Picture of the Day: It is on


  1. Radich 3 years ago

    Now THAT’s an endorsement. Good interview also.

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  2. Manuel 3 years ago

    Im SOOOO gonna buy that magazine tomorrow A.S.A.P

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  3. Vince Smetana 3 years ago

    And imagine who is handing that Oscar to whomever wins …

    Hmmn, maybe this is a done deal.

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  4. mecid 3 years ago
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  5. Nik Grape 3 years ago

    Brilliant. Anyone still wish Liam Neeson was Lincoln?

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  6. Jordan 3 years ago

    Anne Thompson said she thinks DDL has his third Oscar in the bag. Phoenix is too controversial a choice, and Hawkes is his only real competitor.

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  7. Sasha Stone 3 years ago

    Vince, I can’t see anyone even coming close to DDL’s performance in this. Hugh Jackman maybe?

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  8. Jerry 3 years ago

    Damn. Way to bring out the big guns. First 60 minutes, now the cover of TIME magazine. This is unfair to the competion.

    Phoenix shouldn’t be judged on interviews (a good one actually if anyone read the FULL interview). He is a wonderful actor and deserves to be judged on that alone.

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  9. Maxim 3 years ago

    Oh yeah, it is ON.

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  10. Tero Heikkinen 3 years ago

    I believe some people said that DDL would not play this game. I do call this playing the game.

    The greatest actress giving trophy to greatest actor. Sounds about right.

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  11. Nik Grape 3 years ago

    Sasha, how close does Phoenix come? I’m all for DDL’s mantle of Greatest Actor but Phoenix transported himself in The Master. He might be too controversial to win it, but are you saying that DDL deserves an unprecedented 3rd Best Actor Oscar over Phoenix?

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  12. James 3 years ago

    Greatest actor of all-time? Encompassing the living & the dead? Has he ever done comedy? I mean comical comedy, not My Week with Marilyn comedy.

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  13. Jerm 3 years ago

    Hugh is gonna give him a run for his money, for sure!

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  14. am 3 years ago

    How very Kate Winslet of him.

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  15. Melanie 3 years ago

    I do think DDL is great but I also think Javier Bardem is great.

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  16. Craig Z 3 years ago

    James, nobody said all time. Also I don’t recall Brando or Olivier doing comedy. It isnt a requirement.

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  17. drake 3 years ago

    they are definitely not comedies- but DDL is hilarious in parts of “there will be blood” (“give me the blood eli”) and “gangs of new york” (i also laugh at his character constantly in “a room with a view”. Brando and Olivier definitely did do comedy though- mostly later in their careers. Olivier in “the prince and the showgirl” (1957) and Brando in “the freshman” (1990). not their best work but definitely worth checking out.

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  18. steve50 3 years ago

    That oughta do it. Thing is, it’s probably true, for now.

    Pretty much trumps yesterday’s story of Jackman being deserted by his mother as a child. The sympathy candles just got blown out.

    However, how many times was Meryl designated the greatest actress in the world only to have the third oscar elude her for decades?

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  19. drake 3 years ago

    hard to pick a better actor in the last 25 years. if you want to start calling him the best of all-time he just has a lot less performances than most of the others you would be comparing him to (brando, de niro, etc). it works in his favor in some ways though because it feels like an event every time he comes out with a movie (like PT anderson or Kubrick back in the day). its weird to feel that way about an actor. i do hope “lincoln” is good though- if its not, his last 4 years will have been pretty bad (“lincoln” and “nine”) especially when you compare it to the accomplishments of other great actors (pitt, dicaprio, etc).

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  20. drake 3 years ago

    another odd stat about DDL’s career… so if Lincoln isn’t good… then the only 2 good movies DDL has made in the last 15 years are “gangs” and “there will be blood”… now he has been fantastic in these films- and i thought deserved the oscar in both years- but its still a long stretch to essentially have 2 good movies (one of them a clear giant masterpiece) come out.

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  21. Radich 3 years ago

    It is hyperbole, but it seems to me the intention goes towards the race this year than actually going against all the great ones from the past, present or even future. It is a personal opinion, but I really doubt anyone would say he doesn’t deserve to be among the great ones. Unfortunately, this is a competition, liking it or not (I hate it to tell you the truth), but like someone else said, they are bringing the big guns. And, although hating it, it will be interesting to see what Harvey will do next.

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  22. Filipe 3 years ago

    Meryl will be like: I’ve been here 17 times for this, but this guy has been here sat only five times and it’s his time now. I guess that’s fair. LOL

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  23. James 3 years ago

    @Craig Z
    What does the article say? Anyhow, I think role range should factor in when it comes to naming the greatest of all time. Right now I have Fredric March at no. 1 and Cary Grant 2nd. The single greatest performance for me is Marlon Brando’s in A Streetcar Named Desire.

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  24. Sonja 3 years ago


    I’m pretty sure neither Meryl, nor Jack would think: “Hey, I needed DECADES to get that f*cking third Oscar and DDL only FIVE???”
    (Five years between second and third win, I mean. All in all IF he wins a third, it would took him 23 years)

    At least not official. *gg*

    No really, if DDL gives a great performance and the Academy loves it, they will reward him, not caring about the years.

    It’s still not written he’s the winner, though.

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  25. Derek 8-Track 3 years ago

    World’s Greatest Actor my ass… until he makes a movie like Anchorman or Ace Venture I will continue to believe Will Ferrel and Jim Carrey are better actors than DDL.

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  26. Jesus Alonso 3 years ago

    “The World’s Greatest Actor”

    … for crying out loud. I’d investigate the interest in Time to start trying to secure a 3rd Leading Oscar for DDL. He’s one of the best actors, for sure, but to think Javier Bardem has 1 in Supporting and this gentleman and Denzell are about to win their third… not to mention how many great performers have never had the chance to be nominated or win…

    It’s all about the hype, this game. And the guy sure plays it well.

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  27. helios 3 years ago

    “Im SOOOO gonna buy that magazine tomorrow A.S.A.P”

    You’re not alone, my friend.

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  28. Bennett 3 years ago

    Having consideration only for the living actors, I have to say DDL should wait, for, at least, Pacino’s, Nicholson’s, Dustin Hoff’s and De Niro’s departure.

    Afterall, I wish he was more prolific… he really should’n make us – his fans – wait so much time to watch him on movies.

    Regarding this year Oscar race, he won’t have real competitors, IMO, since Joaquin is that kind of a controversial persona (although he would get my vote if I could vote) and since John Hawkes’s carrear is still beggining to track some awards attention.

    To complete the list, I would add Denzel Washington and Hugh Jackman.

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  29. Ivan 3 years ago


    Joaquin Phoenix / The Master
    John Hawkes / The Sessions
    Daniel Day Lewis / Lincoln
    Denzel Washington / Flight
    Bradley Cooper / Silver Linings Playbook

    Quvenzhané Wallis / Beasts of the Southern Wild
    Jennifer Lawrence / Silver Linings Playbook
    Marion Cotillard / Rust and Bone
    Emmanuelle Riva / Amour
    Mary Elizabeth Winstead / Smashed

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  30. kjbacon 3 years ago

    That’s the international cover.

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  31. steve50 3 years ago

    @James – agree about Fredric March (best screen actor ever) and Brando’s performance in Streetcar!
    Best living actor – Peter O’Toole.
    Best working actor – DDL.

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  32. James 3 years ago

    Yes Steve, Fredric March indeed! He rarely gets mentioned here during Oscar season despite his astonishing body of work.

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  33. KB 3 years ago

    I just hope that this doesn’t hurt DDL’s chances. I can imagine some (jealous) Academy members being turned off by this. Though it’s true! :)

    Also – Derek, you cannot be serious.

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  34. steve50 3 years ago

    James – were you able to see one of March’s last performances in The Iceman Cometh ( early 1970s with Robert Ryan and Lee Marvin?).

    Stellar performances from the silent era to the 70s golden age.

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  35. Antoinette 3 years ago

    It might be true as long as we’re talking living which it was it seems. However, I agree about the jealousy angle. If that doesn’t start a backlash I’ll be surprised.

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  36. Cyrus 3 years ago

    LOVE Daniel Day Lewis, but to brand him World’s Greatest Actor I think is honestly BS. This is so subjective and you really have to wonder what hidden agenda and interests there are behind this cover and branding.

    Of the living, Peter O’Toole would be more apropos bearing such a title.

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  37. moviewatcher 3 years ago

    Fredric March… I’m not an expert on him but I know he should certainly not have won the Best Actor oscar for Best Years of Our Lives over James Stewart in It’s a Wonderful Life. Stewart should have a hell of a lot more oscars than 1! Just one??????!!!! Come on academy…

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  38. Cyrus 3 years ago

    I am curious, does anyone know if a female actor was ever on the cover of Time with such a branding?

    Of the living actresses today, those that would be noted as some of the finest and greatest include


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  39. ox2012 3 years ago

    I can’t help but think he had no idea that this would be the headline? I can’t see him agreeing to this otherwise.

    It is certainly not outrageous to suggest that he’s the greatest living actor (personally I’ve been obsessed with him for years), but I too have a feeling this could piss some people off.

    And YES I will also be buying this ASAP.

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  40. luke 3 years ago

    This seems to really be out of character for a respected actor known to let his work do the talking. Personally it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. No way will this help his campaign.

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  41. ox2012 3 years ago

    But the more I think about it, the more convinced I am that he could not have been involved in choosing this headline. Promoting the film is one thing, but promoting himself as some sort of legend? He’s way too humble and grounded for that.

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  42. Kim 3 years ago

    Day-Lewis might be the greatest actor at the moment, but DiCaprio, I think, is the most talented one. DiCaprio is 17 years younger than Day-Lewis, imagine his resumé in 17 years, if he keeps at it. I´m sure it will be brilliant. Not so sure he will have even one Oscar, though.

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  43. Radich 3 years ago

    And the article shows what kind of man he is, humble and grounded.

    This is the machine behind the film so it can be sold too. After all, this film is still a product, made by one of the most sucesseful commercially directors of all time. This cover is the international cover actually. The American one is him as Lincoln and more focused on the election. “What would Lincoln do?” It asks.


    The problem is the article that has more or less the same tile of the international cover. But it is a great article still.


    So, I am not sure of the extent of this, possible, backlash. Personally, I think he is one of the best, if not the best, of his generation. I do think the hyperbole is a bit much still, but just because of the race. But this is the game and I doubt he is completely blind about it.

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  44. Radich 3 years ago

    Sorry, that reads *grounded. Multitasking, I missed the window I had to edit. :)

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  45. Tory Smith 3 years ago

    That’s a strong title for any actor alive. No one is the “Greatest”, unless it’s proven as in a sport or scientific face, and that is simply not possible in acting. It’s incredibly too opinionated and usually every opinion is valid (But if you are a person who didn’t find The Master incredible I find something wrong with your attraction to great film work ;-). However, Daniel Day Lewis is one of the most talented screen actors of recent memory. His performances will speak for themselves for decades to come :-)

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  46. keifer 3 years ago

    I would not rule out Michael Shannon getting a nomination for “The Iceman”.

    Initial word on his performance is “amazing”.

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  47. keifer 3 years ago

    My favorite DDL performance of all time? “The Ballad of Jack and Rose”

    He is utterly heartbreaking and gives his most vulnerable performance on screen to date.

    If you have never seen it, check it out.

    I cried.

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  48. Sammu 3 years ago

    This is just…. disgusting and tasteless… campaign or not…
    He is one of the great actors for sure but plenty of other actors belong to this group…

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  49. D2 3 years ago

    I find it so hard to believe that DDL has been the predicted frontrunner 3 out of the 4 times he’s been up for Oscar gold. Blows my frigging mind. Who does he think he is? Walter Brennan?

    Academy spread the love a bit? Would make the Oscar speeches a bit more interesting (that is, if Phoenix even bothers to show up).

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  50. rufussondheim 3 years ago


    Here’s the cover for Mery Streep, as far as I can see it’s the only time she’s been on the cover of Time.

    It’s important to note here the date, 1981 – right when French Lieutenent came out, which was only her third nomination and first for Lead Actress. It was also before she came out with Sophie’s Choice.

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  51. Houstonrufus 3 years ago

    While I agree it’s impossible to actually determine anything like “greatest actor” I don’t have a problem with the cover. It’s fun, provocative. And it’s DDL. He’d certainly be in the discussion if one were to try to determine something like this. I think people are making too big of a deal about it, for and against. It’s fun to have an actor of that caliber on the cover of one of the top news mags. It’s awards season. Let the games begin!

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  52. Terometer 3 years ago

    DDL has not done anything great in comedy yet. Greatest actor???

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  53. Joe 3 years ago

    This reminds me so much of when Kate Winslet was on the cover of Time with “Best Actress” in big letters. It worked for her, I think it’ll work for Daniel Day-Lewis too.


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  54. Bob Burns 3 years ago

    good to know….. saves us the trouble of figuring it out for ourselves.

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  55. naruse 3 years ago


    Leo is great but he is yet to give a performance as good as DDL in “My left foot” about 23 years ago.

    I have no problem having DDL perceived as the best actor working today. He is. Just look at the quality of his films, at least half of them are Criterion worthy (my beautiful laudrette, room with a view, unbearable lightness of being, my left foot, age of innocence, in the name of the father, gangs of new york, there will be blood, and maybe Lincoln). Most of his competitors are either retired (O’Toole) or only a shadow of their past (de niro, pacino, hoffman, etc). Streep is great, but she has been in too many awful or mediocre films, and at least a third of her recently nominations are way too generous as compared to those legendary actors (cannot believe the AMPAS would have passed such performances for Oscar noms as Mean Street, King of Comedy, Goodfellas, Casino, Heat, to name a few, if they are by Streep).

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  56. Mohammed 3 years ago

    I almost punched the screen when I read someone comparing Javier Bardem to DDL. In my humble opinion the most over-nominated actor/actress is Meryl. No male actor in recent memory would ever amass that many nominations. It speaks volumes of the weakness in that field. It’s like in women’s soccer ( a sport I love); there are great athletes there, but not enough teams of great quality to make it competitive.

    If Pheonix gets it , I will be happy for him. But if ever there was a male actor that deserves at least three Oscars , it’s DDL. I’d always hoped that De Niro would keep on hitting it out of the park. But it seems as though he just decided to quit without realy quitting one day.

    Finally; Please Academy,STOP nominating MS for every (other) year. It makes the Best Female Actress field look weak and uninteresting.

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  57. Derek 8-Track 3 years ago

    @KB, half serious. I really want DDL in a comedy. I don’t count Eversmile or Stars and Bars. While comedies, not the sort i’m looking to see DDL in.

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  58. Sully Throndsen 3 years ago

    Don’t blame Daniel Day-Lewis for that greatest living actor headline. He seems too modest and respectful of other actors to promote that idea. By the way, he is on the American version of Time magazine as President Lincoln.

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  59. VVS 3 years ago

    Great photo for a cover. They have some amazing photographers

    but what’s up with the headline? So pretentious. I’d hate to think that DDL was aware they were going to write that. How much of a self-centered douche would you have to be to be okay with a magazine writing that about you?

    I haven’t seen Lincoln yet. I’ve seen The Master. In the Master, Joaquin gives a performance better than anything DDL has done that I have seen up until this day. It’s pretty hard for me to imagine DDL being able to top that, as he is not spontaneous enough in his acting to bring that kind of unpredictability, but if he does, shit he may very well be the greatest actor.

    I still can’t see him pulling off many performances that other amazing actors have done, like Tom Hardy in Bronson for example.

    personally, I don’t care whats controversial or not….Joaquin Phoenix is my pick for Best Actor because I’ve never seen that kind of acting from ANYBODY.

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  60. JP 3 years ago

    One thing I don’t get: some people in this space consider an almost 70 year old director who released… 5 films in his entire carreer (and one of them is The New World… Wooow) the greatest living american director. But think considering DDL the greatest living actor is outrageous for the exact same reasons. And I’m waiting with a lot of ansiety for his first directed comedy film… And Nine is definitely a big heavy drama!

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  61. manrico1967 3 years ago


    World’s Greatest Actor (male or female) indeed!!!

    Should’ve won for Gangs of New York also.

    Brody was great, but DDL was simply better.

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  62. Stephen Holt 3 years ago

    Time is also the magazine that proclaimed the then unseen “Munich” as Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece. I bought the issue, but then I saw the movie….er…

    That cover, the “Munich” one, no doubt impressed the impressionable academy to go, “Uh, oh. We better nominate this.” And that’s all it got. A BP nom.

    I was sitting in front of Steven Spielberg’s sister, (true Story)when I first saw “Munich”. She TOLD me who she was, and I don’t remember how I got her to reveal this to me, but anyway. I asked her what she thought of the Golden Globes not nominating it for Best Picture(drama), and she sagaciously said, “They’re two entirely different groups of people.”

    Hype is hype. Jon Hawkes and Hugh Jackman (still unseen) seem to me the ones he has to beat.

    Joaquim is totally out of this now. “The Master” flopped.

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  63. rufussondheim 3 years ago

    So, Mohammed, you’re attempts at idiocy didn’t go unnoticed. While I agree with you that Best Actress is often a weak field, it’s not because women are not as talented as men, it’s because there aren’t enough quality roles in high-profile films. Just wanted to point that out.

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  64. Clayton 3 years ago

    I love it. He deserves to win for Lincoln; it’s an incredible performance.

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  65. MovieFan 3 years ago

    For my money Gene Hackman is the greatest actor in the world. Unfortunately he is retired but Hackman had incredible range, not the kind of range where he changed his accents or wore masks, but the kind of internal acting that produced such incredible work like The Conversation, Bonnie and Clyde, The Royal Tenenbaums. Even though he has two well deserved Oscars I still find him underrated and people take his acting for granted because its so effortless. I think he’s certinaly better than Daniel Day-Lewis.

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  66. Joao Mattos 3 years ago

    People nobody here saw DDL in “Stars and Bars”???? It’s a comedy-comedy (not a slapstick one, of course). But it’s a comedy and he is fun on it.

    He is an amazing actor but this cover contains an atrocious mistake. Since the headline says “World’s Greatest Actor” where in the hell is the actual best worldwide movie actor nowadays, Sean Penn????

    Others in my list, from different countries: Sergio Castelitto, Koji Yakuso, the belgian genious Jan Decleir, Ricardo Darin, from my country Wagner Moura. France has tons of great actors, since Depardiu became to act again in recent years (and no stay comfortable in the “Depardieu character”), Daniel Auteill is still the country’s best since the middle 90’s, and they also have Mathieu Almaric, Vincent Cassel, Romain Duris, Jean-Pierre Darrousin.

    DDL is great but at least in the english spoken language there is better ones.

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  67. Joao Mattos 3 years ago

    I mean “DDL is great but at least in the english spoken language field there are better ones.”

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  68. helios 3 years ago

    “Great photo for a cover. They have some amazing photographers

    but what’s up with the headline? So pretentious. I’d hate to think that DDL was aware they were going to write that. How much of a self-centered douche would you have to be to be okay with a magazine writing that about you?

    I haven’t seen Lincoln yet. I’ve seen The Master. In the Master, Joaquin gives a performance better than anything DDL has done that I have seen up until this day. It’s pretty hard for me to imagine DDL being able to top that, as he is not spontaneous enough in his acting to bring that kind of unpredictability, but if he does, shit he may very well be the greatest actor.

    I still can’t see him pulling off many performances that other amazing actors have done, like Tom Hardy in Bronson for example.

    personally, I don’t care whats controversial or not….Joaquin Phoenix is my pick for Best Actor because I’ve never seen that kind of acting from ANYBODY.”

    Ryan, you see what I mean? 😀

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  69. caleb roth 3 years ago

    G A R Y O L D M A N

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  70. caleb roth 3 years ago

    and the best actor ever is still jack lemmon. just see some like it hot and days of wine and roses back to back. that is what I call range

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  71. Mattoc 3 years ago

    THis greatest stuff is all sort of subjective and seems to change a bit over the years. We have such short memories and it’s all about timing, so take it for what it is – an individual writing a Headline. Let the Headline also take nothing from DDL, as it is not his doing.

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  72. TOM 3 years ago

    Just wondering if the Time/Warner Company is distributing Lincoln. That corporation seems to always push Spielberg’s products. (They placed him on their cover Dec. 1993 when Schindler was released – since they also distribute EWeekly – hmm, Spielberg was also on their Dec. 2011 cover thinking he’d win a 3rd Director award).

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  73. drake 3 years ago

    i think far too many people are either a) taking this too seriously- i mean settle down- its not an official thing- its a headline and its not like its saying someone terrible (like keanu reeves) is the best actor… DDL is definitley one of the handful of actors you can argue is the best- if you can’t see that i think you’re not being objective… and secondly- is it saying he is the best living actor? i don’t take it as that- otherwise it would say that. i dont think Hackman, De Niro, Lemmon, Von Sydow or others should be insulted.

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  74. T. Dewey 3 years ago


    DDL is good, but one must not forget about Tony Danza.

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  75. Nik Grape 3 years ago

    People are definitely taking shit too seriously. I really doubt DDL had any say in the headline for TIME Magazine, come on! We all know that the print industry does stuff that the artists involved only find out about after the magazine is on the stand. Either that or I’ve been watching too much “Entourage”.

    On top of that, DDL would definitely make the shortlist for “World’s Greatest Actor” – not the same as saying “The Best Actor Alive” by the way.

    The people voting know DDL well enough to know that this type of branding/marketing won’t do him any harm.

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  76. Emily Wilson 3 years ago

    Russell Crowe is the greatest actor of all time. His body of work speaks for themselves.

    L.A. Confidential
    The Insider
    A Beautiful Mind
    Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
    Cinderella Man

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  77. Sel 3 years ago

    If the Oscars were about only the performance then… we should just wait and see all the performances. But it’s not like that, it’s about who is due, who’s not… and I don’t think DDL is due at all. Lets look at the list of actors with more than one Oscar (I don’t know if I skipped someone in the 2 Oscars list. I put them in my order of tastes anyway):

    – 4 Oscars (1): Katharine Hepburn.
    – 3 Oscars (4): Meryl Streep, Jack Nicholson, Ingrid Bergman, Walter Brennan.
    – 2 Oscars (24): Marlon Brando, Robert DeNiro, Daniel Day-Lewis, Jack Lemmon, Kevin Spacey, Tom Hanks, Bette Davis, Hilary Swank, Maggie Smith, Spencer Tracy, Dianne Wiest, Sean Penn, Jodie Foster, Elizabeth Taylor, Peter Ustinov, Dustin Hoffman, Jane Fonda, Denzel Washington, Sally Field, Gary Cooper, Olivia de Havilland, Vivien Leigh, Gene Hackman, Shelley Winters, Fredric March.

    Do I think DDL is in the top 5 of the best actors in history? YES!! But I don’t think he is better than Marlon Brando or Robert DeNiro (and the fact that I remember how terrible he was in “Nine” doesn’t help neither). I think he is the correct league of the “2 Oscars actors” list.

    I still prefer DDL to have his 3rd Oscar than Denzel Washington to have his 3rd this year (in my opinion, he is way too overrated).

    Is more urgent to give an Oscar to actors that they don’t even have one and were ignored more than one crucial time (Glenn Close, Johnny Depp, Joaquin Phoenix, Ralph Fiennes, Liam Neeson, Ricardo Darín, Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, Alan Rickman, Robert Downey Jr., Helena Bonham-Carter, Sigourney Weaver, Gary Oldman, Toni Collette, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Patricia Clarkson, Jude Law, Cillian Murphy, Julie Walters, Leonardo DiCaprio, Joan Allen, Edward Norton, Laura Linney, Robin Wright… what about all those?).

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  78. Archie 3 years ago

    Hm I think the term “Greatest actor ” is very subjective.I would count Gary Oldman in the same generation and would say DDL is one of the greatest of his Generation along with Oldman .I think Oldman had a few bad movies but never had a bad performance in any of his movies IMO of course .DDL has less stinkers but he has more than half of the movies made .The Oscar is IMO not a indication for greatest actor ,many great ones never got one .

    IMO DDL ,Oldman ,Hackman and Alec Guiness are one of the best actors along with many others .
    Oldman does not get the same amount of treatment then others ,he always flies under the radar .The younger actors count him as a Idol but DDL is the better known yet .Sad but true LOL

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  79. evelyn garver 3 years ago

    Several people mentioned Bardem and Crowe as greatest actors. It may interest you to know that each of these actors has cited DDL as his choice for the greatest. Any sniping at this genius by a few reminds me of my youth in the 60’s when my friends and I would gather with rollers the size of coke cans in our hair and acne cream on our faces to “critique” the beauties in COSMO or VOGUE. It is possible to do it, you have the right to do it, but in the end it’s just pretty silly.

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  80. VVS 3 years ago

    I dont get how Crowe could even be mentioned. Having great films doesnt make you a great actor. Sure, he’s pretty great, but his acting isnt that brilliant. He does what’s required to tell the story, but doesnt go to the lengths that many other actors go to, to create a vividly different character each time.

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  81. Simone 3 years ago

    Hmmm, I thought oscar pimping was above DDL? Well, he’s only human. A great actor indeed, but still human and subject to the ‘wants’ of life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from hating on Daniel, but Lincoln hasn’t come out yet and I’m sick of all this talk about him getting his third Oscar. Some very fine actors can be nominated for their first and second times, w/o one Oscar win… I just want someone else to give DDL a run for his money and come out on top. That’s all.

    If Joaquin is not nominated, and doesn’t win, his honest opinion about the Oscar race will be totally proven.

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  82. keifer 3 years ago

    Off topic here, but I just discovered a couple of amazingly awful statistics about AMPAS.

    Did you know that there are only 575 women who are under 40 years of age who belong to the Academy? (barey 8% of total membership).

    Conversely, 56% of AMPAS membership consists of white men over the age of 60.

    SO YOUR TYPICAL AMPAS VOTER IS an old white guy. Sheesssh.

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  83. Tero Heikkinen 3 years ago

    I don’t care whether DDL wins or not as long as Spielberg does. My friend just interviewed him today and Steven’s favourite game today is a Finnish one. Woohoo.

    Angry Birds.

    Patriotism… Sibelius, Sauna, Santa Claus, Sisu, Finlandia.

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  84. James 3 years ago

    @Steve50, Yup, seen The Iceman Cometh, just about everyone was fantastic in that movie. My fave film of Fredric March is another play adaptation, Death of a Salesman (1951), where I was just totally mesmerized by the story and his performance from beginning to end. A recent watch was The Affairs of Cellini, a raucous comedy, hence my first comment querying DDL’s comedic forays.

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  85. mecid 3 years ago

    @ Tero – I don’t care whether DDL wins or not as long as Spielberg does. My friend just interviewed him today and Steven’s favourite game today is a Finnish one. Woohoo.

    Angry Birds.



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  86. Unlikely hood 3 years ago

    I see this thread is Finnished

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  87. Mattoc 3 years ago

    No need to get Finicky about it.

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  88. zazou 3 years ago

    So DDL is the greatest actor in the world and Time magazine said so? Greatness is in the judgement of the beholder and while Mr. Lewis is a very fine actor there are other actors who are as good as he. Oldman and Crowe have created some great characters, memorable ones at that and for films I still watch.Look this cover story is publicity for the Lincoln film and isn’t Time part of the NBC,Universal corporate group? Isn’t Lincoln a prestige picture for Spielberg and Universal?

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  89. VVS 3 years ago

    Hey, Helios

    when you stop crying, and wake up, we’ll be here with open arms ….we won’t say, we told you so, we’ll just say we’re glad you made it

    @DarrenAronofsky : “Have I ever seen a performance like Joaquin Phoenix in The Master?”

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