Toni Morrison goes above the head of many unfortunately.

    I especially loved Thandie Newton, Kimberly Elise and Beah Richards in Beloved.

  7. Ms. Oprah was tossed an Honorary Award last winter (presented to her by her ‘special’ friend John Travolta.) It really made me gag, having to listen to his sickening praises for her acting abilities-told over prolonged clips form The Color Purple. You almost felt like the Academy was saying ‘you should’ve won that BSActress award when you were a nobody! How wrong of us to award Angelica Huston! Your acting is superb! Not that your show has ended, there’s nothing but more awards for your acting!

  8. steve50

    I just remembered – this is that presidents movie, with Fonda as Nancy, etc. Please promise me these two don’t play Barack and Michelle. If so, I smell a lawsuit coming.

  9. I actually think she did deserve the BSactress Oscar for the color purple, her performance was deeper than Angelica Huston. Angelica’s in my opinion was very overrated! Maybe Oprah will pull a Monique style win here, that would shock everyone and be very interesting.

  10. I always knew she was a slut. I hope she brought some wipees. lol Just kiddin’.

    I will say that her makeup looks too good for someone of that “type”. Should be less expertly done.

  11. It could very well be a poster for an anti-smoking campaign!

    Can’t wait to see what she’s up to next.

    Oprah . . . . in the nude, n’est ce pas?

  12. Is she playing Monique?

  13. She most certainly should have won for Color Purple. Angelica Huston’s performance is the same boring performance she gives in everything. Ugh. I can’t stand that woman. And Oprah’s acting comes from a place of complete empathy. That’s what made her such a good host of daytime TV for so long. She’s one of the most empathetic people in show business and it really helps her go deep into characters and find emotional moments that feel genuine and real. As well, I agree with Lazarus that she was nomination, maybe even win worthy, for Beloved. I for one am so excited that she’s acting again.

  14. So this movie is less straightforward than I expected. Hmmm. I’m excited!

  15. Unlikely hood

    If Oprah wins, she’ll no longer be Oprah win-free. (/me ducks)

  16. Tero Heikkinen

    I want to hear Oprah saying Fuck Fuck Fuck (actually I want to see her fuck – even if it’s pretend). The Color Purple was too tame there.

  17. Yes, yes, yes…looks great. But what the fuck is that on the stairs? A cup pig??

  18. Can’t wait to watch Oprah act again. She’s gonna win the Oscar, y’all ! It’s her favourite thiiiiiiing !

  19. A cup pig? Where the hell did you get that? That’s smoke…simple as that…

  20. John Oliver

    steve50 / October 2, 2012
    I’m with “WERK!”

    Which one’s Oprah?

    That wasn’t very nice, steve 50.

  21. steve50

    ^ I know. Sorry. *hangs head* She’s the one on the right, correct?

  22. I see they recycled Roseanne’s old couch for the movie.

  23. She looks pretty fierce in my opinion.

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