Big Hollywood Swings and Misses on Zero Dark Thirty

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Gandolfini will Play Leon Panetta in Zero Dark Thirty, EW gets the Exclusive


  1. Jake G!!!
    October 1, 2012

    At least its not one of those basic posters with peoples heads in squares and lines going across the poster!

  2. Tye-Grr
    October 1, 2012

    I really want this to be good, but none of the promotional materials (including this poster and the first trailer) have me very excited. I’m interested ib this based on just the pedigree of those involved at this point.

  3. Tye-Grr
    October 1, 2012


  4. steve50
    October 2, 2012

    I like the stark realism of the poster – no romanticism, flags, or dramatic facial closeups. The lack of colour speaks to the “strictly business” attitude that makes for the best political thrillers.

  5. rufussondheim
    October 2, 2012

    Yeah, this movie has so much potential. It’s such a powerful concept and the more the film shies away from exploiting the concept for emotional effectiveness, the better the film is going to be. We will all bring in the emotional content ourselves, the film doesn’t need to create any.

    This is a movie that won’t grab the public’s attention right away. Heck it doesn’t need to be marketed. Because if it’s good, it will instantly talked about by the mainstream media and word will spread quickly. It will instantly be a must-see movie.

  6. Tye-Grr
    October 2, 2012

    ^I’m hoping that’s the case.

  7. joe
    October 2, 2012

    The movie still has potential but it’s going to be a crazy one. the assassination of osama bin laden was a big and contrversial event.

  8. joe
    October 2, 2012

    I like the poster, the images are magnified.

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